Pokémon Platinum Version review
3rd Time Lucky?

The good:

Addition Of Wifi Plaza
Addition Of Battle Frontier
Slight Graphical Updates

The bad:

Not That Different From Diamond And Pearl
Torn World Not Long Enough


Before i start this review, i would like to say just one thing, i am a HUGE Pokemon fan, and always have been, and as soon as Pokemon platinum was announced, i, like many other jumped out of my seat with excitement. However, this time around, the 3rd game of the generation has struggled to keep hooked, this may be because I'm older and i notice that not much has changed, unlike in other generations when i played the 3rd games as if it was a brand new adventure.

Pokemom Platinum is the "3rd" game in the 4th generation of Pokemon games following on from Diamond and Pearl, instead this time around we see Team Galactic (D/P version of team rocket) tracking down Giratina instead of Dialga and Palkia. The storyline has changed little since Diamond and Pearl and the only big change comes out the climax of the story at Mt. Coronet, where you are sucked into the Torn world to battle it out with Giratina.

If you are already own Diamond or Pearl, skip the next paragraph.

The base of Pokemon has not changed much throughout the years, and as soon as you start your game up you are introduced to Professor Rowan who will proceed to present you with three Pokemon, the one you choose will be your starter pokemon who you can battle through the game with. Pokemon battles are simple, your are presented with four moves that your Pokemon has learned (it can learn different moves as it levels up, or via the use of Techincal Machines or Hidden Machines) their are four forms of attacks,physical attack, an attack that does damage to your opponent through physical attack, Special Attack, a mental attack that deal damage using psywaves and the like, stat changers, these normally reduced the stats of your opponents pokemon, and status changers, these usually leave the opponents pokemon with a burn or the like. Their are many types of attacks as well, like fire, water, grass etc, basically the best idea in a battle is to hit the opponent with an attack that they are super venerable to, ie, attack a grass pokemon with a fire attack. A Pokemon's strength is divided into "stats" (Speed, Attack, Special Attack, Defence, Special defence) and as your progress through the game your Pokemon will grow levels and the stats will increase, for example a pokemon with high defence stats will typically last longer in a macth than one with low defence stats.

For any more information about Pokemon battles, use google, i'm reviewing this game, not giving in depth guides to battles.

So what is different from Diamond And Pearl? You may ask, well to be honest, not much. The order of gyms in the game have been tweaked a little, and some of the gyms of different puzzles, but some of so easy you will start to ask yourself if they are puzzled or not (See Eterna Gym)
One of the bigger changes in Platinum is to the GTS and the inclusion of the Battle Recorder. The GTS has had a massive revamp since D/P and now includes many different machines that allow you to watch battles that other people have uploaded to the GTS via the battle recorder, you can even download their videos to your battle recorder for use at a later date. So how do i record battles? You should now ask, well, battle recording is actually very limited, you can only record battles via wifi and battles at the battle frontier, and this leads to few battles actually being uploaded, because, who wants to upload their butt being kicked to wifi?
Another wifi related update is that of the Wifi Plaza, a room that can be accessed from the bottom of the pokemon center, basically you connect to it and there can up to 20 more people with you inside the room, once inside you can play various mini games and see where all the other fellow wifi people are from, you have a maximum time limit in the plaza a day, to prevent score manipulations time limit is 25 minutes. However it has to be said, the wifi plaza gets boring very quickly, after playing all the mini games about five times you cant be bothered to waste any more of your time in that cursed room.

Apart from graphical changes,gym re-order and revamped GTS, Platinum is almost identical up to the climax atop Mt.Coronet, Cyrus (head of Team Galactic) summons Giratina with the use of our old friends Dialga and Palkia, but instead of battling Cyrus and then Giratina at that point, you are sucked into "The Torn World" a place where space and time are out of sync and Giratina is at its most powerful.
Being the main change to the game, you would have expected Nintendo to make the Torn World hard to navigated with many false paths and pokemon around every corner, instead what we have is a place with only one real path to the end and no pokemon to be seen, sure, walking upside down and jumping from rock to rock is fun, but for something that i spent £35 on, i expected more. You battle Cyrus at the end of the Torn world and then go on to face Giratina, who is now his "origin" forme, basically whilst in the Torn World Giratina is in a different Form, (yes the form you see on the front of the box the game came in) however when you catch Giratina you will notice that he will not be in his origin forme, to activate it outside the Torn world you have the obtain the "Platinum Orb" after defeating the Elite Four, which means venturing back into the Torn World for another 2 Minutes or so.

Afer the events of the Torn World the story up to the Elite Four is almost identical to that of Diamond And Pearls, apart from the Elite Four having new rooms to match their pokemon's enviroment, nothing has really changed, and before you know it you have just finished the game's story mode.

One of the biggest changes happens after the Elite Four, the battle frontier from Pokemon Emerald makes a return, however it does not have as many battle plaza's as the Emerald one did, and it is not nearly as entertaining.
In fact all the battle frontier did was annoy me, it made me ask myself "why was the battle frontier not in D/P" and the answer is simple, if the battle frontier was in D/P then Platinum would be even more identical to its counterparts.

Pokemon Platinum has really disappointed me, after how amazing Diamond and Pearl where, Platinum just does not succeed, and i would not suggest anybody to spend £35 on it (or the same amount in your currency) It may be that now that i am older realise i have been ripped off, because i used to love the 3rd games in the generations, but Platinum has put me off buying the future 3rd games, because all of the features inside of it, especially the battle frontier could have been included in Diamond and Pearl. Im not saying i dont enjoy the game, because i do, im a huge pokemon fan and i am obviously going to, but Nintendo do not really think that they can seel this as a whole new game, but they do, and we fall for it every time.

If you have Diamond or Pearl already, get Platinum if you want, but do not fall into the trap of thinking it will be an amazing new Pokemon adventure, because it isn't, and the Torn World is not that amazing. If you don't have Diamond or Peal and you want to get into the fourth generation of Pokemon games then get Platinum straight off of the bat, because it does have more features than Diamond and Pearl, just not many, and certainly not enough to pay full price for.

I hope you found my review useful, and that i did not sound like a huge Pokemon fan trying to promote the sales of this game, in fact quite the opposite, i believe if less people bought this so-called "new adventure" then maybe we would see the battle frontier and so on appearing in the first games of the next generation.

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