Pokémon Red Tips

Lv. 100 Ditto
Okay, I have no idea how this happened, but here goes. A warning: this might glitch your game with no possible recovery, so don't say I didn't warn you First, make sure your party has 6 pokemon in it. Put a masterball as your 6th item, then do the Old Man/Cinnabar/Missingno cheat mentioned on this page. Run from Missingno (or defeat it) and then repeat the trick. This time, use a masterball to capture it. As everyone knows, Missingno is a glitch, so its attacks can be out of wack and absurdly powerful. The Missingno will be sent to your PC. Don't try to withdraw it, because it freezes your game. Instead, plug it into Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2 for the N64. Move it to a PC box in Prof. Oak's lab on the N64, and hopefully, it will appear as a Lv. 100 Ditto! This only happened on my game, and I discovered it by accident, so it isn't too reliable. I only tried it 'cause I wanted to restart my game anyway. I wouldn't reccomend this trick unless you have nothing to lose.