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Pokémon Ruby Tips

How to get the regis(rare pokemon)
To unlock the regis you first need to get a Relicanth and put it in the front of your party and a wailord in the last spot,go to the southeast part of Route 134 and dive into the water u will see a cave go to the centre of the room and use dig .In the next room read the centre tile script u will trigger an earthquake...Now uv unlock the regis

regi 1(registeel)
Go to the southwest of route 120 Entre a big rock and go to the centre of the room use fly and go in and there he is.

regi 2(regirock)
fly to lavaridge go down the mountain and entre the desert go all the way down in the desert and there will be another big rock go in and walk up to the centre tile and press down..3..right..2..and then use strength.

in route 105 there is an island to the left and when you go across it surf again and go up there will be another island with a big rock on it go in then go to the centre tile press..a..then wait...it might take a long while but just wait and it will open

...hope i helped...