Pokémon Red Tips

Flying Kanguskan
With this you could fly around and trade a flying Kanguskan.
what you'll need....
*A team of FIVE or Less only.
*A master ball
*A Rare candy
*Flying HM
1)go and enable the missingno cheat and surf up and down on the right of sinabar island until missingno apears.
2)Catch it with a masterball.after this you sould be battling a Ditto for some reason.run from it.
3)after the battle go to your items.and give the flying HM to it.
4)select Rare candy.give it to Missingno.
5)wala!it'll evolve into a Kangascan.now You could save if you want...

NOTE:this Might scramble your game if you do not have at most FIVE Pokemon on your team while doing this And also if you did not Evolve Missingno.