Pokémon Ruby Tips

Tips to get Salamance
Ok, I know how to get a Salamance in your Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. First, go to meteor falls. Find the place with 2 old people (double battle) up the water fall, then go along, hop down the sand bank thingies, stick to the left, carry on. Soon you will come to a place where you need to learn surf. Surf up, and then you will come to a little patch of land at the end, with TM Dragon Claw in a Pokeball. Run around on the land and eventually you will find a Bagon.
Train it up to lv. 30 and it will evolve into a wicked Pokemon - Shellgon. Then train it to lv. 50 and it will evolve in to the lord of the Dragons - Salamance!

This tip takes a long time but it's worth it. Salamance is wicked in the league, and a great Pokemon to have. Mine's lv. 72. ;-)