Pokémon Platinum Version Unlockables

resort house, list of unlockable furnature.
At the Resort Area you will get your own house (for free) which the previous owner appeared to be Steven Stone, it's empty with only one table in the middle with a catalog on it in order to buy furniture with, if you open the book you will see a list of items you can buy from the start but there are some that aren't on the list and can only be unlocked, here is a list of these items.
UnlockableHow to unlock
music boxpurchase racks.
pokemon statue (silver)obtain a silver print at the battlefrontier.
pokemon statue (platinum)obtain 5 prints in the battle frontier.
piano (cynthia visits)defeat the elite 4 ten times.
reception setdefeat 50 trainers at the trainercafe.
wall clockplant 50 berries in total
great paintinghatch 30 eggs.
tea setpurchase the reception set.
chandelierwalk 300.000 steps in total.