Pokémon Ruby Cheats

Exact Locations of Regis
After going to the sealed chamber (Rt. 134 in the middle of four rocks - use dive and again at the braille) and unlocking the three doors, go to the Island cave for Regice, Desert Ruins for Regirock, and Ancient Tomb for Registeel. Regice: Surf on the left side of Rt. 105 until you get to a beach with a few rows of trees. There will be a ruin maniac. Surf on the left side of the beach. Go up and you will reach a swimmer. Keep going up until you reach a big rock in the middle of six smaller rocks. There should be an opening there. That is the Island Cave. Regirock: Go to the desert from the Mauville side and go south. You should reach another ruin maniac. Keep going and you should see a big rock and six smaller ones just like the Island Cave. This is the Desert Ruins. Registeel: on Rt. 120 (between Fortree and Lilycove) there is a woman who talks about pokeblocks and if you answer yes she gives you a berry. Go up the set of stairs just above that. There is a small lake, a berry patch, and an area for a secret base. Go through the tall grass at the top of the area (you may have to fight the ninja boy) and there will be another set of stairs. Go up the stairs and there will be a ruin maniac running around one of the smaller rocks. Just above him is the Ancient Tomb.