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Pokémon Ruby Tips

The best way to catch Latios or Latias.
First you need a wobbuffet on level 50 or higher (maybe a lower level will work but i tried at level 50 so try if you want) because the higher the level the stronger the abiltiy will be (Shadow Tag-The opponent pokemon can't run or switch out of the battle). Then get like 20 or so Max repels then get about 30 ultra balls (have trouble getting money btle the reporters which appear in order route 111,118 and 120 and they give you like $3200 after if you win). Chase down Latios(or Latias if your playing Sapphire) once in the route its in put on a max repel and put Wobbuffet to the top of your party and walk through the area if you find it it won't be able to get away cause of Shadow Tag (details higher up the tip) and throw a ultra ball after you have weakend it (save game beforce you start walking around) until you catch it.If you run out of balls restart and try again but it might get away while you walk through the route