Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs User Reviews


An Authentic and Fresh Plot for the Legend of Pokemon

The good:

    1. Completely New Pokemon Region – Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, Ti, La
    2. Incorporates Pokemon from Previous Games
    3. Exciting and Astounding Storyline
    4. Original Characters, Teams, and Rivals
    5. Fitting Graphics for the DS Portable
    6. Plenty of Interesting Features – Guardian Signs, Control Gauntlet, Pokemon Styler, etc.
    7. Missions and Quests
    8. Music Consistent With Original Pokemon Games but Vastly Different Tones, Sounds, and Rhythms
    9. Introduction Details to Game – Release Date, Developer, Publisher, etc.

The bad:

    1. Could Have Been More Challenging
    2. There Is No Pokemon Storage System
    3. Styler Modification System Should Have Called For Less Ranger Points for Styler Updates


The Pokemon Franchise started with a two-decisional game played on one of the very first portable systems introduced by Nintendo, the Gameboy. Nearly ten years after the popular monopoly of games was released a completely new three-dimensional game has arrived in the gaming world. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs has surpassed the two-dimensional, retro Pokemon games, from the past, adding in tons of new features from an incorporation of a three-dimensional perspective to missions, quests, and much, much more. Guardian Signs is the third platform in the Pokemon Ranger series, the side series ...

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