Pokémon Red Cheats

Getting Two Mews with three badges
First stock up on alot of pokeballs. The first mew is gotten by (you must not have beaten misty yet) going to cerulean city, beating the nugget bridge and the Rocket Grunt, beating your rival there, and catching an abra to the left of the bridge. Do not beat the trainer in the grass or you have to wait to get fly before getting this mew. Also dont beat the youngster with the slowpoke on the route to bill or you cant get the other one. Catch the abra, and have no more than 5 pokemon. then go directly above the trainer in the grass before it is on screen and save. Then step down and push start really quickly. the trainer will be next to your start screen. use abra's teleport and you will be seen by the trainer, then teleport away. Now your start buttons, and a-b buttons are disabeld. Go to the gym, and use the on water path and fight the guy in the water. your buttons work now, so save. Bo to the nugget bridge, and your menu will pop up. Push b and you will fight a level 7 mew. Catch it and save. You can do that with wild pokemon or other trainers, but it will rarely be mew. theres one other trainer in the game with mew again. keep reading.
For this mew, do not fight the facing up youngster on the way to bills house. he has a level 17 slowpoke that you will fight to get the mew. Do the same as the above trick, only use the gambler just east of saffron west of lavender under the underground house (outside). do the start thing, but fly to cerulean. Then go north, like goin to bill's house. Walk to the youngster you didn't fight, and make sure he has to take at least one step to fight you. if he doesn't, your game will freeze. Beat him and fly to Lavender Town. Save, and enter the route to fight another mew.
If you do the same thing, but have a pokemon with a special stat of 21, and fight a wild ditto( make sure it transforms into the pokemon), and kill it, go to where you did the start thing on the trainer (any one will work) and fight another mew. this can be done infinete times. Many mews make me msmile!