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2 Master Balls?
You guys want Groudon/Kyogre and Lati?s? First of all, you need to trade alot with DIFFERENT friends,so your pokemon have different ID numbers. Then find the masterball in the aqua/magma base. Then have pokemon from your fiends in your party and go to the Lilycove Department Store. (dont expect this to work the 1st time) On the 1st floor, talk to the girl on the right and draw a loto ticket. if u have 5 or 6 matching numbers you get a master ball. now u have 2 masterballs,use them on Groudon/Kyogre and Lati?s.
3 Starting pokemon
Here are the Staarting Pokemon you get in the Game.

Grass Type
Treecko, Lv.5

Evolves into
Groovyle Lv.16
Sceptile Lv.36

Water Type
Mukip, Lv.5

Evolves into
Marshtomp lv.16
Swampert Lv. 36

Fire Type
Torchic, Lv.5

Evolves into
Combusken Lv.16
Blaziken Lv.36
A diferrent way to catch Latios/Latas
Instead of having a Wobbufet get a trapinch that has the power to keep Latios/Latas in batlle orget a Pokemon that knows mean look. You wil have to be in the same area as it.
A little tip to make Latios/Latias appear easily. (if your in the same area)
Ok, say Latias, or Latios (depends on game) is in the same area as you are, then ya search all around, then he fleds away and ya never get a chance to catch him, well, just use Sweet Scent! Sweet Scent has a 85.7% chance of having Latios attack you, if your in the same area.
a weird way of catching lati?s
first you need a super repel.go to fortree and exit the city by the right.you will find a trainer and near her is a patch or lllllong grass.enter and use the repel.walk around till you find him.throw either ultraballs or timerballs.he escapes at first urn so make sure you have a wobuffet or a trapinch with arenatrap.it knows luster pursh/mist ball already.so catch it and have fun!
Additional Everstones!
Are you looking to keep a precious Pokemon of yours from evolving without constantly canceling the evolution after leveling up, but you're already using the two Everstones you get in the game? Well, just go out and battle wild Geodudes while using Thief or just catch them! Each wild Geodude has a 5% chance of holding an Everstone, so it can take a while to get extras, but you don't have to keep moving an Everstone from Pokemon to Pokemon when you get some extras.
Alot of people get sick n tired of having to worry about HM moves...Well i found the perfict solution! Get a Gyarados(Sootopolis City "Use fishing rod") and a Tropius(Route119)! Teach Gyarados "Waterfall,Surf,Dive and Strength" And Teach Tropius "Fly,Cut,Flash and Rock Smash"
And there you have it! All 8 HM moves in 2 pokemon!
Another Way to get National PokeDEX
Tools you Need: GBA, Ruby or Sapphire, Gamecube, GBA>NGC Hook up link, Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness

All you have to do is trade at least ONE Pokemon from both games, and you get a National PokeDEX. I discovered this by accident. So you don't need a LeafGREEN or FireRED for it! Have fun!
Art Museum
How to fill up the second floor of the art museum:
1.) Have Pokemon win the Master Rank of the contests [A pokemon has to win a contest twice from my experience.]
2.) After your second victory, the artist will come to you saying how your Pokemon inspired him to paint better. He'll say he'll bring it to the art museum and he'll give your winning Pokemon a ribbon
3.) Eventually by having your Pokemon win each contest (cool, beauty, etc.) twice, the second floor of the museum should be filled up and the curator will give you a glass sculpture of what looks like a pidgeot (???)
4.) Also, if you beat the Master Rank twice you'll get luxury balls instead of a ribbon or nothing
art museum smart contest
To get into the art museum, you need to win a master contest by A LOT! To do this in a smart master contest, go to the cave that you had to go through before getting to the elite four and catch a Medicham. It should have mind reader and hi jump kick. Those moves are a combo. Give Medicham some pokeblocks to get it more preliminary hearts, and then, once you're in the contest, use mind reader. The next turn (if no one uses flash or something like that)use hi jump kick. If nobody hurts you, you should get 12 hearts. Do it again, and use a random move last. This, if done right, gets his picture into the art museum. That's how my Medicham got it.
Avoid Trainers Easily
If your pokemon are weak or you just don't feel like battling there is an easey way to avoid turning trainers. First of all DON'T RUN past them.That makes them turn faster.Be patient and wait for them to turn the other way.Then WALK past them.It will work 99% of the time.
baby/first evolution pokemon
This is a pretty easy tip. to get a baby or first evolution Pokemon (such as pechu) you have to get a male and a female of that Pokeom next evolution. Then, you put them both in the daycare center and walk/ride/run around and stuff. when you go back after a while and the daycare man is outside the fence, he will give you an egg. put the egg in your party and and it will hatch sooner or later!!!!!
batlle tower supreme team ;}
lvl 100: sceptile, blaziken swampert

or... any of the starters, salamence\ dragonite\ tyranitar,

gardevior\ latios (not latias)

lvl 50: aggron\ metagross, arcanine\ blaziken,

swampert\ walrien

the best moves for sceptile are : solarbeam, leaf blade, dragon claw and false swipe!!!!

o ya... trade to get arcanine, dragonite and tyranitar ( fire red or leaf green)
Baton Passers? A thing of the Past and Future!
I've noticed that Baton Passers are taking a short decline in use. Mostly because of Hazers people think it isn't worth taking the chance. Well I say you let their moves benefit you.

Psych Up
Baton Pass

This is called a Psych-Passer. Put Simply just let your opponent raise it's stats, while you put on SafeGuard and the Attack with Return.

Then after about 3-4 turns of your opponent pumping up or if they let you know right before their about to switch use Psych-up.

Now you haven't really "wasted" a spot on your Team and all it took to get all those stats raised was one move.

During the opponent pumping up you also got to attack him.

You Safeguarded, Attacked, Pumped Up, and can Baton Pass all in one Pokemon.
Battle Tower
To do well in the battle tower, there are some good pokemon to use.

Wobbaffet, because it can counter/mirrorcoat any move, and the computerised opponent is easy to predict.

Milotic, It can use hypnosis and can sweep as well as being tanky.

Salamence, It covers all your weaknesses and is fast.

Make Salamnce hold scope lense, Wobbaffet leftovers, and Milotic lum berry.
beat elite 4 with 1 person
The way i beat the elite 4 was with my Blaziken. I trained it to level 90. They teach it the moves focus punch, sky uppercut, earthquake, and fire blast. On Sidney, the first person, use focus punch on every1 (it may take a few tries to kill because it the foes attack hits you lose your focus, but it still works) Then on the second person Phoebe, use Earthquake on everyone except one of the Dusclopses, (any one) and the Phione. The third person, Glacie use sky uppercut on everyone. On the 4th person Drake use Earthquake on shelgon, the focus punch if you dont kill. Then use sky uppercut on everyone else except Artaria(use focus punch) if it hits, then use Sky Uppercut on him to kill him. If the Focus Punch doesnt hit, use focus punch again. Also use Fire Blast on Salamance. On Steven, the last person, use Focus Punch on skarmory. Then use Earthquake on everyone else except on claydol and armaldo. Use sky uppercut on Armaldo and Fire Blast on Claydol.
Berry List: # 1 - 15
01: Cheri - cures paralysis
02: Chesto - wakes from sleep
03: Pecha - heals poison
04: Rawst - defrosts
05: Aspear - heals burn
06: Leppa - gives 10 pp back
07: Oran - heals 10 hp
08: Persim - heals confusion
09: Lum - heals any status condition
10: Sitrus - heals 30 hp
11: Figy - plant for more; make pokeblock
12: Wiki - " "
13: Mago - " "
14: Aguav - " "
15: Iapapa - heals some hp; may confuse
Best Pokemon
The best pokemon type to get is dragon, fire, water, rock and steel. Anyone of these pokemon will do great the battle tower! They will also give you a very strong boost when battling strong trainers.
Best Pokemon to use on a two on two battles
Dragonite Lv. 100
THunderbolt-for water pokemon
Wingattack-for grass pokemon
Dragonclaw-for dragon pokemon
Hyperbeam-all around stong attack
Groudon Lv. 100
Fire blast-grass pokemon
Earthquake-ground pokemon good because it can't affect your pokemon since it is flying
Solarbeam-goes great since you dont need to charge up the attack
Flamethrower-also another really good attack
Best Team
The best team in Ruby( If you can't trade, and haven't beaten Elite Four) is

Earthquake Brick Break SolarBeam Flamethrower

Giga Drain Sandstorm Faint Attack Needle Arm

Psychic Toxic Explosion Rock Slide

Fly Crunch Dragon Claw Earthquake

Thief Psychic Thunderbolt Shadow Ball

Flamethrower Dragon Claw Aerial Ace Crunch

I have found that despite the repitition of multiple Dragons and Psychic Pokemon, they balance eachother and work perfectly.
Breeding Signs!
These are the breeding signs:
The two don't seem to like each other,the two prefer to play with other pokemon than each other and the two seem to get along.

The first one I mentioned means there is a chance of having an egg.The second one I mentioned is there is a 0% chance of having an egg.Now the last one mentioned,is that there is a 100% chance.

P.S.Legendary Pkmn do not breed.Genderless pkmn like Unown do not breed.
Catch abra easier
All you have to do is wait until you have an ultra ball, go to dewford town, inside Dewford's cave, and so abra doesn't use teleport and run away, use an ultra ball. It will most likely catch it on the first try, because most of the abras are level ten, making them easier to catch
Catch Jurachi..
This whole process is guaranteed to catch Jurachi but take a long time. Catching jurachi is a sitch once you have wasted enough time on the game... Anyone who has played the game knows about the space station in Mossdeep, go up to the man in the white coat looking out the window, he will tell you how many time the rocket has launched. Once it has reached 100 launches you can hop on to the rocket to the moon where you'll meet Jurachi (can't remember what level). I only will recommend that you use either a Masterball or a Timerballs.

So far as I've tried this only works on Ruby and Sapphire.

NOTE: This only works for the Japanese version of the game.
Catch Latios/Latias
This may sound different, but you actually need Sableye to do this. Make it hold quick claw and raise it to at least Lv 50. I recomend it learning shadow ball, mean look, faint attack, and anything else you want. Save your game before you search for the Latis. When you find Latios/Latias, use mean look so it won't escape, then whittle down its HP. The Latis can't hit the Sableye. When it is weakened, use Ultra Balls. It worked for me.

NOTE:Sableye can only be found in Granite Cave in Sapphire.
catch rayquaza on your first try
wait untill he uses fly then u use any type OF BALL YOU HAVE it woked for me and he had full life
Catching Latios WITHOUT the master Ball
Did you use your master ball on Groudon but you realllly really want Latios? Well, your in luck because I know an easy way of catching him without the master ball. First of all, before you continue on to read you MUST have the following
1)You MUST have a level 31-35 Wobbuffet
2)You MUST have a Timer Ball
3)You MUST have seen Latios already
4)You MUST have at least 10-15 healing potions with you

If you have the following above your ready. Ok, so you've already run into Latio, go to route 110 and save the game. Turn it off. Now turn it back on. Check your Pokedecks to see if he's in that area. If not, then turn it off and repeat this prossess until he is. Once he's in route 110, make sure that your wobbuffet is first. (His pokemon specail ablity is Shadow Tag which means any wild pokemon you run into can't flee) Use repel and go throw the grass. When you run into him use Mirror Coat ONCE. 2/3 (or more) of his hp should be gone. Then, keep on healing your Wobbuffet every time he gets hurt (make sure he doesn't faint.) Do that for about 10-15 turns. Then, finally, throw your timer ball. You SHOULD catch him. (It worked for me, so it should work for you). And their you go, you have your very own Latios.
Clear-out Sale
At the clear-out sale in Lilycove City, this is what you can buy:

Mud Ball
Fence Length/ Width
Breakable Door
Rhydon Doll
Wailmer Doll
Round TV
Cute TV
Solid Board

These are ornaments for your secret base.
Contest Tips
When participating in contests, always use your most appealing moves for last (ie: Selfdestruct, Explosion, Memento) because you won't be able to participate in future rounds if you use it in the beginning. Also, it helps to have a pokemon that has been fed many pokeblocks to the type of contest you entered.
Cool Contest Winner
Zangoose is a great Pokemon for cool contests. Just catch one and teach it Aerial Ace and poof, a great contest Pokemon. Of course, you will still need to give it Poke'blocks and Lepa + whatever berry the man uses usually works fine ( otherwise use red Poke'blocks).
cool moves(need groudon or kyogre)
(only works for groudon or kyogre)
train groudon/kyogre to lvl 60 or higher and it will learn a REALLLLLLY strong move(witch are one hit K.O,s!)groudon will learn fissure and kyogre will learn sheer cold!they do ALLLLLLLOT of dm(always kills if hits)and no pokemon can stop you!(can miss alot tho)I know rayquazza is apart of the family of legends(witch are groudon,kyogre and rayquazza)but hes wayyyyyy to weak to learn one.but he can learn a REAL good attack too at lvl80 or so!he learns DRAGON CLAW!does not alot of dm to kill the enemy in one shot but is pretty good.these moves sheer cold and fissure can never and I repeat NEVER will be able to find a Tm of it.this strong attack can not be used with Tm's cause only 2 legendaries can learn it!but dont choose sapphire cause other pokemon learns sheer cold witch isnt SOOO rare.need more cheats?mail me!trust me!it worked for about 90 or 80 people at my church so it should work for you.but BEWARE!never delete the move fissure or sheer cold!not even the move tutor knows these moves and cant teach it to them!
Defeat the Gym Leaders Easily!
Ok, i know all the weaknessess of the Gym Leaders! RT-Recommended Types
Roxanne-Rock Type-RT-Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground
Brawly-Fighting Type- RT-Flying, Physchic,
Wattson-Electric/Steel Type-RT-Fighting
Flannery-Fire Type-RT- Water, Rock, Ground
Dad/Norman-Normal Type-RT-Fighting
Fortree Leader-Flying-RT-Electric, Rock
Twins/Mossdeep Gym Twins-Physchic-RT-Dark, Ghost
Sotopolis Gym Leader-Water-RT-Grass, Electric

Elite 4-Sidney-Dark-RT-Fighting
2nd-Ghost-RT- Dark, Ghost, Rock
Glacie-Ice/Water-RT-Electric, Grass (grass is weak to ice though)
Drake-Dragon/Ground-RT-i think rock, electric, grass should finish them off.

Champion Steven-.........just bring tons of hyperpotions and stuff. Multiple pokemon.
Defeating Brawly
An easy way of beating Brawly (2nd Gym master) is to have a Zigzagoon and train it to lvl 20 at least (it will have evolved into Linoone by then) and make sure it knows headbutt (it should get it naturally). Dispite what people say about not to use normal pokemon against fighting pokemon, if you use headbutt, you'll have won the battle (both pokemon) within 5 headbutts.
Different Spindas
This isn't really a cheat but it is kinda cool. Have you ever noticed that the spindas in the game have different patterns on thier bodies? try it out!
Don't teach Groudon Solarbeam TM!
Groudon will learn Solarbeam naturally at lv.65. Don't waste a one-of-a-kind TM!
double battle
when u r in a double battle and u want to see how much hp ur pokemon has press start and it will change the coloured bar in to something like 109/267
Easy Cool/Beauty Contest Win
First of all you need 2 Heart Scales, which are found on the most wild Luvdiscs.
Then capture a wild Medicham at Victory Road. Catch it and put it in your party, then go to Fallabor Town, go in the Move Tutors house and re-learn Ice Punch and:
Fire Punch= Beauty
Thunder Punch= Cool

Then enter a contest and use Ice Punch as first then the next turn use the other move, it wil result in a 8 heart combo! Plus 1 or even 6 for teh audience. This wil result in easy victories!
Easy Day Care cheat
Put a pokemon in the day care center. Just so you'll know, 1 step equals 1 exp. point. If you don't already, get the acro bike. Go to the north part of the desert where there is 2 a wall, a slope, and 2 indents in the wall that can be made into a secret base. Go left from there so you will be out of the desert. Then go up and you'll see a slope for a mach bike. Ride the bike, and try to go up the wall. You cant, you'll just go down. But this will count as a step, so find some way to keep the up button down, and leave it on overnight.( If you have a Game boy advance SP, leave it charging and turn the screen light off. Because it will ware out the light faster if you leave it on.)Then go to the day care center, and it worked!!
easy egg
this is kind of obious. go tolavaridge. talk to the lady in the sand and she'll give you an egg put it at the front of your party it will just be skipped
it will be a wynaut it will evolve at level 15
Easy Exp. Points
First, in order to do this you have had to beat the Elite Four once or twice before. Now, give the EXP. Share to whatever pokemon you intended to give it to. Then, put it last in your party. Get all the pokemon you beat the Elite Four with and put them in your party ,too, including the pokemon with the EXP. Share. Then verse the Elite Four, you dont need any potions or anything... because it wont matter if you die or not because you will keep the EXP. Points you earned... you should do this it really works... i have a lot of strong and evolved pokemon from doing this... hope you enjoy this too!
Easy Experience
Go to the daycare that is located right of Mauville City. (It's just outside Mauville City. You should see it right when you leave Mauville.) Have the daycare lady raise two of your pokemon. Then go back to Mauville and get an acro bike from the bike shop. (If you don't already have it.) Now go to the desert that you had to use your Go-Goggles for and go to the mudslide that you use your mach bike for. Get on your acro bike and position yourself right in front of the mudslide. Now find an object or some way to hold down the up button on your d-pad. Your character should coninuously move up and down the mudslide. Now just leave the gameboy on and come back in a couple of hours and your two pokemon should be levelled up.

Each time your character moves up the mudslide and then back down is 2 EXP. points. If your wondering how many levels your pokemon will gain it, of course, depends on how much time goes by and how high of a level your pokemon are on.
level 20-30 about 5-6 levels an hour.
level 40-50 about 3-4 levels an hour.
level 50-70 about 2-3 levels an hour. and so on..
The best thing to do is to just leave your gameboy on all night and your pokemon will definetly gain 10 or more levels.
The bad thing about doing this cheat is that it uses a LOT of battery power if you dont have the Gameboy player for gamecube or the Gameboy Avance SP and it would be faster to just level your pokemon up manually. The daycare may also replace moves your pokemon have with new moves they may learn when levelling up which can sometimes be bad. Lastly, you have to pay more money the more your pokemon level up. Well, that's all! Enjoy!
Easy Level Up For The Weak!
When your in Dewford, and you have a VERY weak pokemon on your team that you want to level up, use your old rod (given to player from the fisherman by the mid-east side of town;bye the gym)on the water by the dock. They are only Magikarp which are very weak, and they are level 5-8. Happy leveling up!
Easy tough contest win
To do this you need to catch a aron, on deford island, and raise it to level 26. While raising it make sure to keep the move HARDEN! you'll need this combo move.Next when it learns TAKEDOWN on lvl 24-26 keep that move as well.Now, if you did it right it should know HARDEN and TAKEDOWN,go to
the 1st contest and use HARDEN,then on your next appeal use TAKEDOWN,you allways get 15 hearts!reapeat until you win(doing this you'll always win even if you did'nt give your aron pokeblocks, or someone startles your pokemon)
Easy way to beat 1 of the Elite four
Her is a easy way to beat the third member of the elite four. U want to get 1 or more pokemon that know slash, metal claw, and ancientpower. these attacks do alot of damage to her pokemon only if they are on lv 57 or higher. hope i help beat the elites.
easy way to catch regis
go to a market that have ultra balls buy 99 and go to a regi and save it before you fight it.
easy ways.
to catch legendaries use timer balls.I caught groudon,rayquaza and the regis with them.(also forgot to include latis)Im going to post another cheat.make sure you find it!cause its a really cool one!
Effort Values
As you may or may not know, EV's are a very importany part of training any Pokemon.
Just starting to be recognized by People other than breeders, EV training helps pokemon become more adept in a certain area.
They can be used to give any Pokemon the edge in a battle, or keep a pokemon in one.
For example, if you wanted to give a Raikou aboost in its Speed, you would simply train it against pokemon that's speed stat is dominant.
Another example is ifsomeone wanted to help Tyranitar land a bigger hit with Crunch, which would have that person battle against pokemon that are more dominant in Special Attack.
With that in mind, let's start with the basics. If you're wondering what "EV" means, it simply means "Effort Value."
It makes sense since you need to put your effort into battling certain Pokemon in order to get rewarded for your efforts.
Kind of like the episodes in Cartoon, since the trainers in episodes put their high efforts on their Pokemon.
If you do the same, you'll be rewarded for your efforts on your Pokemon.
In the game, the Effort values are hidden values, so you can't just look somewhere in the pokemon's statistics to figure out how many Effort Values you have already earned for a certain stat.
Because of this limit, calculating Effort Values requires you to record each pokemon, or at least the Evs gained from the Pokemon.
If you want an easy way to dothis, just make a chart with six columns, label them according to the six different stats, and place a tally for each point gained in that stat.
So now you're in a battle. Keep in mind that only battles where EXP counts gives you an Effort Point, so no battling over a link cabel or battle tower to get Effort points.
Anyway, you have a Linoone, and you just defeated a Zubat. Now, just like a Pokemon's Base Values are set in stone (like Slaking always having a base value of 160 attack),
Evs are the same way. Anyone who's ever trained a Zubat knows that the dominant stat is Speed, so if you look at the Speed EV chart, you will see that Zubat gives 1 EV to Speed.
Most of the time, it's this easy. But sometimes you will find that a pokemon gives EVs in an odd stat, like Charizard giving 3 EVs to Special attack or that a Pokemon gives EVs to more than one stat.
Like Venusaur giving 2 EVs to Special attack and1 EV to Special Defense. Just watch out for those things. If you can't find EV, just use the pokedex to find it.
Now to explain how these work. Say the Linoone battled 4 Zubats and aquired 4 EVs in the Pokemon's Speed EV. When it levels up, it will gain one more point to its Speed stat than if had battled three Zubats and one Geodude.
This is because for every 4 Effore Points youget towards a certain stat, you get one point more to the stat. If you wish for a less technical explanation, let's call each Effort Value a Piece of Heart, like any Lefent of Zelda game.
If you get four Pieces of Heart, you get a Heart Container. It's the same way with Effort Values. Of course, there has to be a limit to this, seeing as if you battle 3,996 Zubats, you would have a lot of time on your hands, and a Linoone with 999 located in its Speed stat.
So, what are the limits? Well for startes, youcan only gain 510 Effort Values before they will stop being counted.
510 can be called out "Overall Maximum", if you want a technical term. So this brings the Effort Points tou can gain to 63, once again as a maximum.
But this is still a bit much to add to any one stat, and it would make any Mewtwo have an ansurt amout of Special Attack still, or Blissey still having that huge potential to go over 700 hit points.
So, to make it limited still, there can only be a mazimum of 255 Effort Points per stat, giving a pokemon a potential 32 point increase in any stat.
So now, in terms of pokemon you have to battle, let's say you want that Linoone to get its Maximum speed.
You would have to battle 255 Zubats to get to the maximum speed value; EV training for any more Speed will become useless if you choose to continue after 255.
Now, I can imagine some of you thinking, "Wow, I don't want to battle 255 pokemon to gill up on Speed Evs." Well the good news is that you don't.
The maximum points you can get for any selected stat is 255, right? that's exactly what it is, a maximum. There are a bunch of ways to lesson theEv training and make it less daunting.
Let's start with the simplest. Remember all those Proteins at the Energy Guru that cost 9800 pokedollars a piece? (not when it's on sale day)
Those give 10 Effort Points to any Pokemon's attack stat. HP UP, Calcium, Iron, Carbos, and Zinc are similar of course, giving 10 Effort Points to their correspodnding stat.
But once again, this would make it too easy to EV train and will result in a limit. The reason that those extra proteins that couldn't be used on your ultra-tough Blaziken wouldn't work could be one of two reasons: 1. The stat is already maxed out on EV points,
or 2. you already ised ten proteins on the Blaziken. Since you can only use 10 vitamins on a single stat, this gives you 100 Effort Values posiible to each stat this way.
If you're one who is looking for a rounded way of giving Effort Points to a pokemon and carries a lot of money around, you could easily buy all 10 vitamins and you will have already maxed out your Effort Values this way.
There's two more ways to make the whole EV training process go faster. Remember the Macho Brace from that house north of Mauville city?
That brace will double Effort Points gained. Suddenly you earn 2 Effort Points for each Zubat wearing the brace.
Have you heard about the elusive Pokerus? That does the exact same thing as the Macho brace. So now you have a Ninetales carrying a Macho Brave with the Pokerus, and you just defeated a Spinda.
Since Spinda gives out1 Effort Point to Special Attack, and you have both thePokerus and Macho brae, you get 4 Effort Points to Special Attack, which results in you gaining one more point to Special Attack on your next level-up.
Suddenly that 255 becomes 64 pokemon that you have to battle to fill the Effort points up. Of course, thePokerus doesn't appear that easily, so good luck trying to get it.
If you want to know if your Pokemon can earn more Effort Points, there's a woman in Slateport's outdoor sales area that will give you a ribbon if you have aquired 510 Effort Points, figuratibely called the "Effort Ribbon."
Do not use Rare candys, they doesn't boost your stats while you are leveling up. It's good to use it if you have already maxed EV, or you have one level left to evolve your Pokemon.
Entrance/Secret to get to Registeel
First go to Rout 120 and go inside the Ancient Tomb, Registeel's home. The inscription inside says:
"with new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle."
In other words, just go to the middle of the chamber and select a pokemon that knows fly and use it. You'll then get into a second chamber where Registeel is!!!

In order to get into the first chamber you had to already unlocked the secret of the sealed chamber.
Eruption Torkoal
Eruption is the strongest Fire attack to use on a Pokemon with full HP, and Tokoal has the ability to learn it, but only through breeding. Breed a female Torkoal with a male Camerupt with Eruption, and the egg will hatch into a Torkoal with Eruption.
EV Training
If you are EV training your Pokémon, these are good Pokémon to battle: (to raise your Pokémon's stats higher)

HP: Whismur (Rusturf Tunnel)
Attack: Carvanha (Route 119 - Super Rod)
Defense: Sandshrew & Skarmory (Route 113)
Special Attack: Spinda (Route 113)
Special Defense: Tentacool (Surf anywhere)
Speed: Zubat & Golbat (Cave of Origin)
Extra Kecleon
For this tip you will need a pokemon that knows Surf and waterfall and an Acro Bike.Go to Fortree City and go to the left.Just before the Weather Institute,go down the stairs until you reach the water.Surf left and then up until you reach the waterfall.Use waterfall to get to the top.Go up the stairs and you will find a white bike path.Use the Acro Bike and go across it.On the way to the next bike path there will be an invisible Kecleon.
Faster way to Level Up
Put a Pokemon in the daycare walk 1119999 steps then take it out and give it exp. share take it to the Pokemon league and beat them 3 timesand there you have it your pokemon should be level 45-80.
If you are trying to find a Febass and keep on looking in the same area, don't.

If you want to catch Febass, fish in different spots; you are likely to catch Febass more often. So, fish in one spot 10 times, then go to a different spot and fish there.
Find Feebas/Milotic
To get Feebas, you have to go to the river on route 119. (South of Fortree.) Surf to the southern most part of the river. This should be blocked by 2 rocks. Make sure you have a super rod. Start fishing at the bottom square. (The square you are fishing on is the one you are facing; not the one you are on.) Try fishing on that square 5-8 times. If you can only get carvinas, move to the next square north. Repeat this on all of the squares until you find feebas.
If you still can't find him, start at the begining and look again. Feebas should be around level 20-25. Once you find him CATCH HIM!!!! If you dont manage to, dont leave the square you are on. Keep fishing on the square where you found him. There should be a lot more there. Once you catch him, you have to evolve him. You need to get his beauty to 170+. You should have about 5 kelpsy berries, and 4 pamtre berries. The pamtre berries can be obtained by telling the berry master wife "Challenge Contest". She only gives you 1, so you have to plant it, and grow more. (To learn the word Contest, you must have become the elite 4 champion.) Once you have all the berries, you have to blend them. I suggest you blend them in Lillycove because you can get the levels higher. The kelpsy berries should have a level of 22+ and a feel of 17+. The pamtre berries are good because the level is 45-50. The poke blocks should be indigo, or blue.
Feed them to Feebas, and its beauty should be almosed maxed out. Now, all you have to do is level it up 1 level, and it should evolve.
If you think Groudon is the only pokemon that can learn this move your wrong catch a barboach. I caught mine at lvl 43 but lvls do very I also saw one at lvl 18. to catch barboach go to metor falls and use surf dont move though you might want to turn but dont move all you have to do is use a super rod no other rod will work as far as i know. But there is your way to get the move fissure.
full heal for less
first you fly to lavaridge (with an Acro Bike) or travel by Cable Car to the summit, and right next to the cable car exit will be an old lady selling lava cookies. just buy a bunch of those and they will serve as a full heal. it only costs $200! you will save a lot more money this way. I do and I buy a lot of other things too!
Get a masterball
In team aqua/magma's hidout is the easiest place to get the masterball. step into the room with the teleport pads then find the right one that will leave you to the office. You'll see four balls so get the ones to the left because the right ones are electrodes. You shoud get a gold nugget and a masterball. Rember you won't get it later in the game.
Get a Ralts
  1. Go to Oldale Town.
  2. If you are in the beginning, there is a guy that says "Don't walk here! There are footprints" or something like that.
  3. Once you are able to pass, or if you allready able, walk to the lake. (It will be right there)
  4. In the grass, there is a boy.
    Now listen closely!!
  5. Right beside the lake there are 5 grass steps (the squares of grass)
  6. Walk within the first THREE squares and face the lake.
  7. Wait until the boy is right beside you, what ever square you choose.
  8. Face him and talk to him, be sure to catch him when he is right beside you.
  9. He will say "I'm going to catch a whole bunch of Pokemon!" Now turn and face the lake. If you don't run into an pokemon, try a different square.
  10. You will find a Raltz within 10-15 trys.
Get all rare Pokemon to 1hp
Just get a Zangoose or a Nicada and make sure it know's False Swipe. Now make it over level 40 then look for a rare pokemon. Don't use Master Ball.
Get better potions for cheap!
Go to the dept. store in Lilycove and go on the roof. The Lemonade and Soda pop are 60 and 80 Hp for your pokemon. and its so much cheaper than potions and super potions!!
get chimeko easy
if u need any help trying to get a chimeko grab a pokemon with sweet sent (sirskit tropius ect) and go to the top of mt prye, go to the last set of stairs (where the old couple is) and go left go to the second tombstone face it and use sweet sent until u getit i did this and got it straight away and it was lvl 28 (lvls may vary)
hope i helped :}
get high level monsters without out being on your GBA
needed supplies:
GBA(game boy advance) with pokemon ruby
acess to a power outlet
GBA charger

you need a lot of money for this. put the desired pokemon in daycare. Get and acro bike and go to the desert. Go to the mudslide and try to ride up it. doesn't work right? Tape to up button down when infront of the hill and turn the game light off. While all of this is happening you need to be charging your GBA because if you just leave it the batteries will run out. I have tried this on my bro's pokemon and it worked, but hi didn't have enough money so i had to end it quick.

Good luck
Get Jirachi
To get the legendary pokemon Jirachi, you will need the pokemon coleseum bonus disc. Connect your ruby ( or any other hoen region pokemon game ) to the gamecube. Follow the instructions and you'll get Jirachi!
But on level 5.

Trevor out.
Get More Berries
Instead of getting 2 berries from every berry you plant, you can get up to 6! The more times you water the berry(s), the more berries you should get. Try watering it twice every time you check up on it, and try checking up on it at least 3 or 4 times in one day.
get rares and sales!
ok, go to pokemon league, and beat it.then when you're back in your house after the credits, watch tv. there will be some poke-news thing. then go downstairs and watch tv again.then go back up to your room. keep on doing this until it says theres been an outbreak of some kind of pokemon, or until it says theres a sale on in lilycove department store.

hope i helped
Get Shedinja
Have one empty slot in your squad while raising Nincada. When Nincada evolves to Ninjask, the empty slot will be filled by Shedinja. Also ensure that you have at least one Pokeball of any type.
get the everstone!
go to dewford town and go into the cave. u should have flash by now. go into the place where the man is and then keep on going from there to the second level. using flash, keep on walking until you see a platform with a *shiny* rock on it. it should look different from other rocks. then, press a, and u will get the everstone.
Geting Latias/Latios easyer
If you saw Latias/Latios look in your pokedex look at the area, if he/she is not where you are fly next to him/her (not where they are)cause then they go left/right/up/down then look aroud there Latias/Latios sould be there
Getting feebas/milotic
I know there are a lot of cheats before mine that tell you how to get a Feebas and evolving it, but this method does work(all my friends tried it and got their own feebas).First of all, whatever you do do NOT change the trendy saying in Dewford town. If you do feebas will change location in route 119 and be much harder to find. When you get to route 119, use surf at the beginning of the river and use your OLD rod, not your good or your super. If you have the patience eventually Feebas will appear. If you don't catch don't worry, just keep looking in the same area and you will find it. After you get get its beauty up until its maxed out(I recommend using Kelpsy berries), then level it up. Now you have a Milotic. Remember do Not change the trendy saying or Feebas will move and be that much harder to catch.Good luck.
Getting the Red Tent a cool item for you secret base
First head to Slateport City. Then go north dont go onto the bike cycling road. Go north still. There will be a house there called the The "Trick House". Go into it and there will be a man hidding find him and he will give you a task to complete. Complete all his tasks and out trick him and he will in the end give you the Red Tent
Gold Groudon
Save before fighting Groudon. Keep fighting til gold. I pressed R and L and A to get it but didn't have the common sense to use my masterball.
good EV/DV training
go to route 112 i think it is and keep on beating zangoses,nuzleafs,and seedots. this is great training.
Good pokemon against gym leaders
If you have trouble with gyns,this can help you out.As your starter pokemon,choose treeko.After you beat the first gyn(Rock and Ground type),catch and train an abra anyway you like because the next gym is Fighting type.The third gym is electric,so catch an aron with mud-slap and give your treeko(or grovyle)rock smash.The battle may have 2 b repeated until you win.the fourth gym is Fire so catch wingull who will have water gun.The fifth gym is your dad(Normal type)with 2 slakings and a vigroth.the first slaking will constantly use yawn,so get some awakenings.Use your aron who should have:Take down,headbutt and two other moves.the second slaking uses focus punch, so use headbutt.and the rest is easy.Sixth gym is winona(Wind).Teach your wingull(or pelliper) shock wave from the third gym and if you have it, ice beam.youll no wat 2 do.The seventh gym is Lisa & Tate(Lunatone and Solrock).Use your aron(or lairon) that should know iron claw or iron tail and a pokemon with dark moves(Kadabra/Alakazam or kecleon recommended) and youll b goog 2 go.the eighth gym is water so use treeko(grovyle or sceptile)
and groudon who you should catch with a master ball.and thats it!Your pokemon will be:Treko/grovyle/sceptile , kadabra/alakazam , wingull/pelliper , aron/lairon/aggron , kecleon and groudon.
Great Contest Combo.
1- Get a barboach and train it to level 26 and make it learn snore AND rest (maybe even magnitude). You need both of them.

2- Make a bunch of pink pokeblocks with pecha berries and give them to your barboach until it\'s maxed out.

3- Enter it into the Normal Rank contest in Verdanturf Town.

4- Use rest 1st (it will prevent it from being startled once). Then use snore. This will result in a 4 heart combo + 4 hearts from the move = 8 hearts.

5- Keep doing this until the 5th round and then use magnitude. There is a good chance that the crowd will be excited by then.
great items. find them!
go to mt. pyre (first go inside where all the people are, then when you first enter, go straight foward until you see a left turn. go there and enter the place.)and keep on using the itemfinder and kepp going to each tombstone and they will have ultra balls, max poiton...etc...

this is also a great place to find vulpix's and meditates. GOOD LUCK!!!
Great Way to raise Pokemon
I have found this way works. Try and keep all your Pokemon on the same level. That way, when your in a battle, all your Pokemon are strong. your beginmer Pokemon will be stronger than all of your others in the begining, so use withdrawl training (where you put out one pokemon, withdraw, and send anothor one.

Also another tip is keep less than 6 Pokemon at a time, this way all your Pokemon get more time on the feild.
Groudon + Solarbeam is sweet.
Teach your groundon solarbeam becuase your groudon has the special ability called Drought. It\'s like sunny day but you don\'t have to take a move for it.

So, as we all know while using sunny day and using solarbeam, you don\'t need to charge it. So when using solarbeam with your groudon, you don\'t have to charge it.
Gym Leaders, Badges, and Types
Location: Rusboro City
Badge & Badge Effects: Stone Badge. Increases Attack Power, and allows you to use the HM "Cut"
Gym Type: Rock
Recommended Types: Water, Grass, Ground, Steel, Fighting

Location: Dewford Town
Badge & Badge Effects: Knuckle Badge. Causes all Pokemon Lv. 30 and under to obey you, and allows you to use the HM "Flash"
Gym Type: Mainly fighting, & a few Meditites (Fighting/Psychic)
Recommended Types: Flying, Psychic

Location: Mauville City
Badge & Badge Effects: Dynamo Badge. Increases your Pokemon's speed, and allows you to use the HM "Rock Smash"
Gym Type: Electric
Recommended Type: Ground

Location: Lavaridge Town
Badge & Badge Effects: Heat Badge. Causes all Pokemon Lv. 50 and below to obey you, and allows you to use the HM "Strength"
Gym Type: Fire
Recommended Types: Water, Ground, Rock

Location: Petalburg City
Badge & Badge Effects: Balance Badge. Increases your Pokemon's defense, and allows you to use the HM "Surf"
Gym Type: Normal
Recommended Type: Fighting

Location: Fortree City
Badge & Badge Effects: Feather Badge. Causes all Pokemon Lv. 70 and below to obey you, and allows you to use the HM "Fly"
Gym Type: Flying
Recommended Types: Rock, Electric, Ice

#7-Tate & Liza:
Location: Mossdeep City
Badge & Badge Effects: Mind Badge. Increases your Pokemon's Sp. Attack & Sp. Defense, and allows you to use the HM "Dive"
Gym Type: Psychic
Recommended Types: Bug, Dark

Location: Sootopolis Cit
Badge & Badge Effects: Rain Badge. Causes ALL Pokemon to obey you, and allows you to use the HM "Waterfall"
Gym Type: Water
Recommended Types: Grass, Electric
Hatching Eggs Easier
The ability "Magma Armor" which is known by Slugma or Magcargo and "Flame Body" which is known by Slugma, Magcargo, Magby and Magmar halves the steps you need to take to hatch an egg if the pokemon with this ability is in your lead, or the first in your party.

NOTE: Having more than one of these pokemons would not keep halving the number of steps. Make sure you have the pokemon as your lead.
Having Troubles Fishing?
To fish (using a rod), just press A whenever you get a bite. Only press it ONCE, and press it every time it says "You have got a bite!" Doing this over and over again will eventually lead to the Pokémon attacking you.

Note: This maneuver works with all the rods (Old, Good, and Super).
Help for Latios\Latias
When they are 2 routes ahead of you just go to the middle route and Latios/Latias should be there
Hidden items
Go to the beach at lilycove and go to where the team magma hideout is. Check all the rocks near there. There should be a PP UP.

Also on the beach go down the steps and go right. Once you get to the water go dowm to a rock. There will be a Poke ball.
Hidden Nugget
In fallabor town there is a crator south of the MOVE TUTOR'S HOUSE. Press A when facing north at the bottom of the crator!
HM List & Locations
HM01 - Cut: Cuts down trees outside of battle.
Location: The Cutter's House in Rustburo City.

HM02 - Fly: Flys you to other cities outside of battle.
Location: Route 119.

HM03 - Surf: Lets you swim through water to get to other areas.
Location: Petalburg City.

HM04 - Strength: Moves big boulders.
Location: Rusturf Tunnel.

HM05 - Flash: Lights up dark caves.
Location: Granite Cave.

HM06 - Rock Smash: Smashes rocks that may be in the way.
Location: Mauville City.

HM07 - Waterfall: Allows you to climb up waterfalls.
Location: Cave of Origin.

HM08 - Dive: Allows you to go underwater.
Location: Steven's house in Mossdeep City.
How 2 catch Latias/latios
To catch Latias/Latios U need a Ultra Ball (Note:Latias For Ruby Latios For Saphirre)
when you are battling with him don't attack Latias/Latios because they will run in the battle so gotta use a Ultra ball to catch him easily hold (B + Up) then when the Ball is Opened press (B + A) then when Latias/latios is Broken free don't do that trick first I've said so if that 1st trick didn't work do this one Hold(B + A + Up) then it will capture if didn't Vice-versia...
How Ta Catch A Regi and/or jirachi
first to catch the Rare Four do this:

catch latios and get latias traded to your ruby version(use masterballs)

get multiple masterballs and then go to mossdeep space station keep asking the guy in white suit looking out window until it is launch 100 go to moon an catch jirachi with masterball


go to rte.105 go in cave have relicanth no.1 in party and wailord last click a in the middle of braile wall "once" wait two minutes go in next room catch regiice

go to desert go to the middle of the braille wall
take two steps toward entrace then two to ur right then use stregnth go in next room catch regirock

go to rte. 120 or 121 go up steps near the lady near the berry patch below her to the left with green hair go up to high grass then go through to stairs go up to ruin dude don't go to near to him so he battles you then go to huge rock with hole go in to exact center of the room and use fly the next room has registeel

go catch them no dawdleing and delaying catch'em and go!!!!!!!!!!

[Moderator Note]: Jirachi is only obtainable like this in Japan.
How to beat the Elite Four with 1 Pokemon
The way i beat the Elite Four is that i trained my Blaziken to lvl65 and the moves it learned was 'Mirror Move, Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick and Hyper Beam'(Hyper Beam i teached it through TM). When you vs Sidney, use Blaze Kick only. For the next opponent, Phoebe, use Blaze kick(again).For Glacia, use Sky Uppercut. Now for the Dragon Tamer, Drake. For Drake you can use any of the four moves to beat him, you may want to use a Ether, Elixir or Leppa Berry before battling him to beat him but i recommend using Max Ether on Blaze Kick to help win. Now for the hard one, Steven. This one you can use Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut or Hyper Beam. When you vs him use Blaze Kick on Skarmory, Metagross and Aggron. Use Blaze kick, Sky Uppercut or Hyper Beam on the rest(i use Hyper Beam on the last Pokemon to stop the one-turn recharge loss. And thats it to help you on your quest, so seeya. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How To Beating The Master Rank Beauty Contest Easily
To beat the Master Rank Beauty Contest easily, use a Milotic with full beauty(by using blue pokeblocks) and holding a blue scarf.

For it's moves use:

Rain Dance
Ice beam

and during the contest use them in this order:

1st Rain Dance, 2nd Surf, 3rd Hail, 4th Ice beam, 5th Surf
How to catch Beldum!
I got this cheat from a friend...defeat the Elite Four, then go to Steven's house in Mossdeep. There will be a letter on the desk and a pokeball. READ THE LETTER FIRST! then get your pokemon. It is only level 5, so you will have to put it in the daycare for a while.

**NOTE: You may have to catch Regice first...
How to catch Rayquaza
To catch a Rayquaza, just keep on battling until it uses rest. When it uses rest, use an Ultra or Premiere ball to catch it.
How to easily battle latios and latias(without how to catch them)
To easily bring latios and latias to your nearest route all you need to do is stay where you are but just fly to the same place where you were and then check in the neerest grass.
keep doing this lots of times because they wont fly over to you first time, so repeat all of this over and over again.
P.S. This also works on pokemon platinum, diamond and pearl
How to find and evolve the hard to find Pokemon!
Here is where to find the hard to find Pokemon:

Snorunt - Shoal cave, ice area around Lv 28 train to level 42
Horsea - Ocean Current ( plain areas) super rod -aroung Leave 26- train to lv 32 - then hold Dragon scale and trade.
Nosepass - Rock Smash in Granite Cave - Around Lv 15
Solrock - Meteor Falls (Walk around of surf or Fish)
Zangoose - route 114
Heracross - Sarfire Zone - (Acro bike needed)
Pinsir - Sarfire - (Mach Bike Needed)
Phany - Safire Zone ( Acro bike needed) train to level 25
Groundon - Cave of Origin
Latios - Ramdom in the Wild
Luvdisc - Fish at Ever Grande city
Corphish - Fish kin the pool of water west of Old Dale
Jigglypuff - Sufr up to the very top of the water north of Rustborrow and in the Grassy area.
Feebas - Fish in the Waters in route 119
Volbeat - Route 111
Absol - Route 120
How to get a Dragon Scale
To get a Dragon scale (it is used to evolve Seadra into kingdra) you have to either find a horsea or bagon. Horseas are left of Pacifidlog where the currents are (you have to fish). Bagons are in the back cave in Meteor falls. When you find a horsea/bagon it MAY be holding a dragon scale. Use theif, covet, or catch the bagon or horsea to obtain the dragon scale. I recommend finding bagon because it is more common for it to be holding a dragon scale. Once you get the dragon scale give it to your seadra and trade it with a friend or another version (ruby or sapphire) to get a Kingdra.
How to get a low lvl to a high lvl really easily!
First u need to meet gabby and ty the TV people and u also need a gd lvl pokemon that can use surf. Put the pokemon that u want to train in first place in ur party and the pokemon that can use surf second. Then when you battle tell ur pokemon to use surf coz it will get both of them and hopefully kill them in one or two shots. Do this a few times and before you know it you could have a lvl 40 - 80 pokemon. Also a good idea when ur training it giv it EXP.SHARE. When u done that u can go to the elite 4 to train it better. Hope i helped !!!
How to get Alakazam with only 1 badge
Requirments: 1 freind

When you arrive in dewford buy as may pokeballs as you can and head for granite cave. Search around for an abra and when you catch it train it up until it evolves into kadabra at lvl: 16.
Once you have done this trade your kadabra to your freind and when it arrived on your freinds gameboy it will evolve into alakazam. Now trade back with your freind and you will have alakazam.
How to get an egg
Ok, get two pokemon of the same type, one male, one female. Put them in the daycare for a while. Eventually, the daycare person will move forward from his usual spot and say he has an egg for you.
How to get Azurill
1. Catch two Marill (1 boy, 1 girl)
2. Give Sea Incense to the male
3. Place both in the Day Care Centre
4. Wait a while, then come back and recieve an egg from the Day Care Man
5. Raise the egg, and it will hatch into a Azurill
How To Get Feebas
To get Feebas all u do is get a good rod then go to route 119 and then surf north to the waterfall, then u use waterfall. When at the fish with the good rod on every square at least twise each square and you will definitelt get a feebas (i got 5 of dem out of 7).
how to get golden raquaza
first u go where u catch raquaza . then u save in front of it . and u turn your game on and off.
until it is a differt color .
How To Get Latios
After you beat the Pokemon League, the T.V. will say there is a "blue flying pokemon seen in Hoenn locales." Search the grassy or sea areas and you'll eventually find it. Next, go to Mauville City. Keep going in and out of Mauville until Latios is in your area. When you find it, have a Golbat that knows Mean Look with a speed of 95 or higher. When its health is low, use ultra balls(or timer balls if it takes a long time in battle) and you'll eventually nab it!
Hope this helps ya out!
How to get out of Slateport
OK, so most of you got out of there pretty quickly. But for the 1% who get stuck, see that big bridge? Go under it. It's the bike path.
How to get Premier Ball
To get this ball, you have to talk to the guy from Devon Corp. He is in front of the cave that you rescue Peeko from the Team Magma Grunt. He will tell you that you can now get the Premeir and Repeat ball from the Rustboro Pokemart.
how to get Regsteel
when your in the cave where regsteel live the way to get to the second chamber is just use fly anywhere it don't matter where you use it it should work the your in the next room and hes sitting there.
How to get the HM Dive
In Mossdeep city, by Route 124 is a man called Steven in the house on the Upper Left corner. Talk to him, and he'll give you the HM dive.
How to get the regis(rare pokemon)
To unlock the regis you first need to get a Relicanth and put it in the front of your party and a wailord in the last spot,go to the southeast part of Route 134 and dive into the water u will see a cave go to the centre of the room and use dig .In the next room read the centre tile script u will trigger an earthquake...Now uv unlock the regis

regi 1(registeel)
Go to the southwest of route 120 Entre a big rock and go to the centre of the room use fly and go in and there he is.

regi 2(regirock)
fly to lavaridge go down the mountain and entre the desert go all the way down in the desert and there will be another big rock go in and walk up to the centre tile and press down..3..right..2..and then use strength.

in route 105 there is an island to the left and when you go across it surf again and go up there will be another island with a big rock on it go in then go to the centre tile press..a..then wait...it might take a long while but just wait and it will open

...hope i helped...
How to get the Secret Pokemon: Shedinja
First, catch a Nincada. It can be found along route 116. Remember what type of ball you caught it with, and make sure you have at least one of it in your pack. Make sure you have only a maximum of five monsters in your party. (there must be at least one space in your party).

Train your Nincada until it reaches level 20, then it will now evolve into Ninjask. Now, it will learn a lot of new moves at this stage. And when you've finished, look at the ball packs.

The ball will be missing and you'll have a new Pokemon in your party called Shedinja. Shedinja has all the moves of your Ninjask, has only one HP and has an ability called "Wonder Guard".
How To get thw HM Flash
On Route 106, nearm Dewford Town, go the Granite Cave. Near the entrance is a hiker/miner person who, if you talk to, gives you Flash, informs you that Steven, the person who you need to deliver the letter to, has gone in the cave, and tells you, that, to use Flash, you need the second Gym badge.
How to get Unlimited Items!!
1. Capture a Zigzagoon/Linoone
2. Leave the Pokemon on your team (place doesn't matter)
3. Battle, battle, battle!!!
4. Check your Zigzagoon/Linoone after every battle. Whether they battled or not, they might have picked up an item!
How to heal your pokemon easy
If your having trouble with beating the elite four try this. Teach you best pokemon Rest, and get the blue flute. Then when your at the leauge, and you Pkemons health is low, use Rest and then youse the blue flute. You don't have to spend your money on Potions and Full Restores! I did this with my Blazkin and I beat the leauge!
How to make lots of money
First you have to do is to get a amulet coin (don't remember where you can get it), then put two best pokemon (at least 2 pokemon lvl 60>, then go to Mauville city. Go up near the sandstorm and fight the reporters. Then go back to Mauville city and swim across the sea on the right. Then go to Fortree city and go right and beat the reporters again. Then go all over again, they always go by this way on those three spots. With the amulet coin on the main pokemon you get arround 7000$. Good luck!!
How to unlock the 8th gym door.
Find the hidden cavern, by using dive to the south of Mossdeep. Search the ocean floor, until you find a little cave with a sumbarine in it, then use dive again to appear in the cavern. Beat everybody in it, then make your way through the cavern.When you come across it, beat Team Magma leader. From there, you will be assigned to go to Sootopolis City, to the cave of origin, go in there, and find and catch Groudon. Then the gym door will be unlocked, so you can go on a battle with Sootopolis City's gym leader, Wallace.
Increase Pokeball capure rate
When you choose the pokeball from the item pocket press Up & B-button at the same time twice, hold the keys after the second press
Up & B-button
Up & B-button (press and hold)

* note
this has to be done bewteen the black/blank screen, from the time you choose the pokeball, and the time the action screen reappears

It will increase the catch rate to about 90%, I've even caught pokemon with full health!

*also works better if the pokemon throwing the pokeball is on an higher level
Items Galore
If you find Clamperl, he might be holding shards
If you find Bagon, he might hold a dragon scale
Solrock might be holding a sun stone
Cacnea might hold a poison barb
If you find a Snorunt, it can 54.8 percent hold a rare candy, so stock up on Snorunt, (found in Shoal Cave ice room (when the room isn't damp)

You can get blue and yellow shards from Chinchou also. Also I forget whether you can catch Lanturn but I think you can get blue/yellow shards from them.
keep latias from escaping.
all you have to do is catch golbats and dusclops at sky tower. they have really high levels and know mean look. that way, when one faints just send out the others and keep using mean look while reviving the others.
Latios tracker
If you want to track down Latios and you have already seen him then just check your pokedex and look at his area and you will see where he is.(make sure you don't fly there because he will flee and he will also flee if you take too long to get there)
Latios/Latias capture ;-)
1.get any pokemon that was arena trap or anthing like that that doesnt make latios/latias flee the battle.

2. get repels..any kind of repels(i use max repels so i dont have to bring alot of repels.

3.then get battle with a pokemon u may battle that WILD pokemon if u want to or just run away(if the pokemon doesnt let u run away then kill it!) after the battle check ur pokedex and ckeck where latias/latios is.

(if it is not in ur area repeat step 3)

4. (this step if the latias/latios is in ur area)
Use repel so u dont get a battle with another pokemon EXCEPT LATIOS OR LATIAS! if u get into a battlw with latias or latios, sliver its lifes down to a mere red...(best move is fake out..only leaves 1 HP) bring ultra balls or timer balls or any kind of balls expt that ball uhm...i forgot the name sorry=) (make sure that the pokemon that has the abily to not let the pokemon flee is the first slot)
Legendary Pokemon info
Where to find all legendary Pokemon
Groundon:Cave of Origin(ruby Version only)
Kyogre:Cave of Origin(saphire Version only)
Raquaza:Sky pillir(after beaten the game)
Latios: Ramdomly Shows up on every Route(after beaten the Game)(ruby Version only)
Latias: Ramdomly Shows up on every Route(after beaten the Game)(Saphire Version only)
RegiRock: Desert Ruins (after solving the mystry of the Sealed Chamber)
Regiice:Island Cave(after solving the mystry of the Sealed Chamber)
Registeel:Ancient Tomb(after solving the mystry of the Sealed Chamber)
Jirachi: Pokemon colosseum Bonis Disc(order it on ebay)or use a Gameshark or use an action Replay
Deoxeys:use a Gameshark or use an action replay
old Pokemon:Trade from pokemon colosseum
Lugia:trade from Fire Red/Leaf Green(I think)
Hiddin Pokemon types

Jirachi: Psychic and Steel


Hiddin Pokemon Levels(when you get them)



Lilycove Dept. Store Lottery Prizes
To win the lottery, found at the Lilycove Department Store, you must match up certain numbers of your ID card with the lottery number. The more numbers that match up, the better and rarer the prize.

Matching all of the numbers gets you a Master Ball.

Matching 4 of the numbers gets you a Max Revive.

Matching 3 of the numbers gets you an Exp. Share.

Matching 2 of the numbers gets you a PP Up.

And obvioulsy only matching 1 number doesn't get you anything.
Lv 100+ Pokeblock
Blend A Salac/Liechi/Ganlon Berry
With a Petaya/Apicot Berry in a
Multiplayer Blend and get a Lv100+
Master Ball Tips & Tricks
Well when you meet Groudon/Kyogre do not use the master ball!!! It is hard, but get their HP down to nearly nothing and be sure to have a pokemon that knows an attack to paralyze them or an attack to put Groudon/Kyogre to sleep. A handy move is false swipe, I know a Sceptile can learn it. It is an attack that always leaves at least 1 HP.
BE SURE AND SAVE THE GAME BEFORE YOU CHALLENGE ANY OF THESE POKEMON LISTED!!! And have PLENTY of ultra balls and timer balls. (A timer ball worked for me)
And stupid me, I had no clue that there was a Latios/Latias. I used my master ball on Rayquaza!!! So once I VERY slowly got Latios/Latias HP down alot(as I did with Groudon just nearly nothing), use at least a level 45 Wobbuffet to battle the Latios/Latias.
Why?? Wobbuffet has the ability Shadow tag!
So it keeps Latios/Latias from escaping!
I used ALOT of timer balls and hyper potions! (DO NOT USE DESTINY BOND!)
And I got it! Thanks to Wobbuffet!
So if you made the mistake I did, try this.
I hope this helps!!
master balls
in pokemon sapphire after you have beaten the elite four scince you can find latios/latias so got to the lottery save the game before entering and try to win the master ball three times and when you do go look for latios/latias and use the smoke ball to escape and you should get a masterball about every ten steps if you do it right. if it dont work dont blame me coz my friend showed me his bag and he had 2 sets of 99 masterballs.
Master balls and which pokemon to use them on
i would use one on latias/latios they flee 1st turn and kyorgre rayquazza and groudon can ussaly be caught with a ultra ball
Mirage Island
Go to Pacifidlog Town and go to one of the houses. If you see a man looking at a wall, talk to him. If he says "I see Mirage Island", go to Route 130. You will see a huge Island that was never there. Go on the island. You will encounter wild Wynaut and find Liechi berrys.
Mirage Island
Ok, Mirage Island is an Island that you have very rare chances of getting their. You need a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon to get thier. And a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon is found random in the wild. You can't tell if it's a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon, but you can find out when you go to Pacifidlog Town. The bottom right house, go in and talk to the guy on the right side of the house, he will tell you if you have a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon currently with you. Mirage Island appears on Route 131. But if you surf their, it won't always be their since you need a Mirage Island Sensitive Pokemon with you. On Mirage Island, you get the chance to get one rare berry, make sure you plant more when you get it. Because you can only get it their. Also, you can find many Items in the sand that appears on Mirage Island with your Item Finder. And then, there is only one pokemon that is catchable on Mirage Island, that is a Whynaut, so, get as many as you want.

To get to Mirage Island, you need a Mirage Island sensitive pokemon to get there, these pokemon are random in the wild, it could be any pokemon, then talk to the guy in the bottom right house in Pacifidlog Town, (the guy in the right side of the house), he will tell you if you have a Mirage Island Sensitive pokemon currently with you.
Multiple Master Balls
Go to the Lilycove Pokemart everyday and see if you've won lotto, if you match all five of the numbers, then you will win a Master Ball.
Mystery Event
Okay, I noticed a few of you didn't know what Mystery Event was so I'll explain it.

Mystery Event is not like Mystery Gift in Pokemon G/S/C. It is a battle that you can do with the free E-reader card that comes with the game (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire). To partake in the Mystery Event you need the fallowing items;

~Your Gameboy Advance
~Your Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game
~Your free Pokemon Battle-e Card
~An extra Gameboy Advance (besides the one
you’re using)
~An E-reader
~A Gameboy Advance Link Cable (Note: It cannot
be a Gameboy Color Link Cable or a Gameboy
Advance/Color Cable Link. It will not
fit inside of the E-reader.)

1. Go to Petalburg City and go inside of the
Pokemon Center.
2. Talk to the guy next to the PC and
answer "yes" to his question.
3. Tell him "mystery events is exciting"
4. He will tell you that you are in the club.
5. Make sure you have strong Pokemon in your
party, then save and turn of the game.
6. Connect one end of your Cable to your Gameboy
Advance, and connect the other end to the
E-reader(that you put into another Gameboy
Advance like a game).
7. Turn on only your Gameboy Advance with your
game. On the main menu of your game, where it
usually has the options "Continue", "New Game",
and "Option", it should now have a new option
"Mystery Events"
8. Turn on the other Gameboy Advance(the one with
the E-reader). Select scan card, and do so. It
will tell you what to do.
9. On the other gameboy select "Mystery Events"
and do what it tells you to do.
10. If all goes correctly, you should enter a
battle with the person on you Pokemon Battle-e

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at winkylovesmaggie@yahoo.com
National Pokedex
To get the national pokedex, link up to Fire Red or Leaf Green, trade Pokemon. Then you'll get the National Pokedex!

You can change it back and fourth from Hoenn to National!
Need a coin case
When you go to Slateport go to the Poke mart and buy some mail (Pokemon print; not sure which Pokemon though). now go north to the town with the casino and go in the house with a person in glasses next to it. talk to the girl sitting down and she will trade the mail for a coin case.
no credits
after you beat the elite 4 and champion let the game save after the talking and then turn it off then back on. youl be in your room
No Evolution
Press B button when your pokemon is elvoving, and he'll/she'll stop evolving
Pacifidlog TMs
In Pacifidlog Town, there's a man that will give you two different TMs everyday depending on how much your pokemon likes you. He will TM 27 (Return) if your pokemon like you and he will give TM 21 (Frustration) if your pokemon hates you.
Pick Up Ability
If you carry a pokemon with the Pick Up ability, they will pick up items every once in a while. Sometimes you will even get Rare Candies, PP Ups, and Nuggets.
The Pokérus is a virus that is beneficial to the growth of your Pokémon. Usually it is caught from a wild Pokémon. When you go to a Pokémon Center, the Nurse will explain about the virus:

Your Pokémon may be infected with Pokérus. Little is known about the Pokérus except that they are microscopic life forms that attach to Pokémon. While infected, Pokémon are said to grow exceptionally well.

When placed in your party, it will infect other Pokémon in your party. When put in your PC the rate that it will disappear, and not infect any other Pokémon. Affected Pokémon have "pkRS" marked on their status screen.

Pokérus is cured after 24 hours on the party from the time of infection. After the virus wears off, a dot takes its place, meaning that Pokémon is now immune to the virus and can't catch it again. The accelerated stat growth remains, however; the only change is that the Pokémon can no longer spread it.

Pokémon cannot be cured of Pokérus if left in a PC box or traded to Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire. This means you can deliberately infect one or more Pokémon you don't intend to use and then keep them in one of these two places, so you always have some infected Pokémon in your possession. The more infected Pokémon you store, the more backups you have if you accidentally leave one out long enough to be cured
pokeblocks level 50 - 62
31. Spelon Berry 1.Cheri Berry Purple Pokeblock Level 50
32. Pamtre Berry 2.Chesto Berry Indigo Pokeblock Level 50
33. Watmel Berry 3.Pecha Berry Brown Pokeblock Level 50
34. Durin Berry 4.Rawst Berry LiteBlue Pokeblock Level 50
35. Belue Berry 5.Aspear Berry Olive Pokeblock Level 50
36. Liechi Berry 1.Cheri Berry Gold Pokeblock Level 60
37. Ganlon Berry 2.Chesto Berry Gold Pokeblock Level 62
38. Salac Berry 3.Pecha Berry Gold Pokeblock Level 62
39. Petaya Berry 4.Rawst Berry Gold Pokeblock Level 62
40. Apicot Berry 5.Aspear Berry Gold Pokeblock Level 62

Pokemon moves
It's always good to have a non-attack move for a Pokemon, just in case the enemy uses something like Bide.
rare candy
to get rare candy catch the pokemon zigzagoone/linoonget get six of them put all in your party and every time one battles they all get items but they may not get rare candy so if your patiant like me you will have many candys in your bag
rare candy!!!!!!
Go to route 120, where there is a pond near 4 diffrent kinds of berries, go down to the pond until you see a poke ball. that pokeball has a full heal and all the way on the far left is a hidden rare candy.
Rare Hold Items from Pokemon (RATE IT!)
Ok, this is really helpful so listen up. There are pokemon that hold REALLY RARE items and here is a list of all the Pokemon that hold an item. If you don't believe me it's really true!! One more thing. They only hold these items very very rarely. But I caught these Pokemon with the item they held, so u might be lucky!!

Geodude: Everstone
Skitty: Leppa Berry
Kecleon: Chesto Berry
Shuppet: Spell Tag
Girafarig: Persim Berry
Abra: Twistedspoon
Magnemite: Metal Coat
Gulpin: Big Pearl
Aron: Hard Stone
Lairon: Hard Stone
Whismur: Chesto Berry
Graveler: Everstone
Corsola: Red Shard
Cacnea: Poison Barb
Dusclops: Spell Tag
Sandshrew: Quick Claw
Relicanth: Green Shard
Zigzagoon: Oran Berry
Banette: Spell Tag
Solrock: Sun Stone
Horsea: Dragon Scale
Bagon: Dragon Scale
Chinchou: Yellow Shard
Doduo: Shap Beak
Dodrio: Sharp Beak
Koffing: Smoke Ball
Loudred: Chesto Berry
Numel: Rawst Berry
Trapinch: Soft Sand
Clamperl: Blue Shard
Spinda: Chesto Berry
Hariyama: King's Rock
Pikachu: Oran Berry OR Light Ball
Staryu: Stardust OR Star Piece
Grimer: Nugget
Poocheyana: Pecha Berry
Linoone: Oran Berry OR Sitrus Berry
Duskull: Spell Tag
Luvdisc: Heart Scale
Lunatone: Moon Stone
Magneton: Metal Coat
Vulpix: Rawst Berry
Roselia: Poison Barb

Well that's the list of the Pokemon and what they rarely hold. Try to catch em!!
rare pokemon
latios: can be found any were that has to do with water
master ball
whaynut and wabafet specal will keep him from running away

fond for the secont time at the city of sootopolis
( dont use master ball on this guy trust me save it for the others try to catch him with ultra ball or a poke ball of your choise)

the regi's
one in the desert= rock
the secont is in the ocean between petalburg city
and dewford= ice
the third is on route 120= steel

use a master ball or save it ( if do use ultra balls and bring him down as much as you can with out fating him)

after you beat the elete four and open the caves. when done surf to route 131 you will see a tower this is the sky pillar go to the top you will need the bike that speeds up to pass over the cracks in the floor.
use master ball
or same as the regi's( but he is not gonna be as easy as the regi's)

( get the demo for the game cube or gamesharking or use an action replay)

( only by gameshark or action replay)

now if you are in new york you can go to the pokecenter to get these (but they are not gonna be on the same day)
When battling Ray, First of all Paralize him. He won't be able to use Rest then, as rest is a status, and status can not overlap.

Then just lower his health and throw an Ultra ball; I was really lucky as I got him within the first 5 turns of the battle. But Regice, heck! About 67 turns.
whatever you do make sure you have alot of ultra balls for catching the regis because if you don't then eventually you run out because they are so hard to catch
route 120, get a revive!
go to route 120, then where there is a secret base, go to the left of it where there is an empty place and you will find a revive there.
Ruby-only Exclusive
Out of all the pokemon games, Zangoose can ONLY be found in this game. Weird isn't it?
Ok, so u want salamance. I can see y! He is so wicked. Well first, you need to go to meteor falls, fallabour, and up the waterfall, (u need the 8th gym badge) and go through the doorway.U then go on a ladder a little distance from the door u came from. There will then be a large room. There will be 2 ladders in this room. 1 will give u a TM. And the other 1, which is quite far away, will give u another room. Go in 2 the room, past the old couple, and battle a man at the top of some stairs. The go left down the water patches, till you at the bottom. There should be a ladder, and a small patch of water secetioned off. U will then be on a small patch of land, with a lake. Go on the lake and surf to another patch of land with a doorway. Go through the doorway. U will enter a small room with a lake in. Go across the lake to a small patch of land. Walk around this patch of ground till you find a Bagon. The lowest form of Salamance. u'll find Bagon at between level 30 and 35. Try and catch 1 at level 35! Train Bagon to level 36, and it will evolve to Shelgon. Evolve it again at level 50 to get Salamance. It takes time but nit's worth it. So............. Good luck getting Salamance!
Saving money on Repels
Another way to save money is to buy Super Repels. Max Repels repel pokemon for 50 more steps than a Super Repel and cost 200 dollars more. In other words you would save 200 dollars and lose 50 steps per repel if you bought a Super Repel.
secret base/ battle your self
you know about secret base battle you battle them once a day huh do this

no.1 swap records with a friend that has already swapped rec. with you.

no.2 have another version all the way to to that guy who gives you secret power make a base dont have to decorate switch records once then go out then go back in

battle your self. have another version you dont play with trade your strong poke mon to the 1 you dont play with then swap records then trade the pokemon back.
See some Gym Leaders from Johto
Go and participate in a Pokemon Contest in any of the four cities: Vendanturf, Fallarbor, Slateport or Lilycove.

After the first round of judging is over, the voting begins. When the second round of judging begins, take a look at the people in the background. Right at the middle of the audience, you can see Whitney, one of the Gym Leaders from Gold, Silver & Crystal. All the way on the right side, you can also see Pryce, another Gym Leader from Gold, Silver & Crystal.
Shell Bell Healing Trick
When you are in battle, every time you use a move you're pokemon gets some Hit Points (HP) if it is equipped with Shell Bell. And I noticed when I used Double Kick with my Blazike the Shell Bell worked twice.

So the hint is more like if you use Double Slap the Shell Bell should work 2-5 times. It helped me allot with my Blaziken, went from 10 HP to 21 HP, and from 21 HP to 30 HP.

Usefully in the pokemon league. Enjoy ^,^
Shiny pokemon
For those of you who were wondering, shiny pokemon have a 1 in 1826 chance of apperearing in the wild.
Latias / Latios have a 1 in 700 chance of appearing, the rest of the legendaries have a one in 1300 chance of appearing.
Simple Tip
These neat tips will save you some time sitting around the rolling credits. Here are 2 ways to skip the credits.

1. Hold B during the credits.
2. When the credits start rolling, hold Start, Select, A, and B and continue. You should be outside your house.

These tips will save you time during the credits.
Sitrus Berries
Go to the Pokemon League and have a pokemon that knows thief in your party. Use thief on each Grand Leauge challenger. Now you'll have lots of Sitrus berries!
Skip Credits
Before Steve puts your pokemon and you in the hall of fame. It will say saving game don't turn of power. after it's done saving turn your game off , wait a few seconds then turn it on, load your game, and you should be in littleroot town.
smeargle and moves
ok,smeargle only knows sketch,right?to do this ,have 3 heart scales,and a smeargle.use sketch, then go to the guy west of Fallabor town.give him the heart scale and then let the maniac teach it sketch.do this until he has 4 moves.you could get asmeargle in ruby version by trading it from emrald version
Special Recognition
Once you have collected all 200 Pokemon in this game, go to the Hotel in Lillycove and the man who is incharge of the Game Freak will give you a diploma.
Stay in the safari zone forever
Ok first get the acro bike then go to the safari zone. Pay their toll and go to a patch of grass. Get on your bike and hold down the "B" button until the bike starts jumping. Stay in one spot and pokemon will come and attack you without you wasting your steps.
Stop Evolution
Personally, I like it when my Pokemon evolve but maybe you don't that doesn't help you much does it. Well if you don't want it to evolve:
When It's trying to evolve (going back and fvorth betweeen the 2 shapes) just press the B button and the pokemon becomes startled and doesn't evolve. You may have to do this again a few times when your pokemon gets to the next level.
The Best Pokemon Catcher - Shroomish/Breloom
YES. Shroomish (or Breloom) is the best pokemon catcher ever.

First, you need a male Zangoose that knows False Swipe (an attack that will leave at least 1 hp) and a female Seedot. Put both of them in a Daycare center and wait until they lay an egg.
After the egg hatches, it should be a "MALE" Seedot with a False Swipe. If it's female, breed again.
Once you get a male Seedot with a False Swipe, now get a female Shroomish and breed them.

Now you have a Shroomish with a False Swipe!!
*I recommend you keep breeding the Seedot and Shroomish until the Shroomish has a good personality. Bold is not good.
Bold personality raises Defense and decreases Attack when it levels up. Look at the personality chart available in Upnetwork.net for more info.

Now you need to get your Shroomish to level 54, WITHOUT evolving it.
(Let it hold Exp. Share and run through Elite Four)
Shroomish tries to evolve into Breloom once you get it to become level 23.
*If you let it evolve, it will not learn Spore!!*

Once it has reached level 54, it will learn Spore - 100% of causing sleeping.
Now you can let your Shroomish evolve.
I recommend that you do since Breloom gets alot of attack points whenever it levels up.

There you have it. Your own Breloom with False Swipe and Spore.

Let me explain a bit more.

Say you're catching the Regis.
Get your Strong Pokemon out and reduce the Regi's HP less than half.
Now get your Breloom out and use False Swipe until you leave it with 1 Hp point.
Now use SPORE! It's not like Sing, or Hypnosis with has a poor chance of causing sleep. Spore, unlike them, has 100% of causing sleep excluding having accuracy points down or your enemy raising its evasiveness.

Now your Regi has 1 Hp point and it's sleeping!
Use Whatever pokeballs, and you catch it!

Breloom with False Swipe and Spore is the Ulitmate Pokemon Catcher there is.
Make one yourself!

This is my Breloom:

Level: 90


Giga Drain
Brick Break
False Swipe

Some people say it's better to teach it Focus Punch since you have Spore, but I just like to have Brick Break..

You can let it have any attack and remember not to delete Spore and False Swipe!
You can also take your Breloom to the Move Tutor with Heart Scales and see if you can teach your Breloom Sky Uppercut and stuff.. I'm not sure if you can. ;;

There you go.
PM me if you have any other questions.

Reasons why Breloom is better than Zangoose, or any other pokemons:

Breloom has a SPORE & a False Swipe.. Enough said.

The best way to catch Latios or Latias.
First you need a wobbuffet on level 50 or higher (maybe a lower level will work but i tried at level 50 so try if you want) because the higher the level the stronger the abiltiy will be (Shadow Tag-The opponent pokemon can't run or switch out of the battle). Then get like 20 or so Max repels then get about 30 ultra balls (have trouble getting money btle the reporters which appear in order route 111,118 and 120 and they give you like $3200 after if you win). Chase down Latios(or Latias if your playing Sapphire) once in the route its in put on a max repel and put Wobbuffet to the top of your party and walk through the area if you find it it won't be able to get away cause of Shadow Tag (details higher up the tip) and throw a ultra ball after you have weakend it (save game beforce you start walking around) until you catch it.If you run out of balls restart and try again but it might get away while you walk through the route
Thunderbolt Glitch
The thunderbolt glitch is an easy glitch to fix.

Sometimes in battle after using the attack Thunderbolt, the sound of that attack will be heard even after you're done with the battle.

It's rather annoying, but like I said it's easy to fix. Simply save the game wherever you are and turn the game off.

Turn back on, start from where you were- and presto! Your game is back to normal.
tip for catching pokemon
ok so say a pokemon was L5 and you have a lower rate pokeball. All you need to do is find a L2 pokemon and catch it full health with a pokeball.
tip for safari zone
here is a cool tip that will make you stay longer in the safari zone.

when you find a area you want to search, stand in one square of tall grass and face different directions without taking a step. with that method, pokemon will approach you and they will attack.
Tip get Jirachi
To get Jirachi which is a phychic/steel type all u have to do is go to your local EB games or Game Stop that's all u have to do. Ask them if they have a pokemon colloseum bonus disc!! and don't worry there so cheap now.

PS Jirachi can only be transfared to ruby or sappire and to get Jirachi all u have to do is have one slot open in your party your game a link cable and a gamecube and gameboy and u don't have to give away a pokemon also if u already have jirachi in your pokedex than u can't have another one and Jirachi is only avalible in the US.
Tips to get Salamance
Ok, I know how to get a Salamance in your Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. First, go to meteor falls. Find the place with 2 old people (double battle) up the water fall, then go along, hop down the sand bank thingies, stick to the left, carry on. Soon you will come to a place where you need to learn surf. Surf up, and then you will come to a little patch of land at the end, with TM Dragon Claw in a Pokeball. Run around on the land and eventually you will find a Bagon.
Train it up to lv. 30 and it will evolve into a wicked Pokemon - Shellgon. Then train it to lv. 50 and it will evolve in to the lord of the Dragons - Salamance!

This tip takes a long time but it's worth it. Salamance is wicked in the league, and a great Pokemon to have. Mine's lv. 72. ;-)
TM1- Focus Punch - Find it on Route 115, then Surf Up until you get to another land. Then follow the rocky path after that. It is an item that is shaped like a Pokeball.
TM2 - Dragon CLaw - Find this powerful move in Meteor Falls
TM3 - Water Pulse - When you beat the 8th Gym, you get this TM.
TM4 - Calm Mind: The 7th Gym's gift to you after you beat it.
TM5 - Roar - Find this on Route 114 and talk to the guy with the Poocheyena.
TM6 - Toxic - Find this in the Fiery Path.
TM7 - Hail - Get it in the Shoal cave after helping the Old Man find his items.
TM8 - Bulk Up - After beating the Dewford Gym Leader, he will give this to you.
TM9 - Bullet Seed - Talk to somebody on Route 104 for him to give it to you.
TM10 - Hidden Power - Get this item at Slateport City, or the alternative way is to get this TM at Fortree City.
TM11 - Sunny Day - Find this item in the Scorched Slab.
TM12 - Taunt - Solve a certain puzzle in the Trick House to get this TM.
TM13 - Ice Beam - Buy this item for 3,000 dollars at the Mauville Game Corner.
TM14 - Blizzard - But this TM for 5,000 dollars in the Lilycove Department Store.
TM15 - Hyper Beam - Lilycove Store for 7,500$.
TM16 - Light Screen - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM17 - Protect - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM18: Rain Dance - Get this item in the Abandoned Ship underwater.
TM19 - Giga Drain - Get this item in Route 123.
TM20 - Safeguard - Lilycove Store for 3,000$.
TM21 - Frustration - Get this item in Pacifidlog Town after showing a certain man a Pokemon that hates you.
TM22 - Solarbeam - Find this item in the Safari Zone
TM23 - Iron Tail - Located in Meteor Falls.
TM24 - Thunderbolt - Buy it in Mauville for 4,000 coins.
TM25 - Thunder - LilyCove Store for 5,500$.
TM26 - Earthquake - Located in Seafloor Cavern.
TM27 - Return - See how to get the Frustration TM except get a Pokemon that likes you instead of one that hates you.
TM28 - Dig - Get this item in the Fossil Maniac's House and talk to the first person you see.
TM29 - Get this item in Victory Road
TM30 - Shadowball - Find this item on Mt. Pyre
TM31 - Brick Break - Get this item in Sootopolis City.
TM32 - Double Team - Get this item at Mauville Game Corner for 1,500 coins.
TM33 - Reflect - Get this item in the Lilycove Department Store for 3,000 dollars.
TM34 - Shock Wave - Get this item after you beat the Mauville Gym Leader.
TM35 - Flamethrower - Mauville Game Corner for 4,000 coins.
TM36 - Sludge Bomb - Get this item in Dewford Town.
TM37 - Sandstorm - Located in the desert.
TM38 - Fire Blast - Lilycove Department Store for 5,500 dollars.
TM39 - Rock Tomb - Beat Rustboro Gym, then you get this TM.
TM40 - Aerial Ace - Gift after beating Fortree Gym.
TM41 - Torment - Get this item in Slateport City.
TM42 - Facade - Gift after beating Petalburg Gym.
TM43 - Secret Power - Find this item in Route 111.
TM44 - Rest - Get this item in Lilycove City.
TM45 - Attract - Get this item in Verdanturf Town.
TM46 - Theif - Get this item when Team Aqua or Team Magma invades the Oceanic Museum.
TM47 - Steel Wing - Get this item in Granite Cave after talking to Steven.
TM48 - Skill Swap - Located in Mount Pyre.
TM49 - Snatch - Found on the S.S. Tidal.
TM50 - Overheat - Gift after beating Lavaridge Gym.

These are any and all of the TM's you need.
To beat the Elite Four with just one Pokemon!
To beat the elite four with just one pokemon, have a high level swapert in the level range of 55-70 and have it learn surf, ice beam, earthquake, and an attack that you want. This also works with Kyogre but have it learn waterfall, thunderbolt or thunder, ice beam and water spout. Hope this helps!
To Change what is 'hip' in Dewford Town
Talk to the boy standing above the Pokemon Centre, and he will ask you 'Wherever you're from, "(whatever is in style)" is the biggest thing happening, right?' If you say no, he'll ask you what IS in style where you are from, and a screen will come up with tow blanks, where you insert your own phrase.
Weird way to catch Rayquaza
When I caught my Rayquaza i used a pokeball unlike people who said the need a timerball, nestball or masterball. So you just need a pokeball to catch Rayquaza.
where abouts of all the lengendarys
you can find registeel first go to lilycove then keep going right then go up the stairs then go up and go in the tomb then fly in the middle.
you can find rayquaza at the sky piller
you can find groudon/kyogre in cave of oragin.I think u can find deoxys/jirichi in space
Where to find sootopolis
Surf left-down to mossdeep and try to find a big place that you are able to dive in. Dive. You should see a cave entrance if you look around. Enter. Then use dive to get out of the water and you are in sootopolis.

PS. If you can't find the area to dive in, you can use your map.
where to get snorunt
u go to shoal cave and search around eventually you'll find a bolder where you'll have to use strenght then u com in this icy place search around about 3-5min you'll find it you only can get it is when the cave isn't flooded if it is save in front of it then do any thing in Pokemon for a while then it will turn back with no flood
Where to get the Pokeblock case
Go to slatport city. When you are there go to the pokemon contest. There will be a little girl to your left. She will say "I have two of thesee...". There you will obtain the pokeblock case.
Once you recive the egg from the lady near the hot springs get a mach bike and keep going round in circles. Do this for about five minuites non stop and the egg should hatch!
Xtra DIG!?
Can't seem to find your TM 28 anymore?Say no more,by catching a trapinch or a nincada,equip them with experience share and beat the elite four,be careful as to not let them evolve into shedinja or flygon,because they won't learn it anymore.trapinch learns dig at level 41 and Nincada learns Dig at level 45.once you get the technique,be sure to breed them so that they teach their kids how to use dig too
Zigzagoon x6
When you begin your game, capture a few Zigzagoon (maybe even make them your entire team). Their ability Pick Up lets you get awesome items like Rare Candies (to sell), Ultra Ball, Super Potion after battles. You can collect several of those items before you reach the first gym leader. Save or make money.


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Berry Time Glitch Fix
As you may notice, some, if not all Ruby Games have a Glitch when it comes to Berries. This Glitch can be fixed, by either of the following:

-Colosseum Bonus Disk (unconfirmed since I don't have a Gamecube.)

-Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red

-Pokemon Emerald

Now, for the last two methods, here's how to do it.

-You need another Gameboy, either Pokemon LG/FR or Emerald, and a Link Cable.

-Turn on the Gameboy that has Pokemon LG/FR/Emerald, load it up to the title page (The one that says Pokemon --- and has a picture of either Venasaur/Charizard/Rayquaza and press B+Select. Instructions should come up. Press A.

-Now, you should Connect the two Gameboys together, but make sure that te Player one side is on the Gameboy with LG/FR/Emerald. DO NOT TURN ON THE OTHER GAMEBOY. Once the Link Cable is Properly connected, press A.

-It will now tell you to hold down Select+Start on the Gameboy with Ruby in it to turn it on. It will now start fixing the glitch.

Hope that helped. If you need more help, just send me a message.
double the pokemon
trade pokemon with some1.after that exit and save both.after saveing trade back and save on the game the pokemon were on first(sorry if confusing). turn off both.turn back on and walla,extra pokemon.
NPC walks through walls????
Okay, if you go to the route before Lilycove and you will see a man who looks back and forth, keeping you from getting an item ball, but if you get it without being seen, you can stand where the item ball was and then you can be seen by the man, who will walk onto the fence and challenge you.
Sailors on the S.S. walk into eachother!!?
I was on the ship after i beat the elite 4 and i was in the basement. The first sailor i fought at the corner of the place where the other one walks. then i fought the otherone aftse standing behind him. oddly they both said the same thing at the end of the battle.
walk through rock
go to sootopolis city and go to the top right house, then walk on to the stairs ,then go to the bottom left part of the stairs then to the left and youll be on top of the rock!!!

Easter eggs

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Free Drinks!!! :P
well, this isn't too much of a glitch or easter egg, but if you go to the lilycove city mart and go on the rooftop, there will be vending machines as usual. but sometimes when you buy a drink, you'll see the words: Score! Another (name of the drink you previously bought) came down the vent! and this means that you get another free, delicious drink! Note: (with my experience, i only get free SODA POP, but not other ones...so, if FRESH WATER and LEMONADE don't work, i apologize for the inconvienence, so please make a note to save before you buy so that your money isn't wasted) <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Get all 3 starter pokemon!
You need pokemon Ruby and Saphire and you also need a link cable. You need to have the file you want them on to be clear. Play until you can trade pokemon. Then give the starter pokemon to the other game. Do that until you have two starter pokemon on the other game then trade them back. Then you will have all 3 starter pokemon on that game. Repeat this as much as you want.
All HM's in 2 pokemon (ver.2)
Can't get a gyarados? Instead, use Sharpedo!
Learn to sharpedo Surf, dive,waterfall, and strength.
Then get a Tropius and learn it flash, fly, rock smash, and cut.

There you have it! All 4 HM's in 2 easy to catch Pokémon!
AR shiny code




The nicknames of the pokemon you capture while using this code will be screwed up. To fix this, after you enter the battle, turn off your action replay, or simply go to the name rater
Are you sick of not being able to beat the same trainers over and over again
If you want to beat the same trainer over and over again, just follow the following instructions-
1. Press start and fo to Poke'Nav
2. Click down to TRAINER'S EYES and click A
3. Scroll through an entire list of people that you have battled, and figure out which one you want to battle, then go to their location ( if there's a flashing pokeball beside the name ), and battle them.
HINT!: click on the name to see what type of trainer they are, for example, a pokefan usually has a strange suit on, this will help you so that you don't have to waste time scanning through routes over and over, you just look for a man in a strange suit.
Best way to catck Latios/Latias
for this to work u need a

wobbefet that knows mirror coat and encore

swablu that knows sing

once u bump into latios use mirror coat it should get him down to low orange or red hp after that use encore until he either uses refresh or protect once he has to keep repeating one of those no damage moves bring out swablu

note: because you used encore he has to keep using the move and can't escape

use sing and make him fall asleep now just throw a ball at him he can't fight to get because he is asleep

there u go your own latios

it worked for me so i hoped i helped
Contest Help From The Pokemon Fan Club President
You will have to do a lot of berry blending for this. Make sure you blend high level berries (20 -25 on up) so the pokemon can eat more than the usual amount (grey pokeblocks are awesome for this). When one of your pokemon reaches peak condition for a condition (full coolness, beauty, etc.) go to the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the president. He will tell you that your pokemon is growing in a most impressive manner and he will give you a scarf for the peak condition (red scarf for coolness, blue scarf for beauty, etc.). This will raise that condition by a super amount during the peliminary round. This usually guarantees a victory in normal and super rank contests. These scarves are super helpful for winning the master rank and are essential for that purpose. You can only get one scarf for each condition area though.
easy way to get latios/latias
first have a pokemon that knows sweet scent. then have a max repel. use the max repel and then sweet scent then with in the first 10 minutes you should find latios/latias.
Easy cute master contest win
Get a Wishcash and two heart scales. Teach it water sport and mud sport. These are both cute moves and result in a 8 heart combo!! hope this helps...
easy to find latios or latias
all you have to do is find latios/latias 1 time then when you are ready to get it fly in 1 spot (over until you find it )the look in pokedex at latios/latias if its not right out side where you are ( i used it at lilycove ) fly to the same town you are in again until you find it . i hope it helps its easyer then going with the flow
easy way to catch lati?s
To cathch on of the lati?s all you need to get is 2 or 3 wobaffects( lv 50-70), and a few timer balls,great balls and ultra balls. first put one wob first and one second then find a lati and keep swapping the two wobs around for a few times, then make the lati only have half of it HP, after uise all of your ultraballs and if that didn't work use all your great balls and if that didn't work use all your timer balls and that sould work because it sould be at least 60 turns altogether.
Exact Locations of Regis
After going to the sealed chamber (Rt. 134 in the middle of four rocks - use dive and again at the braille) and unlocking the three doors, go to the Island cave for Regice, Desert Ruins for Regirock, and Ancient Tomb for Registeel. Regice: Surf on the left side of Rt. 105 until you get to a beach with a few rows of trees. There will be a ruin maniac. Surf on the left side of the beach. Go up and you will reach a swimmer. Keep going up until you reach a big rock in the middle of six smaller rocks. There should be an opening there. That is the Island Cave. Regirock: Go to the desert from the Mauville side and go south. You should reach another ruin maniac. Keep going and you should see a big rock and six smaller ones just like the Island Cave. This is the Desert Ruins. Registeel: on Rt. 120 (between Fortree and Lilycove) there is a woman who talks about pokeblocks and if you answer yes she gives you a berry. Go up the set of stairs just above that. There is a small lake, a berry patch, and an area for a secret base. Go through the tall grass at the top of the area (you may have to fight the ninja boy) and there will be another set of stairs. Go up the stairs and there will be a ruin maniac running around one of the smaller rocks. Just above him is the Ancient Tomb.
After you find Steven in the Granite Cave and give him the letter. Go back to Rustbro City. Go to the Devon Corporation and talk to the president. He will give you Exp. Share.
Get a Relicanth easily
Here how it works you will need a Lv 30 pokemon and max repel use it underwater at Sootopolis city at seaweeds the lv 30 pokemon must be at the first of the belt and wait and it will appear in a few min and there you are your deserve relicanth

Hope i helped
get a slide and stand
in the lillycove dept store there are sometimes clearout sales go right at the top of the building there will be a man there he will sell good stuf for your bases including slides telivisions and stands
Get Jirachi Fast
In order for this to work, you must have played more than 30 hours. The spacestation in mossdeep has a guy that tells you how many launches theres been. It ussually takes a long time for the launch to change number. This cheat will help you get to 100 faster. All you have to do is play for more 5 hours in a row without turning the game off. But in order for it to work, you have to keep on moving. I tried this and figured that every 5 hours, the launch # changes. thats how I got Jirachi.

Note: This works for the Japanese version only
Get Regis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Dig, surf, dive are required:::::::::::Go to pacifidlog. go to da currents till yu go to a diving area. den dive. g south and yu will find a note. dive up and der are 4 or 3 rocks with papers. go to da very tiop one and press-a-and tak to da paper on da wall. Den dig. wen da door opens, go in and talk to da paper. da cave shakes. yu have just unlocked da braile puzzle. get out and find da regis. Regice is north of dewford. go to da outside of da cave all da way den go norhth. yu will see an island. go to da other side of it and go north. yu will see a cave. go in and talk tmda note. leave it der for about 2 mins. da cave openbs and, taadaa, regice. Regirock: Is in da dessert, south. hgo in da cave and talk to da note. go right 2 steps and go down two steps and use strenght. da door opens and bla bla regirock. Registeel::::::::::: go to liliycove. go through da safari and yu will see a river. go left and go through grass(north) and go in da cave. talk to da note and go in da middle and fly! Registeel will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DER PEOPLE, I HOPED I HELPED!
get registeel
to get registeel beat the pokemon leage go to the southwestern part of route 111 (before you go to the next route) go to the left there will be a rock go inside it go to the middle use fly ther will be a hole in the go in the and theres registeel
get treeko/mudkip/torchic doll
to get these dolls go to mauville game corner and talk to the girl near the vending machines she will give you a doll if you chose treeko for a starter you will get a treeko doll if your starter was mudkip you get a mudkip doll and so on and so fourth it worked for me and now ive got a treeko doll

(ps: if you want extra coins talk to the man text to the garbage can)
Have 90 of everykind of pokeball
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Hidden items
Have you found all the items in pokeballs in the game? think you got them all? well guess again. there are many hidden items that you can find with an item finder. some of them are a little obvious, while others are tough to find. here are some hidden items(i cant remember some of what items you get):

1. Route 114: Go past the Man and his poochyena, and step right off the bridge. go left, ten up until you reach a dead end leading into water. press A and you find a hidden item.

2. berry Master's house: go behind the house and follow the path until you reach dead end. click A to get Elixir.

3. Lilycove: Go on the beach. One of the rocks there has a heart scale.

4: Lavaridge. Go into the hot spring. an ice heal is south of one of the ladies in the spring.

5. Pretty Petal Shop: Go behind the shop. Search in the empty patches to find pokeballs and other items.

6. Route 116: Various items are hidden in empty patches of grass.

7. Granite Cave: Go out the easter most exit in granite Cave and you will find a man there. Search by the trees for Blackglasses

8. Route 121:
A:South of the witch trainer is a patch of grass leading to a dead end. Press A at the dead end and you'll find a nugget.

B:North of the trainer with a pikachu is a tree. ,use cut on it, then search around the flowers for a hidden item.

9.Route 110: Various hidden items are in empty patches.

10. underwater: look for dark patches underwater that repreent hidden items.

11. Fallarbor: Press A at the crater to find a nugget.

12. Route 123: various items are hidden in empty patches.

13: Mossdeep: One of the rocks on the shore holds a hidden item(heart scale i think)

14. Route 105: Look for the islands north of Dewford. One of them has a heart scale.

15: Route 108: Look for shallow water with a rock on it. The rock has a rare candy.

16: Route 120:
A.Look for the two trees that can be cut down. Cut them down, then follow the path until you hit a dead end. A rare candy is there.

B. Look for an empty patch around the potential secret base grass clump. There is an ultra ball in one of the empty patches.

C. Go south until you hit the grass that you cannot ride your bike through. One of the dead ends has a vitamin.

17. Route 119: Follow the stream where Feebas can be found, and look for an empty patch in the grass that you cant ride bike through. There is an ultra ball there.

There are lots more hidden items but I cant possible list them all. I know I missed some, but you can find those on your own.
hints for catching groudon
i was stupid not to choose treecko but i chose mudkip and when i was fighting groudon i kept on killin it i found 2 pokemon that could help me
they are zangoose and nincada why because they both learn false swipe which i a really useful move when do these pokemon learn these move

zangoose learns false swipe at lvl 55

nincada learns false swipe at lvl 25 but don't let it evolve until lvl 30
How to get mystery events
Ok to get mystery events on the start menue is EASY ok first go to petalburg city then go in the pokemon center , now go talk to the wierdo whos next to the PC now he will ask you to say stuff about your profile say this MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING then save turn the power off and on then on the menue it will say mystery event you need a E reader card for this tho im not quit sure what mystery event is..
how to beat the leage easy.
if you really want to beat the leage easy use ur groudon. teach it earthquake(already knows) iron tail brick break and aerial ace. brick break for the dark and ice trainer. earthquake for ghost. earthquake and iron tail for dragon. and woteva you have left over for steven.
oh and make sure its about lvl 60-70
How to catch rayquaza easier
The easiest way to catch rayquaza easier is by getting a pokemon that knows double team or flash then keep on using that move and rayquaza will use all of it's attack moves. Afterwards, it will use struggle. Then weaken it and use ultra ball or poke ball. I know this coz i caught rayquaza with a poke ball.
How to get a BIG PEARL
when you first get to the underwater entrance to SOOTOPOLASS, look for any small squares of ground that is darker than the rest, (and when I mean small, I mean as big as one step)then hit the A button just beside it and you will get a BIG PEARL or a regular size one. You can get different stuff in different spots.
How to get a premier ball
Go to a pokemart and buy 10 or more pokeballs. The lady will give you a premier ball with the pokeballs.
P.S They have to be pokeballs not ultra, great, net, dive etc...
How to get berries 31-35
Talk to the Berry Master's wife, and tell her these codes:

31. Spelon: GREAT BATTLE
33. Watmel: OVERWHELMING LATIAS (must have Latias in pokedex)
34. Durin: COOL LATIOS (must have latios in pokedex)

These berries take about 3 days to completely grow, but you can get 2 berries from them if you water them every hour on the hour. They produce level 50 pokeblocks.
How to get new trainers on your game
link up with a friend and do that by going to the swap data or trainer profiles booth in the first floor of the poke centre when you leave go back to playing your game where ever the person who linked with you has a secret base it will now be accessable on your own version of the gameas will your's on theirs so before linking up make sure you both fill your pokedex's with your best pokemon and you can battle each other without linking up you can store up to ten different secret base's so choose well!!
How To Get Pokemon Lv.100
To get pokemon Lv.100 get a zigzagoon because they know pick up as their abillity whitch means they can pick up rare candys which puts your up 1 level. U will also find: full heals, ultra balls, nuggets and rarely full restores. Another way is to train pokemon in the pokemon league so far I have bet the league 112 times and I have 7 pokemon lv.100 in 1 year!
How To Get Pokemon Lv.100
To get pokemon Lv.100 get a zigzagoon because they know pick up as their abillity whitch means they can pick up rare candys whitch puts your up 1 level. U will also find: full heals, ultra balls, nuggets and rarely full restores. Another way is to train pokemon in the pokemon league so far I have bet the league 112 times and I have 7 pokemon lv.100 in 1 year!
How to get the National Dex
simple, all you have to do is have a friend or you trade from Fire Red, and you'll automatically get the National Dex, but, in FR or LG, you'll need the Ruby and Sapphire to do this
How to get the Reggies!!!
First you need to go to Pacifidlog city and go to the left to the stream. Find Sealed Chamber ( you need Relicath and Waylord for this).First you press dig on the ancient letters on the top. Then there should be a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and go to the top of the other ''room'' and there should be an earthquake, then the Reggies tunnels are open. To get Reggiesteel go to Lillecove city and walk to a route were you find a huge stone, but it is actually a cave.Go into the cave,use fly in the middle of the cave and then there should be an opening which you go into. Then you should see Reggiesteel. To get Reggice you must go to the sailor's house and press surf on the water, sail upwards and then you will find Reggice's cave. Then you go into the cave and wait until the door opens and there you are: Regggiesteel and Reggice! But it's not finished yet. You need Reggirock as well. To get him you go to the place where there is a sandstorm. Go to the bottom, then you'll see Regggierock's cave to unlock, so you can catch him. You go to the ancient writing and you must have a Match bike or Acro bike and stand with your back facing the ancient writing and tap: Right,right,down,down. And there you have it: all three Reggies!!!!!!!!! I've got them myself. I've also got Swampert in LV 100, Sceptile LV 100 ,Latios in LV 100, Groudon in LV 100, Keogre in LV 100 Latias in LV 100, Jirachi in LV 62 and Mewto in LV 70!!!!!!!!!! Good luck everybody!!!!!!!
How to skip credits faster
After when you beat steven it will say saving. It would show you riding a bike. Kepp pushing B and it would be alot faster.
In game reset
Hold select+start+a+b durring game play
Lawnmower attack
If you are in a hurry and don,t want to bump into pokemon in grass? Well all you have to do is use cut near a patch of grass and you will mow it up with a cut attack (well you will mow up a small patch of grass) do this as many times as necessary!
Level-up A Baby Pokemon Quickly
In order to level up a baby pokemon ouickly you need to talk to Gabby and TV once facing these two you can level up a baby pokemon quiclky. First bring twompokemon that can mpo the floor with there pokemon just kill them quickly. Repeat this process quickly for 10 to 30 times buy the 20th time the level 5 baby pokemon should be a level 35-40 pokemon. And then you can go to the Elite Four in order to boost levels also.
Long but worthy battle
If you find a Pokemon you want in the wild and you have some Timer Balls, just keep using Growl and all those no damage attacks. Then when the battle has gone on for about a minute, use one Timer Ball. If you didn't catch it, try it in another minute. The stat-weakening attacks will acctually help catch it!
one way to get it is at the lilycove department store. u need to have 5 matching numbers.

another way is to get it in team magma's/aqua's base. it will be next to 2 electrodes disguised as pokeballs.

the last way is to use ur item finder on mirage island. it will be near the leichi berry.
more master balls
There is only 1 more way to get master balls then from the team magma(ruby) team aqua(sapphire).Go to lilycove city, and go into the general store.talk to the right lady at the front desk.she will ask if you want to get a lottery ticket.say yes.if you get all six of your i.d. numbers to match the lottery ticket the you get 1 master ball each time.But dont expect this to work the 1st time !Hope I Helped!
more starters
an easy way to get more than 1 torchik,treeko and mudkip is have a male and female 2 starter pokemon and make sure the starter u wan't is female then put them in the daycare center and u will have a 1/15 chances of getting the male 14/15 for the female
Premier Balls
Buy 10 Pokeball from the mart or get the primier ball in one of the buildings at Rustboro.
Rare and Legendary Pokemon Locations
Regies: Go past Pacifid Log and into the currents. You might land on a place where you can dive. There will be braille. Yu know. There are other cheats on this. Regice is located between Dewford and Petalburg. Regirock is in the southern part of the desert past Mauville. And lastly, Registeel is located inbetween Fortree and Lilycove.(closer to Lilycove.) It should be a little past the rainy grass place. Oh yeah, and my brother noticed this but, did you know there is a ruinmaniac by every ruin?(Ruins contain Regies) So look for the ruin maniac. ( Regis start off either level 30 or 40. I think 40 but I'm not sure.

Rayquaza: You must have beaten the Elite Four to catch this Pokemon. Go by Pacifid Log and there should be a gap that wasn't there before.
Go in them and into the Sky Pillar. You need a mach bike. Go fast over the crumpled ground and through the stuff in the cave and at the top you'll reach Rayquaza! It should be level 70.

Groudon/Kyogre: When you get to seafloor cavern and they run away, Groudon/Kyogre flee to the Cave of Origin, which is in Sootopolis. Dive in a certain place and there is an entrance. Go above surface and go left. Follow the path and you'll meet Steven and the gym leader. Enter the cave and walla! Follow the cave and you fine them. They should be level 45 and if you have Ruby you'll get Groudon ( Ground type. on the front.) or if you have Sapphire you'll get Kyogre. ( Water type. On the front.)

Latios/Latias: After beating the Elite Four it'll appear throughout the region. Eventually you'll find it and you can catch it. They are level 40. If you have Ruby you'll find Latios, the boy, who's blue. If you have Sapphire you'll find Latias, the girl, which is red. ( I'd think it would be other way in color. Ruby = red. Sapphire = blue. but it other way.)

Jirachi and Deoxys: You need action replay or gameshark. But there are rumors of other ways.
I am unsure of their levels.

Rare Pokemon

Ralts: You can find these inbetween Oldale and Petalburg. They aren't the rarest but are pretty uncommon. They mostly start off level 4 or 5 and are kind of weak but Gardevoirs, the third form of Ralts, have the best special attack.

Absol: Actually isn't rare. You just would think it is. They are almost all I see in the first grass patch place past Fortree. They are most commonly level 27 and can learn awesome moves like Fire Blast,Blizzard,and Thunder. ( By TM of course.)

Waillord: Yes. The biggest of all pokemon at 47 feet 7 inches tall and the evolved form of Wailmer. You can just evolve Wailmer or go to the waters below Sootopolis and by Evergrande. I caught mine at level 37 but thew levels vary. They are very awesome and you need them to catch Regies.

Relicanth: You can catch thease around level 31 by the entrance to Sootopolis. You also need these to catch Regies. They are a really rare water/rock fish pokemon.

Tropius: These aren't the rarest but you can find them in the mimic circle and can learn 4 HMs. Fly, Flash, Cut, and Rock Smash. They are usually level 26. The level may vary.

Chimecho: These are reeeally rare and can be found at the top of Mt. Pyre. I caught mine at level 25. You might find other leveled ones.

Vulpix: These are also found on Mt. Pyre and are pretty rare.

Rhyhorn: These are rare pokemon that you can find in the safari zone but you need a mach bike to go up a slope to their area. Usually 25-30 or so.

Wobbuffet: Also rare safari zone pokemon. usually level 27 or 29.

Wynaut: Either get the egg in Lavaridge or go to Mirage Island which is full of them.

Illumise: West of Mauville on that path full of trainers. You may find Volebeat but I haven't. Illumises are around level 13. ( How come Volbeats don't evolve into Illumise or Illumise into Volbeat!?)

Electrode: You can just find these by the Master Ball in the Magma/Aqua Base (Depends on version)
or you can find them in New Mauville. I caught mine at 25 but there could be other leveld Electrodes.

Skarmory: Skarmorys can be found before Fallabor in the ashes. They are REALLY rare. Usually it will be a Spinda.

Zangoose: One of the rarest pokemon, the rival of Seviper, Zangoose, can only be found past Fallabor. I manged to catch one I think level 17 or 18.

Lunatone and Solrock: Either of these may either be rare or common to you but not for most people. You can find these at Meteor Falls. I caught my Solrock at level 16 only. I haven't seen a Lunatone there because I don't go there a lot but my brother has. Level is unknown forhe isn't the type that follows the motto, " Gotta Catch Em' All!"

Feebas: You can catch these between the Berry Master's house and Fortree. There is a big place to find them but when you fish, they are rare. Super rods are best. Yes, yes, I know you're thinking " Who'd want to catch a Feebas? They're so ugly!" but they evolve into Milotic, which is pretty powerful.

Staryu: You can find these on the beach of Lilycove. Level is N/A.

Bagon: The first stage of the all-powerful Salamance, you can find these in the deep parts of Meteor Falls. I'm not sure of the level but they are good.

Beldum: After beating the Elite Four, go to Steven's house and there is a note and a poke ball. In the pokeball is a level 5 beldum, which will eventually grow into a Metang then a Metagross.

Huntail/Gorebyss: Once you have dive, go to the Sunken Ship. Use dive in some water and you will appear in a place with six doors. You will find keys to doors and items and go through puzzles. Eventually you'll find a gadget someone was looking for. Go to them and trade it for either a Deep Sea Tooth or a Deep Sea Scale. Catch a Clamperl ( Underwater in grass. Commonly found.) and make it hold the Deep Sea Tooth/Scale and link trade it. Your friend will recieve the Clamperl holding the Deep Sea Tooth/Scale which will evolve into a Huntail or Gorebyss, depending on the item. Deep Sea Tooth is Huntail and Deep Sea Scale is Gorebyss. Then trade back and you've got Huntail or Gorebyss.

Hope you can catch some rare or legendary pokemon!

*Note* Sapphire1994 should get credit for Beldum and Huntail/Gorebyss. I know him and he submitted them first onto Sapphire cheats. All other cheats are submitted by me.

Rare Candy
On route 114, near Fallarbor town, go to the left. You'll see a man with a Poocheyena. Go down the bridge, and go left. Follow the little path till you get to a dead end. Surf to the waterfall, and use Waterfall. There is a pokeball with a Rare Candy in it there.
rare pokemon locations
heres some good locations for rare pokemon
staryu: use a supa rod on the beach at lillycove.
starmie: use a water stone on staryu.
horsea:use a supa rod on the ocean cuurent at pacifilog.
seadra:evole horsea.
kindra:give seadra a dragon scale that can be found on a bagon and trade it.
chemico: at the top of mt pyre where the old couple are.
vulpix:can also be found on mt pyre.(very rare)
ninetales:fire stone to vulpix.

hope this helps.
If u know Rayquaza is the most rare poke mon in the game.ITG GOTS LV:70!my rayquaza is lv:75.
Ok to find rayquaza, go to route131 and the are
rocks, now go threw those rocks then thare is a cave(you need mach bike) now in the cave are cracks thats where nach bike comess handy!when u are fast on the bike go across those cracked panels.then, these are the poke mon u incounter:
and when u are on top of the Sky piller(thats what its called)there is a green dragon.press A
like on Grouodon and kyogre
his atks are:
OUTRAGE(counfuses after a while..)
Use a ulta ball. Save that Master Ball(where u find in team magma/aqua's hidout or have same 5 lotto numbers u'll get a Master Ball)for latios/Latias.
Next is regi's
Registeel Where Abouts
Registeel Is On Route 120 I Really Hope I Helped So Have Fun Sorry I can't Tell You How To Get Him I Do Not Know
restarting the game
if u are katching a legendary pokemon, like registeel, groundon ect... save your game before you try to catch it, then if it faints, oiinstead of turning off your gba, just press a-b-start-select at the same time! it will restart your game from the point that you saved it without saving it!
to get Salamence you need to get a bagon at the very end of meteor falls.
items required: Surf, Waterfall, Ultra ball.
ok once you get to the very back and find back use false swipe, then ultra ball! easy hey?
bagon evolves into shelgon somewhere in the 40's and shelgon evolves at level 50.
some evolutions
taillow evolves into swellow at lvl 22
surskit evolves into masquarain at lvl 22
shroomish evolves into breloom at lvl 23
aron evolves into lairon at lvl 32
lairon evolves into aggron at lvl 42
gulpin evolves into swalot at lvl 26
carvanha evolves into sharpedo at lvl 30
corphish evolves into crawdaunt at lvl 30
shuppet evolves into banette at lvl 37
bagon evolves into shelgon at lvl 30
shelgon evolves into salamence at lvl 50
beldum evolves into metang at lvl 20
metang evolves into metagross at lvl 40
poochyena evolves into mightyena at lvl 18
duskull evolves into dusclops at lvl 37
wailmer evolves into wailord at lvl 40
ralts evolves into kirlia at lvl 20
kirlia evolves into gardevoir at lvl 30
trapinch evolves into vibrava at lvl 35
vibrava evolves into flygon at lvl 45
cacnea evolves into cacturne at lvl 32
swablu evolves into altaria at lvl 35
snorunt evolves into glalie at lvl 42
spheal evolves into sealeo at lvl 32
sealeo evolves into walrein at lvl 42
zigzagoon evolves into linoone at lvl 20
seedot evolves into nuzleaf at lvl 14
wingull evolves into pelipper at lvl 25
slakoth evolves into vigoroth at lvl 18
vigoroth evolves into salking at lvl 36
whismur evolves into loudred at lvl 20
loudred evolves into exploud at lvl 40
makuhita evolves into hariyama at lvl 24
meditite evolves into medicham at lvl 37
electrike evolves into manetric at lvl 26
baltoy evolves into claydol at lvl 37
lileep evolves into cradily at lvl 40
anorith evolves into armaldo at lvl 40
nincada evolves into ninjask at lvl 20
lotad evolves into lombre at lvl 14
wurmple evolves into silcoon at lvl 7 if day
wurmple evolves into cascoon at lvl 7 if nite
cascoon evolves into dustox at lvl 10
silcoon evolves into beautifly at lvl 10
treecko evolves into grovyle at lvl 16
grovyle evolves into sceptile at lvl 36
torchic evolves into combusken at lvl 16
combusken evolves into blaziken at lvl 36
mudkip evolves into marshtomp at lvl 16
marshtomp evolves into swampert at lvl 36
The best place to train pokemon
Ok the best place to train pokemon would be the eliet four i used the exp.share on the lowest pokemon and my highest pokemon to beat up the other pokemon and sometimes switch my lowest and highest
trainer cards
this isn't a cheat but it is cool. anyway when your in the room where you trade pokemon ( pokemon trading center.) you act like your talking to them and prees a and it should say Score! you got to see someones trainer card. and you can see all their status and how many trades they have done.
Trainer Glitch
When you first enter the Abandoned ship, there is a boy running around a set of rooms on the other side of the wall. If he sees you when he runs around the corner, he will spot you and challenge you to a battle, even though he runs through the wall.
unlock sealed chamber
in the rapid on the south border theres a diving spot dive in it go to the bottom theres weird writing on the wall goin front of it dive back youl be in a cavern go all the way north use dig there will be a hole in the wall go through it go all the north again put a relicanth as your first pokemon and wailord last the ground will shake youll here three doors open in the distance nowyou can get regice regi rock and registeel ther lairs are on regice:105 regirock:111 and registeel:120
Want Ethers But You Know You Can't Buy Them?
Well as you all know, ethers can be VERY important when fighting the pokemon league. So just grow LOTS of leppa berries! Just water them once and walla! 3 leppa berries!
where to find rare stone everstone
to find everstone u must go to the cave that u meet steaven go down twice then go up and left until u find some stairs go up the stairs walk until u find more stairs go up the stairs there will be a rock in front of u go up to the rock press a buttun everstone is invisible so you will need an item finder.