Pokémon Platinum Version Unlockables

Mr. E goods, itemlist:
Mr. E Goods can be found at hearthome city near the contest hall, here is the list of things he will give you after doing certain things in the game.

NOTE: all the things he will give are underground base decorations and cannot be given away to other players.
UnlockableHow to unlock
GTS globeconnect to the nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
gym statuedefeat all the 8 gyms.
beauty cupwin the beauty masterrank contest.
cool cupwin the cool masterrank contest.
cute cupwin the cute masterrank contest.
smart cupwin the smart masterrank contest.
tough cupwin the tough masterrank contest.
blue crystalmeet 100 people in the underground.
pink crystalgive 100 aitems away in the underground.
red crystaldig up 100 fossils in the underground.
yellow crystaltrap 100 people in the underground.
bronze trophyget a streak of 10 trainers at the battletower.
silver trophyget a streak of 50 trainers at the battletower.
gold trophyget a streak of 100 at the battletower.