Pokémon Ruby Tips

Master Ball Tips & Tricks
Well when you meet Groudon/Kyogre do not use the master ball!!! It is hard, but get their HP down to nearly nothing and be sure to have a pokemon that knows an attack to paralyze them or an attack to put Groudon/Kyogre to sleep. A handy move is false swipe, I know a Sceptile can learn it. It is an attack that always leaves at least 1 HP.
BE SURE AND SAVE THE GAME BEFORE YOU CHALLENGE ANY OF THESE POKEMON LISTED!!! And have PLENTY of ultra balls and timer balls. (A timer ball worked for me)
And stupid me, I had no clue that there was a Latios/Latias. I used my master ball on Rayquaza!!! So once I VERY slowly got Latios/Latias HP down alot(as I did with Groudon just nearly nothing), use at least a level 45 Wobbuffet to battle the Latios/Latias.
Why?? Wobbuffet has the ability Shadow tag!
So it keeps Latios/Latias from escaping!
I used ALOT of timer balls and hyper potions! (DO NOT USE DESTINY BOND!)
And I got it! Thanks to Wobbuffet!
So if you made the mistake I did, try this.
I hope this helps!!