Pokémon Ruby Cheats

Hidden items
Have you found all the items in pokeballs in the game? think you got them all? well guess again. there are many hidden items that you can find with an item finder. some of them are a little obvious, while others are tough to find. here are some hidden items(i cant remember some of what items you get):

1. Route 114: Go past the Man and his poochyena, and step right off the bridge. go left, ten up until you reach a dead end leading into water. press A and you find a hidden item.

2. berry Master's house: go behind the house and follow the path until you reach dead end. click A to get Elixir.

3. Lilycove: Go on the beach. One of the rocks there has a heart scale.

4: Lavaridge. Go into the hot spring. an ice heal is south of one of the ladies in the spring.

5. Pretty Petal Shop: Go behind the shop. Search in the empty patches to find pokeballs and other items.

6. Route 116: Various items are hidden in empty patches of grass.

7. Granite Cave: Go out the easter most exit in granite Cave and you will find a man there. Search by the trees for Blackglasses

8. Route 121:
A:South of the witch trainer is a patch of grass leading to a dead end. Press A at the dead end and you'll find a nugget.

B:North of the trainer with a pikachu is a tree. ,use cut on it, then search around the flowers for a hidden item.

9.Route 110: Various hidden items are in empty patches.

10. underwater: look for dark patches underwater that repreent hidden items.

11. Fallarbor: Press A at the crater to find a nugget.

12. Route 123: various items are hidden in empty patches.

13: Mossdeep: One of the rocks on the shore holds a hidden item(heart scale i think)

14. Route 105: Look for the islands north of Dewford. One of them has a heart scale.

15: Route 108: Look for shallow water with a rock on it. The rock has a rare candy.

16: Route 120:
A.Look for the two trees that can be cut down. Cut them down, then follow the path until you hit a dead end. A rare candy is there.

B. Look for an empty patch around the potential secret base grass clump. There is an ultra ball in one of the empty patches.

C. Go south until you hit the grass that you cannot ride your bike through. One of the dead ends has a vitamin.

17. Route 119: Follow the stream where Feebas can be found, and look for an empty patch in the grass that you cant ride bike through. There is an ultra ball there.

There are lots more hidden items but I cant possible list them all. I know I missed some, but you can find those on your own.