Pokémon Puzzle Challenge review
Very Addictive...in a Good Way

The good:

It keeps you busy for a long time, and the music's cute.

The bad:

I don't know. I don't really like Pokemon, so I don't even know why I got this game in the first place.


This game is really fun, even though I don't normally like these types of games. I play for hours, until my eyes start hurting. The music's cool, and it's fun to get new Pokemon things, though I'm not sure why Pokemon just randomly appear on my screen. Anyway, you don't have to be a Pokemon fan to like this. It's just fun lining up the blocks for a long time getting a lot of points, and it gets kind of hard at tmes, which is cool. The little Pokemon trainer peoples say stupid things. Bwa! It's fun to beat them and they're dumb talkingness of doom! Mwahahahaha! They think they're so special, until their pathetic 2-D Pokemon DIE! I'm violent, that's why I like less peaceful games than this, but this is still pretty fun, 'cuz I gave it a well-deserved 5.

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