Pokémon Ruby Tips

Catching Latios WITHOUT the master Ball
Did you use your master ball on Groudon but you realllly really want Latios? Well, your in luck because I know an easy way of catching him without the master ball. First of all, before you continue on to read you MUST have the following
1)You MUST have a level 31-35 Wobbuffet
2)You MUST have a Timer Ball
3)You MUST have seen Latios already
4)You MUST have at least 10-15 healing potions with you

If you have the following above your ready. Ok, so you've already run into Latio, go to route 110 and save the game. Turn it off. Now turn it back on. Check your Pokedecks to see if he's in that area. If not, then turn it off and repeat this prossess until he is. Once he's in route 110, make sure that your wobbuffet is first. (His pokemon specail ablity is Shadow Tag which means any wild pokemon you run into can't flee) Use repel and go throw the grass. When you run into him use Mirror Coat ONCE. 2/3 (or more) of his hp should be gone. Then, keep on healing your Wobbuffet every time he gets hurt (make sure he doesn't faint.) Do that for about 10-15 turns. Then, finally, throw your timer ball. You SHOULD catch him. (It worked for me, so it should work for you). And their you go, you have your very own Latios.