Pokémon Ruby Tips

Mystery Event
Okay, I noticed a few of you didn't know what Mystery Event was so I'll explain it.

Mystery Event is not like Mystery Gift in Pokemon G/S/C. It is a battle that you can do with the free E-reader card that comes with the game (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire). To partake in the Mystery Event you need the fallowing items;

~Your Gameboy Advance
~Your Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game
~Your free Pokemon Battle-e Card
~An extra Gameboy Advance (besides the one
you’re using)
~An E-reader
~A Gameboy Advance Link Cable (Note: It cannot
be a Gameboy Color Link Cable or a Gameboy
Advance/Color Cable Link. It will not
fit inside of the E-reader.)

1. Go to Petalburg City and go inside of the
Pokemon Center.
2. Talk to the guy next to the PC and
answer "yes" to his question.
3. Tell him "mystery events is exciting"
4. He will tell you that you are in the club.
5. Make sure you have strong Pokemon in your
party, then save and turn of the game.
6. Connect one end of your Cable to your Gameboy
Advance, and connect the other end to the
E-reader(that you put into another Gameboy
Advance like a game).
7. Turn on only your Gameboy Advance with your
game. On the main menu of your game, where it
usually has the options "Continue", "New Game",
and "Option", it should now have a new option
"Mystery Events"
8. Turn on the other Gameboy Advance(the one with
the E-reader). Select scan card, and do so. It
will tell you what to do.
9. On the other gameboy select "Mystery Events"
and do what it tells you to do.
10. If all goes correctly, you should enter a
battle with the person on you Pokemon Battle-e

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at winkylovesmaggie@yahoo.com