Pokémon Ruby Tips

Find Feebas/Milotic
To get Feebas, you have to go to the river on route 119. (South of Fortree.) Surf to the southern most part of the river. This should be blocked by 2 rocks. Make sure you have a super rod. Start fishing at the bottom square. (The square you are fishing on is the one you are facing; not the one you are on.) Try fishing on that square 5-8 times. If you can only get carvinas, move to the next square north. Repeat this on all of the squares until you find feebas.
If you still can't find him, start at the begining and look again. Feebas should be around level 20-25. Once you find him CATCH HIM!!!! If you dont manage to, dont leave the square you are on. Keep fishing on the square where you found him. There should be a lot more there. Once you catch him, you have to evolve him. You need to get his beauty to 170+. You should have about 5 kelpsy berries, and 4 pamtre berries. The pamtre berries can be obtained by telling the berry master wife "Challenge Contest". She only gives you 1, so you have to plant it, and grow more. (To learn the word Contest, you must have become the elite 4 champion.) Once you have all the berries, you have to blend them. I suggest you blend them in Lillycove because you can get the levels higher. The kelpsy berries should have a level of 22+ and a feel of 17+. The pamtre berries are good because the level is 45-50. The poke blocks should be indigo, or blue.
Feed them to Feebas, and its beauty should be almosed maxed out. Now, all you have to do is level it up 1 level, and it should evolve.