Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Tips

Sending Pokemon from Ranger to Diamond/ or Pearl
First of all you need to beat the game. Once you have that accomplished you will be able to send pokemon to Diamond or pearl( Must have wireless Wi-Fi connection).

Step 1: Turn ds on and go into your Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia game.
Step 2: Go to Ranger Net.
Step 3: Choose Seek new missions.
Step 4: Choose Search by Nintendo WFC.
Step 5: You will be able to download the following missions:

Mission 1: Recover the Manaphy Egg! this quest gives you a manaphy.
Mission 2: Rescue the Kidnapped Rioulu! this quest gives you a riolu. (P.S. You can also get a riolu egg from Riley after you beat Iron Island on Diamond or Pearl. Riolu evolves into a Lucario at lvl 28.)
Mission 3: Liberate the tower! this gives you a darkrai.( You can also get a darkrai from diamond or pearl on New Moon Island.)

After you have completed all these quests you will need 2 ds's. On one ds, you will need pokemon ranger in the card slot. In the 2nd ds, you will need Pokemon diamond or pearl. On the ds with ranger in it go to Ranger Net and choose " Send a pokemon ". On the ds with diamond or pearl in it go to Mystery Gift. Once the pokemon tranfer is done you will need to go to a Pokemart in your diamond or pearl. There will be a mailman standing in front of the counter who will give you your pokemon. ( BEWARE, pokemon may only be sent once and no more from ranger).

After you have done this go to "Ranger Net" on your Pokemon Ranger game. If you choose seek new missions again then you will get 2 quests called "Dialga in Hia Valley!?" amd "Palkia in Haruba Desert!?" once you do those quests, however, you may not send a dialga or palkia. So if you are doing those quests just for that, dont waste your time. After those 2 are done there is a quest you can get call" For the Bride and Shaymin!". Unfortunatly you cannot send a shaymin.

If you have any questions or need anything just e-mail me at <a href="mailto:cpparker59@yahoo.com." target="_blank">cpparker59@yahoo.com.</a> Thank you for your time reading this:)!