Pokémon Ruby Cheats

How to get the Reggies!!!
First you need to go to Pacifidlog city and go to the left to the stream. Find Sealed Chamber ( you need Relicath and Waylord for this).First you press dig on the ancient letters on the top. Then there should be a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and go to the top of the other ''room'' and there should be an earthquake, then the Reggies tunnels are open. To get Reggiesteel go to Lillecove city and walk to a route were you find a huge stone, but it is actually a cave.Go into the cave,use fly in the middle of the cave and then there should be an opening which you go into. Then you should see Reggiesteel. To get Reggice you must go to the sailor's house and press surf on the water, sail upwards and then you will find Reggice's cave. Then you go into the cave and wait until the door opens and there you are: Regggiesteel and Reggice! But it's not finished yet. You need Reggirock as well. To get him you go to the place where there is a sandstorm. Go to the bottom, then you'll see Regggierock's cave to unlock, so you can catch him. You go to the ancient writing and you must have a Match bike or Acro bike and stand with your back facing the ancient writing and tap: Right,right,down,down. And there you have it: all three Reggies!!!!!!!!! I've got them myself. I've also got Swampert in LV 100, Sceptile LV 100 ,Latios in LV 100, Groudon in LV 100, Keogre in LV 100 Latias in LV 100, Jirachi in LV 62 and Mewto in LV 70!!!!!!!!!! Good luck everybody!!!!!!!