Pokémon Ruby Tips

The Best Pokemon Catcher - Shroomish/Breloom
YES. Shroomish (or Breloom) is the best pokemon catcher ever.

First, you need a male Zangoose that knows False Swipe (an attack that will leave at least 1 hp) and a female Seedot. Put both of them in a Daycare center and wait until they lay an egg.
After the egg hatches, it should be a "MALE" Seedot with a False Swipe. If it's female, breed again.
Once you get a male Seedot with a False Swipe, now get a female Shroomish and breed them.

Now you have a Shroomish with a False Swipe!!
*I recommend you keep breeding the Seedot and Shroomish until the Shroomish has a good personality. Bold is not good.
Bold personality raises Defense and decreases Attack when it levels up. Look at the personality chart available in Upnetwork.net for more info.

Now you need to get your Shroomish to level 54, WITHOUT evolving it.
(Let it hold Exp. Share and run through Elite Four)
Shroomish tries to evolve into Breloom once you get it to become level 23.
*If you let it evolve, it will not learn Spore!!*

Once it has reached level 54, it will learn Spore - 100% of causing sleeping.
Now you can let your Shroomish evolve.
I recommend that you do since Breloom gets alot of attack points whenever it levels up.

There you have it. Your own Breloom with False Swipe and Spore.

Let me explain a bit more.

Say you're catching the Regis.
Get your Strong Pokemon out and reduce the Regi's HP less than half.
Now get your Breloom out and use False Swipe until you leave it with 1 Hp point.
Now use SPORE! It's not like Sing, or Hypnosis with has a poor chance of causing sleep. Spore, unlike them, has 100% of causing sleep excluding having accuracy points down or your enemy raising its evasiveness.

Now your Regi has 1 Hp point and it's sleeping!
Use Whatever pokeballs, and you catch it!

Breloom with False Swipe and Spore is the Ulitmate Pokemon Catcher there is.
Make one yourself!

This is my Breloom:

Level: 90


Giga Drain
Brick Break
False Swipe

Some people say it's better to teach it Focus Punch since you have Spore, but I just like to have Brick Break..

You can let it have any attack and remember not to delete Spore and False Swipe!
You can also take your Breloom to the Move Tutor with Heart Scales and see if you can teach your Breloom Sky Uppercut and stuff.. I'm not sure if you can. ;;

There you go.
PM me if you have any other questions.

Reasons why Breloom is better than Zangoose, or any other pokemons:

Breloom has a SPORE & a False Swipe.. Enough said.