Pokémon Red Glitches

Go to different glitch cities
Start by going into the safari zone,go back into the building and say 'no' when the person at the counter asks if you're leaving,you'll go back in the safari zone. Now save and reset the game. Load your game back up and go into the building,when you go past the guy at the counter,he'll talk to you as if you were going IN the safari zone instead of going out,just say no to him and leave. Now fly to any route that doesn't have any visible doors you can come out of and take around 500 steps. The message that comes up when you run out of steps in the safari zone will appear,and you'll go back to the safari zone building,when you leave,you should be in glitch city. Glitch city changes depending on where you were when you took that last step.

Note:If you go to glitch city from the cylcling road,you'll automatically go downward like you do on the cycling road,and if you try to surf,it'll say "Cycling is too much fun" even though you're not actually riding your bike!

Note 2:The reason for having to go to a route without a visible door is that if you are in one (or if you're in a cave) when you take the last step,you'll simply come out through it instead of going to glitch city.