Pokémon Ranger Action Replay Codes

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Master Code (DS) North America Master

Master Code:



Max Pokemon Captured (DS) North America

Max Pokemon Captured code:

2226ea78 00000063

Max Capture Challenge Score (DS) North America

Max Capture Challenge score code is:

0226ea74 0001869f

rating: 3/5

Quick Level Up (DS) North America

Code for Quick Level up is:

22135500 000000ff

Instant Max Level (DS) North America

Instant Max Level code:

12135500 0000ffff
rating: 1/5

Max Stylus Power (DS) North America


22135510 00000063
22135518 00000063
rating: 1/5

Walk Slow Code (DS) North America

22251C14 00000000

This code will make you walk slow.

Maximum number of Steps walked (DS) North America

0212EF10 0000FFFF

This code will give you a max step counter.

Maximum no. of Conversations (DS) North America

0212EEB4 0001869F

This code will give you the maximum numbers of conversations.

Maximum Capture Attempts (DS) North America

0212EE88 0001869F

This code will give you the maximum number for capture attempts.