Pokémon Red Tips

strange car
After you have beaten misty in Cerulean City and need the HM of cut to continue, board the SS Anne. You are free to beat Gary/Your rival but DO NOT TALK TO THE CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP. This is vital as he gives you the HM and triggers the launch of the Ship. Instead, trade with a friend who has a pokemon who knows the move Cut. Use this pokemon to continue in your quest and the SS Anne will never set sail. Later on in your game, come back to the ship with the ability to Surf and a Pokemon the knows it. Ask to board the ship, then whilst on the jetty surf to your right. There is a small plateau of land with a mysterious car on it. Some claim that you can 'catch Mew inside' but i am not sure. It may not have much point but is fun to check out and if you can develop this cheat further please post it on the site
See ya GibbY