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Charizard's flames fizzle out somewhat through the passage of time


Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo

Darwin's theory of evolution may not be accepted by everybody, but the idea that life forms gain extra properties over a long period of time to ensure long term survival is nonetheless an interesting concept. A then-small studio in Japan known as Game Freak not only believed it, but decided to offer their take on it. Their theory is that it doesn't take hundreds, thousands, even millions of generations for features of each creature to change; it just takes rock hard determination, strength and the spoils of many victories before a Pokemon gets bigger,...


Pokemon Red: Primary Colour



This is where it all started, that first generation which inspired three (currently) more to follow, a few spin-off series and even remakes of itself and others. The first set of games for Pokemon on the beloved Gameboy Colour, which is now one of the biggest names around, both in the gaming world and others. Pokemon Red is a game that provides a lot of fond memories for old school gamers, so why is that exactly? What is it that makes the fantasy world of Pokemon something to become fanatical about?

Choosing a Pokemon!



The gameplay of Pokemon Red is surprising...



The good:

Super highly addicting RPG gameplay.
Keeps you busy for ages.
Graphics, for the most part, look pretty good.
Catchy soundtrack.

The bad:

Can get boring after long periods of time.
Some of the Pokemon look very, very weird.
Some Pokemons' cries sound very, very annoying.
Feels outdated by today's standards.


Lastability: 8/10.
GOTTA CATCH EM ALL, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! However this gets tiring and boring after some time.
Graphics: 9/10.
Black and lime FTW! The overall graphics look mighty impressive, but the Pokemon sprites themselves look pretty odd...GOLBAT, YOU FREAK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!
Sound: 8/10.
It's catchy and it's not annoying (or isn't too annoying by today's standards). What more could you ask for? Some of the Pokemon battle cries are quite annoying though, and at 8-bit quality, it really shows. It's more improved at 16-bit (and eventually 32-bit, aka ...



The good:


The bad:

sound quality


great game, for little kiddies. plot a bit short though. battle and trade with your friends. battle trainers to be the top trainer in the world. catch all the pokemon to be the pokemon master. you can print your pokemon off with a pokemon printer. dodgy graphics, sound quality very poor. but great game, a but old now. i suggest to but the leaf green and fire red the improved game and with added features. ...


Pokemon Red

The good:

Lots of Pokemon to catch, Rumors, and nice Pokemon.

The bad:

Graphics, color, there is more than lv 100, can't catch mew, have to trade, can't walk in diagnol, all color are same.


This game is really fun, but I didn't like color and some Graphics, and there is some Pokemon that doesn't exist, and that Pokemon screwed up my screen. you should buy this game even though this game is really really old(I mean it). It's really fun but it's really hard, if you are the first pokemon player, you have to try some other pokemon version. Well, this one is not compared with japense version and English version. It's same, and there is no way to get Mew unless Gameshark, you know, game shark is cheating and I pick on cheaters alot. That's all of my reviews. reviewed by Megacool...



The good:

Lots of Pokemon to catch, challenging first time, playable over and over and it hardly gets boring, useful on a rainy day, lots of good cheats for it.

The bad:

Select button can't get you on the bike, not enough pokemon to catch, not good graphics, some Pokemon aren't worth the hassle to gat them. (e.g. Porygon)


This isn't bad for their first try, but I think Pokemon Yellow is better. I think some Pokemon are just pointless to even have made up at all, like Ditto. This actually is a pretty good game because I must have finished the game at least 5 times and I am still not bored with it and find something new every time.
Anybody who hasn't played this game does not know what they are missing! Even though the game is very low in graphics and other things, I still say that this has high interest level.(this is starting to sound like a book review) By now I could probably finish the whole game...

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