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[edit] Background

The latest game in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Ruby allows you to catch and train 200 pokemon, 135 of which are brand new to the franchise. You can again play as a male or female trainer, and can link battle against anyone else with a copy of Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, or Leaf Green. This game is nearly identical to it's sister title, Pokemon Sapphire, apart from a few differences such as which pokemon you can catch and who some of the enemies are

[edit] Gameplay

Its a whole new world for Pokemon and even Bigger Adventures. Nintendo has also created a similar game to Pokemon Ruby called Pokemon Sapphire. Link between those two games to capture all 200 Pokemon and become a Pokemon Master. Gamefreak has created another wonderful Pokemon game with great graphics and great sound quality,

[edit] Features

  • Improved and new gameplay features and new, sophisticated, graphics.
  • Over 150 Pokemon.
  • Play as either a Boy or a Girl Trainer.
  • New two-on-two battle mode reinvents the battle system!

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Compatible with one to three GBA Link Cables for multiplayer.

Compatible with Nintendo e-Reader for transferring data to the game

This game is also known as Pocket Monsters: Ruby in Japan.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Mar 17, 2003
  • Japan: Nov 21, 2002
  • Europe: Jul 25, 2003
  • Australia: Mar 28, 2003
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