Pokémon Ruby Cheats

Contest Help From The Pokemon Fan Club President
You will have to do a lot of berry blending for this. Make sure you blend high level berries (20 -25 on up) so the pokemon can eat more than the usual amount (grey pokeblocks are awesome for this). When one of your pokemon reaches peak condition for a condition (full coolness, beauty, etc.) go to the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the president. He will tell you that your pokemon is growing in a most impressive manner and he will give you a scarf for the peak condition (red scarf for coolness, blue scarf for beauty, etc.). This will raise that condition by a super amount during the peliminary round. This usually guarantees a victory in normal and super rank contests. These scarves are super helpful for winning the master rank and are essential for that purpose. You can only get one scarf for each condition area though.