Pokémon Platinum Version Cheats

Pokémon Platinum Version cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Pokémon Platinum Version cheat codes.

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Clefairy and coins!!!!!!!!!!!!
for every slot in the gameconer theres a secret to getting a Clefairy.I found out the secret to 1 solt.First you have to go to the slot ubove Mr.Looker(the guy after team galctic)hes not there til you get to the end of Stark Mt.for every diferant pokeball you Hold x only at that slot


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Cheats, Hints, and Tips for Pokemon Platinum Version
email me at vmgmonkey@gmail.com for questions or comments!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Magnezone and Probopass!To get Magnezone, just level up a Magneton in Mt.Cornet. Same with Probopass. Just level up a Nosepass.
Munch, Munch,.. Munchlax!Munchlax is a VERY RARE Pokemon in the Pokemon games. To get a Munchlax you would have to trade or just have good luck while spreading Honey on a tree. To get him in your Pokedex, go to Route 210. Go to the MooMoo Milk Cafe and battle the guys in blue.
Now That's A Trendy Saying!There is a house in Snowpoint City that's on the right. Go inside and talk to the Old Man daily. He will tell you a trendy saying. So, when you are in an interveiw, you can say that.
Warmin' Up Those Eggs!If you have an Egg in your Party with a Pokemon with the ability of Flame Body (Magby) or Magma Armor, (Slugma) then the Egg will hatch in half the time it takes.
A Shocking Pichu!Don't you want a Pichu that knows Volt Takle once it hatches? I sure do. But anyways.... Just put a female Pikachu holding a Light Ball and a male Pokemon in the Fairy Egg Group (Pikachu, Cherrim, Blissey, ect.) and once you get an Egg and it hatches, your Pichu will know Volt Takle! BUT LISTEN! To get a Light Ball, just catch a wild Pikachu beacuse they usually hold them.
GTS Trading Glitch!Ok.... This was a BIG Glitch in the GTS thing! email me if you know! ok....i offered a Graveler for a Graveler and a day later nobody traded so i just took him out and it said he was evolving! i guess it works with Haunter and Kadabra! PLEASE HELP!
Better Chance of Getting Shiny PokemonAll you need is a Poke-Radar. Use it in grass and the patch of grass and the patch that rattles the most and shines means there is a better chance of it being a shiny pokemon! Happy hunting!!
Munchlax AlternativeAnother way you can obtain a Munhlax is by putting a Snorlax holding the full incense and putting another Snorlax or a Ditto in with it and wait a few minutes you'll get an egg. Hatch it, and you have a level 1 Munchlax!
Free Battle Points
Must go to the battle hall
UnlockableHow to unlock
Get free Battle PointsAfter you start a streak in the battle hall you talk to the guy in the green right next to the record booth he will tell you how many battles you won. Then he will give you a set number of battles to win after you beat that number of battles he will give you BP. If you won more battles then that he will give more. It also don't matter if you lose it will stay with you for the whole game
Get a lot of pokemon!
This is how you get a bunch of pokemon.Hope you subscribe!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Spirotomb(AR required)Go to the elite four and beat them.Next you will meet the champion.Catch her spirotomb.
ArceusGet the azure flute in mystery gift.Go to the spear pillar.Go up the tall stairs.Battle arceus.
DarkraiAfter boy wakes up go to newmoon island.
CressiliaAfter boy wakes up go to fullmoon island.
RotomGo to that mansion in eterna forest.Go to the TV there.Thump it and a rotom will apear.
UxieGo to acuity cavern.Go up until you see uxie.
MespritGo to veriety cavern.Go up until you see mesprit and she will disapear.Track her on your marking map.
AzelfGo to valor cavern.Go up until you see azelf.
DialgaDefeat the elite four and champion and go to the spear pillar.You should see a blue diamond.It will be dialga.
PalkiaDefeat the elite four and champion and go to the spear pillar.You should see a pink diamond.It will be palkia.
GiratinaGo to the distortion world.There you will meet giratina.NOTE:It will reapear in turnback cave if you beat him.
pichuGo at trophy garden and fight it.
minumGo at the pokemon mansion and talk to Mr Backlot.After he tells you about minum,go to trophy garden to fight it but it's VERY RARE to find!
manaphy(only have it in pokedex)At pokemon mansion get to the first room right and read the book on the table.
zapdosAfter getting the national dex talk to professor Oak.Then use your marking map app to locate it.
moltresAfter getting the national dex talk to professor Oak.Then use your marking map app to locate it.
articunoAfter getting the national dex talk to professor Oak.Then use your marking map app to locate it.
manaphy [actually obtain]you need to have the first ranger game [you can get from others but its easyest on this one] if you have captured every poke then go to the ranger net and hold x and back right 4 few secs.it will ask for a password, type in P8M2-9D6F-43H7 [us version] then the plusle and minun [not minum] will charge a battery. then you have do a mission [you can only do the mission once] then you have the egg.go to platinum menu on one ds and ranger egg watch on another. search for trainers on ranger then you should be able to connect. follow instructions and bingo! you have a manaphy egg on platinum! you need to go to any martket talk to a man in green, and he'll give to you but you need space
phionebreed manaphy with ditto [found in trophy garden]
Poke ballSold at any town
Great ballSold at any town after three gym badges
Ultra ballSold at any town after five gym badges
Master ballGet from Boss Cyrus after defeating him at Veilstone City
Premier ballGiven for free for buying 10 or more Poke balls at once
Heal ballMainly sold at Jubilife City
Net ballMainly sold at Oreburgh City
Dusk ballMainly sold at Solaceon Town
Nest ballMainly sold at Eterna City
Quick ballMainly sold at Pastoria City
Timer ballMainly sold at Celestic Town
Repeat ballMainly sold at Canalave City
Dive ballGet from working for the Pokemon press in Solaceon Town
Luxury ballMainly sold at Sunyshore City
Safari ballGet for going to the Great Marsh (Can only be used in the Great Marsh)
Articuno, Zapdos & MoltresThese three Pokemon start roaming the Sinnoh region (besides Fullmoon Island, Newmoon Island, Battle Area, Survival area, & Resort Area)after you talk to Prof Oak in Eterna City.
Items in Turnback Cave and the Distortion
Below is a list of the items you can get in the Turnback Cave and the Distortion World the second time you visit it.
UnlockableHow to unlock
griseous orbgo to turn back cave once you get in keep on walking forward finally you will see a portal you will find it in there once you get that then give it to giratina and he will change form like he was in disortion world
Rare BoneReach the room with the portal within 4-15 rooms and stardust will be awarded to you.
StardustReach the room with the portal within 16-30 rooms and stardust will be awarded to you.
Reaper ClothGo into Turnback Cave. If you manage to get to the portal leading into the Distortion World within 3 rooms, the item behind the portal will be a reaper cloth. Attach it to Dusclops and trade to get a Dusknoir.
Kinds of Pokemon on Honey Trees
ok tell me if i missed some!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Combee;)put hony on the tree near Celiestic Town Go ing into a cave.You have to put it on that tree or you will end up with something elese.)
munchlaxrare but not impossible (will sometimes be on trees)
burmyagsin somtimes on trees (fight in diferent enviroments to change cloak of burmy )
aipomVery Common to get only on honey trees
heracrosscan sometimes be found on trees
Legendary Pokemon
These are all the legends in Platinum.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shaymin's Sky FormeGet the 11th movie Shaymin in your pokemon d/p, trade it into your platinum and go to flaroma town and talk to the lady near the plant store and she'll give you the gracedia us the gracedia and then youll have a sky forme shaymin
Regicebeat the elite four,get the 11th movie regigigas( put in your party) go to Mt. Coronet Route 216 (the exit) and there will be a opening, go into it and step into all the circles and then go up to the statue and battle
Registeelbeat the elite four,Get the 11th movie regigigas( put in your party) go to Iron isand go into the cave go to the end and there should be an opening go in step on all the circles go to the statue and fight registeel
Regirockbeat the elite four,Get the 11th movie regigigas( put in your party) go to route 228( there will be a rock blocking the to the opening), use rock smash go into the opening step on the circles go and battle regirock
RegigigasAfter you ahve beaten the elite four and goten 3 regis, put your three regis in your party and go to the Snowpoint Temple and then go to the regigigas statue and battle it(CAUTION) it's at level 1
ShayminWhen the event comes out,use mystery gift and receive the gift by wwifi connection, meet prof. oak at route 224 and then go battle shaymin
DarkraiGo to mystery gift receive the gift by wifi connection, get the members card go to canalave city and go into the house behind the pokemon center and catch darkrai ( hes level 50)
ArceusWhen the event comes out, recieve the gift by wifi connection, get the azure flue go to Spear Pillar and go upwards when you go into spear pillar and it will ask you if you want to blow into your azure say yes climb up the stairs after they apear and thencapture arceus( he is at level 80)
ZapdosAftert getting the national dex, go to prof.oak in eterna city and he will say zapdos has been spotted nearby within sinnoh, it will be roaming around in the grasses of sinnoh( it is level 60)
ArticunoAftert getting the national dex, go to prof.oak in eterna city and he will say articuno has been spotted nearby within sinnoh, it will be roaming around in the grasses of sinnoh( it is level 60)
MoltresAftert getting the national dex, go to prof.oak in eterna city and he will say moltres has been spotted nearby within sinnoh, it will be roaming around in the grasses of sinnoh( it is level 60)
UxieAfter battling Giratina go to Lake Acuity and you will see Uxie, go and battle it ( it will be at level 50)
MespiritAfter battling Giratina go to Lake Verity and you will see Mespirit, go up to it and it'll run away. It will be roaming in the grasses of sinnoh( it will be at level 50)
AzelfAfter battling Giratina got to Lake Valor and go in to the cavvern and you'll see Azelf, go up to it and then battle it( it will be at level 50)
PalkiaAfter getting the Lustrous Orb deep within Mt. Coronet go into Spear pillar and youll see an pink portal go to it and press a and then youll battle palkia( its at level 70)
DialgaAfter getting the Adament Orb deep within Mt.Coronet go into Spear Pillar and you'll see a purple portal, go up to it and press a and battle dialga( it'll be at level 70)
CresseliaAfter getting the natinal go to canalave city go to the sailors house and there will be a boy in bed having nightmares, the sailor will come in and ask you to go to full moon island go there and talk to cresselia and she'll go roaming off into the grasses of sinnoh and she will leave the lunar wing behing,get it and give it to the sailor and he'll take you back to his house and then he'll use the lunar wing on his son and he'll get out of his nightmares
GiratinaYou will meet giratina at the end of the distortion world it will be at level 47
HeatranAfter getting the national dex, and putting the magma stone back in its place, go to stark mountain and go to the place where charon got arrested and heatran will be there at level 50 ( duck balls are handy there)
Mr. E goods, itemlist:
Mr. E Goods can be found at hearthome city near the contest hall, here is the list of things he will give you after doing certain things in the game.

NOTE: all the things he will give are underground base decorations and cannot be given away to other players.
UnlockableHow to unlock
GTS globeconnect to the nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
gym statuedefeat all the 8 gyms.
beauty cupwin the beauty masterrank contest.
cool cupwin the cool masterrank contest.
cute cupwin the cute masterrank contest.
smart cupwin the smart masterrank contest.
tough cupwin the tough masterrank contest.
blue crystalmeet 100 people in the underground.
pink crystalgive 100 aitems away in the underground.
red crystaldig up 100 fossils in the underground.
yellow crystaltrap 100 people in the underground.
bronze trophyget a streak of 10 trainers at the battletower.
silver trophyget a streak of 50 trainers at the battletower.
gold trophyget a streak of 100 at the battletower.
Pal Park
To unlock Pal Park you need to see 210 pokemon and defeat the Elite 4. In Pal Park you can Migrate pokemon into your Platinum game (Pokemon gets transferred). In Pal park you can also get some apps and items (from people) after showing them something or doing something.
UnlockableHow to unlock
TiaraHave Leaf Green in GBA slot and talk to a lady in Pal Park.
CrownHave Fire Red in GBA slot and talk to a lady in Pal Park.
Kicthen TimerShow girl a Snorlax
Colour ChangerShow girl a Kelceon
Sky BackgroundTalk to lady upstairs + emerald
deep sea backgroundTalk to lady upstairs with sapphire inserted into gba slot
Fiery Cavern backgroundTalk to lady upstairs with ruby inserted into gba slot
this is all i can do now but hope it helps
UnlockableHow to unlock
premier ballbuy 10 or more pokeballs
master ballget from team galactic after releasing mesprit,and the other 2
Prizes @ Jubilife TV
Below are the prizes you can win @ the Jubilife TV Lotto Corner. The prize is determined by ID number from Right to Left (Like it was in Diamond and Pearl. (Note: The Backdrop for matching the last digit in Diamond and Pearl is replaced with an Ultra Ball.)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Master BallMatch all 5 numbers on lotto ticket.
Max ReviveMatch the last 4 numbers on lotto ticket.
Exp. ShareMatch the last 3 numbers on lotto ticket.
PP UpMatch the last 2 numbers on lotto ticket.
Ultra BallMatch the last number on lotto ticket.
Mystery GiftOn the third floor talk to the man, answer his questions with Every one happy, and then wifi- connection
resort house, list of unlockable furnature.
At the Resort Area you will get your own house (for free) which the previous owner appeared to be Steven Stone, it's empty with only one table in the middle with a catalog on it in order to buy furniture with, if you open the book you will see a list of items you can buy from the start but there are some that aren't on the list and can only be unlocked, here is a list of these items.
UnlockableHow to unlock
music boxpurchase racks.
pokemon statue (silver)obtain a silver print at the battlefrontier.
pokemon statue (platinum)obtain 5 prints in the battle frontier.
piano (cynthia visits)defeat the elite 4 ten times.
reception setdefeat 50 trainers at the trainercafe.
wall clockplant 50 berries in total
great paintinghatch 30 eggs.
tea setpurchase the reception set.
chandelierwalk 300.000 steps in total.
Super Rare Pokemon in Platinum! (without cheats)
These are some hard to find pokemon.
UnlockableHow to unlock
SpirtombSpeak to the Black Belt on Route 208 and he will give you an Odd Keystone. Then head off to Route 209 and the Hallowed Tower ( the small, crumbling one. Not to be confused with the Lost Tower). The game will ask you if you want to insert the Odd Keystone into it. Reply 'yes' and grab a friend. Both of you should go underground and greet each other 32 times. Once you've done that go to to the Hallowed Tower and a wild Spiritomb will appear. It is at level 25.
Moltres, Articuno and ZapdosOnce you have the National Pokedex go to Prof. Oak's house in the South-West of Eterna City. He will tell you that the three legendary birds are running loose in Sinnoh. Then go to the Poketech Company in Jubilife City and the scientist will give you the app 'Marking Map'. You will then see their locations. Hunt the down with a Pokemon knowing either Mean Look or Block. So that they can't escape. All three of them are at level 60.
Uxie and AzelfOnce you have dealt with Team Galactic Uxie is in a cave in Lake Acuity and Azelf is in a cave in Lake Valor. They are both at level 50 and you will need Surf to reach them.
MespiritJust like Uxie and Azelf Mespirit is in a cave in it's respective lake, Lake Verity. But, it runs away. Use the same method as the one to catch Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. It is at level 50.
Dialga and PalkiaOnce you have cleared the Distortion World go to the Celestic Town Elder and she will tell you about Dialga And Palkia. Then head off to Mt. Coronet and find the waterfall deep inside the cave. Go up it and you will find a small cave and the Lustrous and Adamant orbs will be inside. With them in your bag go up to Spear Pillar and you will see a portal. The game will ask you if you want to battle either Dialga or Palkia (depending on the portal). Once you've caught one of them exit Spear Pillar and enter again. The other one's portal will be there. They are both at level 70.
GiratinaGirantina, this version's cover star is at the exit of the Distortion World once you've beaten Galactic Boss Cyrus.
RotomOnce you have Cut, go to the Old Cheatau in Eterna Forest at night (after 8 o'clock). Go to the room upstairs with the TV in it. The game will tell you that there's a Pokemon in the TV and you can break the glass. Break the glass and Rotom will come out. He is at level 20.
CresseliaOnce you have the National Pokedex go to Canalave City. The sailor's son is having a nightmare, presumably created by Darkrai. The sailor will ask you if you can find the Lunar Wing in Fullmoon Island. Get it from Cresselia in the centre of the island and give it to his son. Cresselia will also be running around Sinnoh. Use the same method required to catch the three birds and Mespirit. She is at level 40.
Arceus, Shaymin and DarkraiDonload the event items off Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
ReggigigasOnce you have the National Pokedex migrate the three Regis from a GBA game and take Them to the top of Snowpoint Temple. They Reggigigas statue will come to life! It is at level 1.
Unlockable Roaming Pokemon
These are Pokemon that well- Roam Sinnoh. Use marking map to find them!
UnlockableHow to unlock
ArticunoTalk to Prof. Oak after obtaining National Dex
ZapdosTalk to Prof. Oak after obtaining National Dex
MoltresTalk to Prof. Oak after obtaining National Dex
MespritFind in Lake Verity after battling Giratina
CresseliaFind on Full Moon Island after event with sleeping boy.


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4 Easy Steps to Catch Palkia and Dialga
Step 1:
Go to hearthome city after beating the elite four. Take the left road to go left out of the city.

Step 2: go inside mt.coronet. go to the fourth floor where there is a waterfall. surf out in front of the waterfall. use waterfall to go up the waterfall. Go into the doorway in front of you once you are on land.

Step 3: When you walk in the small room there should be 2 pokeballs. pick both of them up. One will hold the Adamant Orb and the other will hold the Lustrous Orb.

Step 4:Go to Spear Pillar at the top of Mt. Coronet. Walk forwards until you see 2 dimensional holes. one will be pink and one will be blue. the pink portal is Palkia's and the blue portal is Dialga's. Face a vortex and press a. in the talk box it will say "Its Palkia! Would you like to challenge Palkia?" or "Its Dialga! Would you like to challenge DIalga?"

Happy Cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5000 pokédollars Daily.
Each and every day in Turnbackcave where you find the Orb for Giratina's true form, there is a Rare Bone. This sells for 5000 Pokédollars and respawns each and every day.
Actually KNOW next Poke' Radar Pokemon
I know how to know if the next Poke Radar Pokemon is the one on your Poketch app is. First, if you want it to be the next in the chain, go to the farthest sparking grass from your patch. Then, go there, and before you go in, look at the app. Look at it when you're going on the patch, and if it disappears before the app goes, then you lost your chain. If it stays, you still got you chain going.

Hope this helps! ~Link
Amity Square Huts
In Amity Square, you may have noticed that if you walk inside a sand hut it will teleport you to another one. You may have also noticed some huts on completely separate levels, and one that even has a man and a poke-ball outside of it. Here is how to get to the man and poke-ball.
1) First, make sure you have a supercute pokemon (Pachirisu, Clefairy, Drifloon, Happiny, Pikachu, etc.) then enter Amity Square on the RIGHT entrance. You have to go in on the right, or you cannot reach the right sand huts.
2) Head up the stairs and into the first hut you see, but don't go inside all the way. Go one step inside the hut, then move to the right side of the hut.
3) Now you should be on the outside of a different hut on a higher level! Go one step into the hut you just came from and go in through the right again.
4) Do step 3 again out of the hut you come out of.
5) Now, you should end up at the hut with the man and the poke-ball! The poke-ball is a Spooky Plate, and the man should give you 5 Spelon berries (at least that's what I got, it might be different for someone else.)
6) Go straight back in the hut to go back to the first hut.

Variation: On step two, you could also go through the left side of the hut and end up outside a hut with a woman and a Happiny, and if you go to the right of that hut, you'll still end up with the hut on step 4 and then you can still get to the man and poke-ball hut.

Barking up the Right tree
Are you tired of spreading honey everywhere looking for an Aipom? Well if you spread honey on the tree on route 218 at night right before you go to bed, you will most likely get an Aipom over-night. I have tried it and it did work for me. But this method is not full-proof.
Battle Castle
When inside the Battle castle, you have to choose 3/4 Pokémon and you'll be put into the contest. At the beginning of the battle you have a chance to alter items and things like that onto your Pokémon, but you have to pay. You also have to pay to heal. Once you complete 7 battles, you are rewarded with 2 Battle points. Once you do 20 battles, your 21st Battle will be with Castle Butler Cochran. If you defeat him, you get the Silver Print. Do another 28 battles, and face him for the Gold Print.
Battle Hall: Quickly to the First Brain Battle.
While in the Battle hall you need a steak of 50 to get to the first frontier Brain, you can easily get there if you battle each type 2-3 times as this will be much faster and easier than going upto 10 on each type if your only aiming for the first medal.
Battle Roulette
When inside the Battle Arcade, you have to choose 3 Pokémon and you'll be put into the contest. At the beginning of the battle you have a board with different squares representing different things which could happen. This can effect you or your opponent. Once you complete 7 battles, you are rewarded with 2 Battle points. Once you do 20 battles, your 21st Battle will be with Roulette Goddess Daria. If you defeat her, you get the Silver Print. Do another 28 battles, and face her for the Gold Print.
Battling your rival.
Every Saturday and sunday your rival will be standing outside of the cafe in the Survival area. On these 2 days he will want to battle you.
Berry planting
Plant a berry in a rainy area( near pastoiria) and put the quick mulch or dry mulch suff and it will take half the time to grow.

PS no need to water it
Best team for starters
For the Best Team Ever when u start the game is:
-Starter - Chimchar (Level 14 Monferno Level 36 Infernape)
-Party - Shinx (Level 16 Luxio Level 30 Luxray)
-Starly (Level 14 Staravia Level 34 Staraptor)
-Bidoof (Level 15 Bibarel)
-Kricketot (Level 10 Kricketune)
-Zubat (Optional) (Level 22 Golbat Happiness Crobat)
-Abra (Optional) (Level 16 Kadabra Trade Alakazam)

All Pokemon Here are in Route 201, 202, or 203
Change the colour of the Vs recorder
When you go to your Vs Recorder (in your bag) you can change the main colour!!
What you do is when you go into it you click on the tough here and then you are in the main part. There are 3 lines on the border,click on them and they will change! There are 7 different colours.
Dialga and Palkia @ Spear Pillar
first find the adamant orb and lustrious orb on top of the waterfall in mt coronet. then speak to cynthias grandmother is celestic town. the find your way through mt coronet to spear pillar. if you have both, 1 will appear at a time. after you catch the first one, go back into mt coronet snd go back to spear pillar the you will find the other one.
Ditto Breeding
ok...so im sure you all know that if you put two of the same Pokemon in the Day Care center, you will get the pre-evolved form (if it is an evolved form) but if you put a Ditto in with another Poekemon that has evolved, then you will get the pre-evolved form. But if you do it with a Pokemon that has not evolved, then it will give the same Pokemon. (not the Ditto)
Dratini With Flamethrower
If you have a female Dragonite and a male Salamence that knows Flamethrower, you can put them in the Day-Care for maybe a few hours and you'll have an egg in there. When the egg hatches, it'll be a Dratini with Flamethrower!
Early Evolution Items
Since Pokemon like Porygon, Duskull and Gligar can be found and caught before getting the National Dex now, their evolution items can be found scattered around Sinnoh.
Easily fill up your National Pokedex!
This will help on your National Pokedex(NOTE: You must have it unlocked). Go to Sandengem town(The town with the Proffeser's Lab). Go over near the bootom. You will see a house that is bigger than the others. Go inside. Talk to a little girl near the TV. She will tell you a route or lake with a pokemon from a different reigon. (Like Milktank, Elekid, Sentret, ect.) Good Luck!
Easy Mamoswine
All you have to do is catch a swinub, evolve it, then go to the guy who teaches moves for heart scales in pastoria city, and the make it learn ancient power.

swinub location:to the left of snowpoint city.
Easy money and fast exp
give the amulet coin to the pokemon you use in battle then give a exp share to another pokemon. then go to the Pokemon mansion and you will find 2 rich people. but when you look around you will find 2 old people. fight the 2 old people. you will earn about 15000 in 1 battle and they only have 1 pokemon. (its a good idea to use you VS. seeker <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)
Evolve Haunter, Kadabra, Machoke and Graveler
Go to the GTS then trade your Pokemon for a Pokemon of the same kind (Haunter to Haunter) and if you deposit you Pokemon the change is bigger.
fast and easy money
if your running low on money find any rich people and give the pokemon your batteling with a amulet coin and use the vs seeker if you bet them already and you will get lots of money . there are rich people in front of the pokemon mansion and this will help with buying potions and stuff for the pokemon league.if any of this goes wrong email me
fast money
note must beat game go to buck's grandpas house bring a amulet coin beat all trainers there i do it every day but i recommend bringing very powerful pokemon
Faster breeding
If you have a pokemon such as a snorlax, which takes over 10,000 steps to hatch, if you have a pokemon with an ability called "Flame body" such as a magby or magmar and have it in your party it will halve the steps required to hatch an egg.
Form Fun!
Here are pokemon and thier forms:
Deoxys: speed, attack, defense, normal
Shellos: east sea, west sea
Giratina: altered form, origin form
Shaymin: land form, sky form
Cherim: overcast form, sunshine form
Castform: sunny, rainy, snowy
Rotom: cut form, frost form, wash form, heat form, spin form
Here are the fossils you can dig underground.

Skull fossil - Have an even amount of stars - Cranidos + Rampardos
Armor fossil - Have an odd amount of stars - Shieldon + Bastiodon
Dome fossil - National pokedex - Kabuto + Kabutops
Helix fossil - National pokedex - Omanyte + Omastar
Claw fossil - National pokedex - Anorith + Armaldo
Root fossil - National pokedex - Lileep + Cradily
Old amber - National pokedex - Aerodactyl

Hope this helped.
Free Refills!
Occasionally, you'll receive a free Drink (Water/Pop/Lemonade) when you purchase one at the top of the Veilstone department store.
Friendliness Signs
I have never seen an organised "chart" showing the PokeFan comment together with the Poketch Friendliness Checker's respond. Here, I'll post this (with the help of the information in Serebii.net!

Really dislikes you:
PokeFan: "Oh my... I think this one really hasn't taken too kindly to you."(Not mentioned in Serebii.net!)
Poketch: Runs away from your touch very quickly.

Dislikes you:
PokeFan: "Hmm... It seems to dislike you a little."
Poketch: Will go away from your touch. Not as fast as when it really dislikes you. Also, you might get to catch it with the touch. It's like a force-grab! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

PokeFan: "It's feeling neutral toward you. It's up to you to change that."
Poketch: Will slowly come close to your touch.

Getting used to you:
PokeFan: "It's warming up to you. That's my impression."
Poketch: Same as when Neutral towards you, but will come close to you a bit faster.

Likes you (a little):
PokeFan: "It's quite friendly to you. It must be happy being with you."
Poketch: Will come to your touch quite quickly. When touching it, 1 small heart is displayed.

Likes you:
PokeFan: "It's very friendly toward you. I can tell you treat it kindly."
Poketch: Will come to your touch much more quickly. When touching it, 1 small heart is displayed, with another one afterwards (if you keep "holding" the Pokemon)

Really likes you:
PokeFan: "It simply adores you! Why, I feel like I'm intruding!"
Poketch: Will come very quickly to your touch! When touching it, 1 small heart is displayed, with another one afterwards, and then the two hearts turning larger! (if you keep "holding" the Pokemon)
Get Better Pokemon with PokeRadar!
Ok. Just use your PokeRadar in grass. You may see some pathces "rattles". If it's like that, don't go to that. Look for on that has lines coming from it and that rattles. Good Luck!
Get Easy Wins In Battle Hall
To get easy wins in battle hall do what I do pick a pokemon of any type (fire,water,grass etc.) then when you start choose types that have a weakness of your pokemon (example:fire=grass electric=water) and keep that up untill you get to the 50th battle.This works better with pokemon that have more than 1 types.Also if you run out of types to battle fight regularly effective types (fire=normal)
Get Rich Quick!
A great way to make money is to use your VS. Seeker outside of the Pokemon mansion on the two richkids and the old people.
I easily got rich quick!
Getting All the Starter Pokemon
Go to the global trade station. Go to the man at the desk near the huge globe. After you get in,put in one of your pokemon(maybe one you didn't train that much) and try to get one starter you need. Also, you can trade with a friend if they have extras. Later do the same thing with a different starter.

Email me at <a href="mailto:puppatches@comcast.net" target="_blank">puppatches@comcast.net</a> for thurther help

peace! ****kaylee****
When Happiny is max happiness, give it the oval stone and Level up in day time.

Hope i helped.
Hidden Heart Scale
Just below Oreburgh City, is the Coal Mine. To your left is a pile of Coal Slag. Make sure you check the pile of coal slap for a Heart Scale. And make sure you talk tp everyone in this area, you can get a few free items, including a super potion.
Higher Levels on Pastoria Safari
To find higher levels in the Safari in Pastoria, just go to the higher areas e.g. Area 1or 2. Happy Safari Catching Pokemon Fans!
Honey Tree Locations
In case some of you don't know I will post some of those locations.

1. Floroma Meadow
2. Route 205 (Floroma City side)
3. Valley Windworks
4. Route 207
5. Route 208
6. Route 209
7. Route 210 (Solaced Town side)
8. Route 211 (Celestic Town side)
9. Fugeo Ironworks (Surf needed to access)
10. Route 212 (Pastoria City side)
11. Route 212 (Hearthome City side)
12. Route 213 (Rock Smash needed to access)
13. Route 214
14. Route 218 (Canalave City Side)

Email me if you find some more.
Honey Tree Variable
After slathering honey on a tree and waiting twelve hours, a pokemon will appear in the tree. What most people don't know is that if you save the game beforehand, the pokemon in the tree will stay the same, but it's level and gender will change every time. This is a perfect way to catch Burmy and Combee of the gender you're looking for, as it matters in regards to evolution.

Keep in mind that time 'can' run out, and the pokemon may disappear if you try restarting for more than an hour.
How to chatch mesprit!
First go to verity lakefront then surf to the cave mesprit will be there press a on it and then it will vanish then rowan will come and say it wants to play with you then use your pokedex[i forget which one but it will show the map of sinnoh you have to walk abit so it will show a face thats mesprit] if you have fly use it to get close but it will vanish so keep chasing it till it thinks you did everything you can then it will showup in the closest patch of grass!!!! There you have it!! mesprit!!!!
how to meet people faster in the underground.
to get a a blue crystal (underground decoration) or a spiritomb at the strange well you must talk to people in the underground, it takes time because most people have to go above ground and return underground everytime again to get the right amount of chats but luckely there is an even faster way.

to do this you must be with at least 2 persons of course with both a digger drill, use those digger drills and make your bases next to each other and talk with each other after you both are finished, then both players go inside their secret bases and then go back outside imediately and talk to eachother again, do this repeatedly untill you made 32 conversations (spiritomb) or when you made 100 conversations which will get you a blue crystal when you talk to Mr E goods who is in hearthome city.
You find the Magmarizer at fuego ironworks.
Masuda's Method - Hatching Shiny Pokemon
When breeding two pokemon, if they are from different regional versions of the game, there will be 1 in 2048 chance of the egg hatching a shiny pokemon as opposed to the regular 1 in 8192 chance. This boosts your chance of getting a shiny pokemon by four times the normal rate. This is caused my special coding put into the game by Junichi Masuda and has been named after him.
If you breed a Snorlax and a ditto/Snorlax without the Full incense you will have a baby Snorlax, although if you attach a Full incense then you will have a baby Munchlax.
Walk 10500 steps and you will have a munchlax.
Natures can be very helpful in competitive gameplay and can be just as useful in normal play throughs. Although sometimes they can work against you; An example would be a Adamant Alakazam or a Timid Snorlax.

Lonely: +attack, -defense
Brave: +attack, -speed
Adamant: +attack, -special attack
Naughty: +attack, -special defense
Bold: +defense, -attack
Relaxed: +defense, -defense
Impish: +defense, -special attack
Lax: +defense, -special defense
Timid: +speed, -attack
Hasty: +speed, -defense
Jolly: +speed, -special attack
Naive: +speed, -special defense
Modest: +special attack, -attack
Mild: +special attack, -defense
Quiet: +special attack, -speed
Rash: +special attack, -special defense
Calm: +special defense, -attack
Careful: +special defense, -special attack
Gentle: +special defense, -defense
Sassy: +special defense, -speed
Hardy: Neutral
Docile: Neutral
Serious: Neutral
Bashful: Neutral
Quirky: Neutral
nice money
give yr first pokemon an amulet coin go to the rich kid on route 222 beat him and he'll give u 16200-19200 he has 2 luxio lv 40-42 anda luxray lv 45
Obtain Trade-Evolution Pokemon
Pokemon such as Graveler, Haunter, Machoke, and Kadabra will only evolve when traded. You can use this trick to evolve these Pokemon using only a single DS.

Must have access to GTS
Must have Wi-Fi

1. Head to the GTS in Jubilife City with the Pokemon you want to evolve.

2. Deposit your Pokemon in the GTS. Request something that is IMPOSSIBLE or very rare to get, to decrease the chances of your Pokemon being traded. If your deposited Pokemon is traded, the trick will fail.

3. Seek for a Pokemon on the GTS and make any trade.

4. Once you finish the trade, withdraw the Pokemon you had deposited in the GTS. If you did the trick right, it should evolve as if it was traded.

You can do this trick with any Pokemon that is evolved through trading.
Pokemon From Other Regions
To get other Pokemon that you can't find in Sinnoh, insert a Game Boy Advanced game-FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or any other Pokemon games for the Game Boy Advanced then walk around in places to find other Pokemon from other regions! Hope I helped!
Poketch Apps and how to unlock them
1. Digital watch- Comes with Poketch.
2. Calculator- Comes with Poketch.
3. Memo Pad- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning Oreburgh City Gym battle.
4. Pedometer- Comes with Poketch.
5. Pokemon List- Comes with Poketch.
6. Friendship Checker- Recieve from a girl on the first floor of the Pokemon Center in Eterna City.
7. Dowsing mechine- Receive from Rowan's assistant on Route 207 after you acquire the Bicycle.
8. Berry Searcher- Receive from the girl in the berry man's house along Route 208.
9. Day Care Checker- Receive from the boy at the Pokemon Day Care in Solaceon Town after checking in.
10. Pokemon History- Receive from a boy in Solaceon Town.
11. Counter- Receive from the receptionist on the second floor of the Veilstone Department Store in Veilstone City.
12. Analog Watch- Receive from a boy in a private house in Celestic Town.
13.Marking Map- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning the Hearthome Gym battle.
14. Link Searcher- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning the Pastoria Gym battle.
15. Coin Toss- Receive from a boy in the cottage along Route 213 after winning the Snowpoint City Gym battle.
16. Move Tester- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning the Snowpoint City Gym battle.
17. Calender- Receive after showing a Pokemon with a Serious Nature to a boy in a private house in Sunyshore City.
18. Dot Artist- Receive after showing a Pokemon with a Naive Nature to a boy in a private house in Sunyshore City.
19. Roulette- Receive after showing a Pokemon with a Quirky Nature to a boy in a private house in Sunyshore City.
20. Trainer Counter- Receive from Professor Oak at Pal Park along Route 221. (After getting the National Pokedex.)
21. Kitchen Timer- Receive after showing Snorlax to a girl on the first floor of Pal Park, alond Route 221.
22. Color Changer- Receive after showing Kecleon to a girl on the first floor of Pal Park, along Route 221.
23. Match-up Checker- Receive after you catch more than five Pokemon in one go at the Great Marsh at Pastoria City.
Hope I helped! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Rage Candy Bars
Before you mix them up with Rare Candies, they are not the same. The Rage Candy bars that the man in the Veilstone Mart has sold out of should be the same they were in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. If so, all they would do is restore the HP of a Pokemon by 20.
really really big stats
for these to work you cant verse anything but the ones mentioned and you should get over 20,30,40,or even over 50 stats for the one level
p.s works better on different pokemon

hit points
1.to get good hip points go catch the pokemon you want to have high hp
2.go to the battle frontier and get the power weight
3.give the desired pokemon the power weight
p.s your pokemon needs to be about lv50 for the item to work
4.go to route 201 and vs bidoof only if you run into anything else just run from it
5 when you level up you should get heaps of health.

1.to get good attack go catch the pokemon you want to have high attack
2.go to the battle frontier and get the power bracer
3.give the desired pokemon the power bracer
p.s your pokemon needs to be about lv50 for the item to work
4.go to route 207 and vs machop only if you run into anything else just run from it
5 when you level up you should get heaps of attack

1.to get good defence go catch the pokemon you want to have high defense
2.go to the battle frontier and get the power belt
3.give the desired pokemon the power belt
p.s your pokemon needs to be about lv50 for the item to work
4.go to oreburgh mine and vs geodude only if you run into anything else just run from it
5 when you level up you should get heaps of defense

Sp attack
1.to get good sp attack go catch the pokemon you want to have high sp attack
2.go to the battle frontier and get the power lens
3.give the desired pokemon the power lens
p.s your pokemon needs to be about lv50 for the item to work
4.go to old chateu and vs gastly only if you run into anything else just run from it
5 when you level up you should get heaps of sp attack

Sp defense
1.to get good sp attack go catch the pokemon you want to have high sp defense
2.go to the battle frontier and get the power band
3.give the desired pokemon the power band
p.s your pokemon needs to be about lv50 for the item to work
4.go to pastoria water surface and vs tentacool only if you run into anything else just run from it
5 when you level up you should get heaps of sp defense

1.to get good sp attack go catch the pokemon you want to have high speed
2.go to the battle frontier and get the power anklet
3.give the desired pokemon the power anklet
p.s your pokemon needs to be about lv50 for the item to work
4.go to route 201 and vs starly only if you run into anything else just run from it
5 when you level up you should get heaps of speed

Repels, who needs them?
The best to reduce the encounter rate of wild Pokemon without using any repels is to make a Pokemon that knows the ability: "Intimidate", which decreases the wild pokemon encounter rate to hold a cleanse tag.
Riolu Egg
Did you get bored trying to hatch that egg Riley gave you? Well, it takes 6501 steps to hatch the egg (into a Riolu).

Low on shards for the move tutor? This is a simple way to get them fast!
First, make sure you have access to Iron Island and Fuego Ironworks.

Now, go to Iron Island and collect Star Pieces. Heres the list (Hidden items, restock themselfs daily!):

Find Star Piece southeast of the house, in the small rock.

Find Star Piece on the first floor down (to the right from the entrance), near
the center, to the right of a rock and two barrels.

Find Star Piece on the second floor down (the smaller area to the right from
the elevator), near the southeast corner, a few steps to the right of the

Find Star Piece on the second floor down (the larger area to the left from the
first elevator), toward the southwest corner, on raised ground, south of Worker

Find Star Piece on the second floor down (the larger area to the left from the
first elevator), toward the southeast corner, in the right of two rocks.

Then go to the ironworks and trade the Star Pieces with the man for one of each shard! Simple!

Shiny badges
Your badges have 5 stages of sheen

Shining 2 stars
Shining 4 stars

Just keep rubbing for 2 or 3 minutes and the badges will be clean and sparkly in no time.
Chaining with the pokeradar ups your chance of finding shiney pokemon so getting a 44 chain gives a 1in208 chance just divide the chain number by the chance of getting a shiny
Star Pieces = Shards
Throughout the game, you'll find several Star Pieces with the dousing machine. While it may be tempting to sell them off straight away, you can trade them in increments of one or ten at the Fuego Ironworks in exchange for LOTS of shards. Very useful if you need some for the Move Tutors.
Steal Candy from Blissey
after you beat the elite 4 go to the pokemon mansion. Then do the challenge. then use thief to steal it.
Swarming Pokemon
After you complete the 210 Dex is you talk to Dawn's younger sister she will tell you about a swarming pokemon, each day this pokemon will change.

Valley Windworks: Electrike Eterna Forest: Slakoth
Route 201: Doduo Route 202: Zigzagoon
Route 203: Cubone Route 206: Larvitar
Route 207: Phanpy Route 208: Dunsparce
Route 209: Snubbull Route 214: Spoink
Route 215: Drowzee Route 217: Delibird
Route 218: Voltorb Route 221: Farfetch'd
Route 222: Skitty Route 224: Natu
Route 225: Makuhita Route 226: Krabby
Route 227: Spinda Route 228: Beldum
Route 229: Pinsir Route 230: Corsola
the best pokemon for gyms and their moves
hi guys i have only found this website today and i have some cheats i wanna give to you

i've recently got to the E4 and the pokemon i have got is

Ive got an AR so these are the moves ive Tought them... Here they are

Infernape;Blast Burn, Heat Wave, Close Combat And Thunder punch
Nidoking;Earth Power,Thunderbolt,Poison Sting and Double Kick
Torterra;Frenzy Plant,Stone Edge,Leaf Storm,Crunch,Earthquake,SolarBeam,
Hyper Beam and Synthesis
Raichu;Thunder,Hyper Beam,Volt Tackle,Iron Tail,Thunderbolt and Charge Beam
Glaceon,Ice Beam,Shadow Ball,Mirror Coat and Iron Tail
And Finally Empoleon;Hydro Cannon,Hyper Beam,Drill Peck, Metal Claw,Ariel Ace and Ice Beam
If you teach these pokemon these moves your sure to Win!!!
By the way I started with a Turtwig And got a Chimchar Near Hearthome and got piplup from an egg.
Enjoy!!! Sorry its so long!!!!
The Great Marsh
Every day when you go to the great marsh walk up the stairs and look through the binoculars to see what type of pokemon are there for that day, and where they are in the great marsh. you can catch:

Ones that can only be caught at night are:

Ones that you have to fish for are:

Some of the pokemon in the list can only be obtained after getting the national dex.
Hope I helped!
Tip on finding Wild Pokemon with Hold Items
Some items such as Lucky Egg, Magmarizer, and Electirizer can be found on wild Pokemon such as Chansey, Magby, and Elekid. Most of the time, it may take a while before you encounter one with a held item. A way to speed up the process is to add a Pokemon with the ability "Compound Eyes" to the front of your party. The ability will increase the chances of finding a wild Pokemon with a held item.
Trade-evolution+Item Pokemon
some of you may know and some may not but there are Pokemon that require an item and trade to evolve (ex. Magmar+Magmamrizer+Trade=Magmortar) so here they are:

Magmar + Magmamrizer=Magmortar

Electabuzz + Electrizer=Electivire

Porygon + Up-Grade=Porygon2

Porygon2 + Dubious Disc=Porygon-z

Rhydon + Protector=Rhyperior

Dusclops + Reaper Cloth=Dusknoir

Note:This is only from the sinnoh pokedex.

Trash Can Frenzy!!!!
You know how every house, building, etc. has a trashcan, but nothing's ever inside? Well, there are a FEW that actually have stuff in them.

-First room on the left in the PokeMansion

-Suite on Lake Valor (the one you get the app COIN TOSS in. Caution: you need to be able to use Rock Slide)

Tricky Turnback Cave
Turnvack Cave is where you find Giratina(Diamond/Pearl) and the portal to a part of Disortion World where you find the Griseous Orb, that, when held by Giratina, transforms Giratina into his original form. This place may be very tricky. I found a way how to get through it. When you go in, go up, when in the next room, go left. When in that room, go down, until you see the portal/Giratina.
Trophy Garden Pokemon
Here is a complete list of the Pokemon that appear in the Trophy Garden.

14Mime Jr.

There you have it!
Underground Fossil Hunt
The fossils you find underground are dependent on your Trainer ID. If it's even (divisible by two), then you'll find Armor Fossils (from Pearl). If it ends in an odd number, then you can find Skull Fossils (from Diamond).

Keep it in mind if you're starting a new game!
Underground help
When you are searching for treasure underground,when the little area in the wall is sort of tan and has a X in it,if there is a little white spot where the X crosses,then there is something there.
Underground Sphere Growth!
This tip is for making your sphere's bigger. Say you have a Red Sphere 4 and a Red Sphere 1. Well, if you plant one on top of the other it will grow bigger. It works! Note: It won't work if you try a blue on red.
Unlock Additional Villa Furniture
- Plant 50 Berries in order to unlock the Wall Clock

- Purchase the Music Box in order to unlock the Tea Set

- Earn 1 silver print in the Battle Frontier in order to unlock Pokemon Bust #1

- Earn 5 silver prints in the Battle Frontier in order to unlock Pokemon Bust #2

- Defeat the Elite Four a total of 10 times in order to unlock the Piano

- Buy a certain quantity of Racks in order to unlock the Music Box

- Defeat up to 50 Trainers located in the Trainer Cafe in order to unlock the Guest Set

- Hatch a total of 30 Eggs in order to unlock the Great Painting

- Accumulate a total of 300,000 steps walked in the game in order to unlock the Chandelier
Veilstone Deoxys
You can change the form of Deoxys with the stones in Veilstone. The stones are in the south east of the city.
vs seeker cheat
you know when you walk around and you do vs seeker to make the person have a remacth 100% you have be around them or next to them yep i tried it if it dosent work then tell me


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Permanently Trapped on Meister Island
This glitch works on Meister's Island on Route 226, where you can trade Finneon to a trainer there to get Magikarp.

In order to do this your party must not contain any pokemon capable of learning surf (other than Finneon), fly or teleport. You must also not have any fishing rods at all and either no rare candies or not enough to make magikarp evolve.

If you go to Meister's Island and trade the finneon for a Magikarp you're now trapped on Meister's Island permanently. Be sure not to save if this happens or else you won't be able to do anything but start a new game file.

If you do happen to have a fishing rod you can make your pokemon fight until they all faint, at which point you'll be transported to a pokemon center.
Pomeg Berry HP Glitch
This trick only works on a Pokemon who has not already had their HP EVs lowered through Pomeg Berries. Now get that Pokemon's HP to a critically low level like 1 or 2 during battle. Once you return to the field, use a Pomeg Berry on it to attempt to decrease its HP by 10; however, thanks to the current HP of the Pokemon, it will instead cycle their HP to a whopping 65,535!
repeated battle
as you know, your rival wants to battle you only saturday and sunday each week in the survival area after the battlefield opens, but once you battle him you must wait a day(if it's saturday) or a week(if it's sunday) to battle again, but you can just save, change the date to be the next saturday, or friday if you want, then change the hour to 23:58 and turn off, insert back the game, and turn on, talk to your rival, he'll be like it was still the day you fought him, now wait 2 minutes and he'll battle you.

Easter eggs

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Find shinies easier!
The Pokemon that you are seeking a Shiny form of must be a Pokemon that is able to be found in the grass with the PokeRadar.
Alright, every time you increase your streak of finding the same Pokemon with the PokeRadar, the chance of the next Pokemon of that kind being a Shiny will increase! HINT: If you go to the tile farthest away from Lucas/Dawn when you use the PokeRadar, the chance of the Pokemon hiding in there being the same as before greatly increases.
For example, if you can get a streak of 40 Starly, the chance of the next Starly found with the PokeRadar will be 1/204, MUCH less than the chance of finding random shinies, which is 1/8192!
Happy Hunting!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Get Rotom
You will need HM 01 Cut to do this.First,wait until late at night,or you can just set your DS clock to about 11:00.Next,go to Eterna Forest and get near the exit,and there should be a tree you can cut if you go north.Cut the tree and enter the building.Start looking at all the rooms until you find one with a TV.Interact with it,and you'll say something like"Huh?There's a pokemon in the TV!"then it will ask if you want to thump the TV.Say yes and Rotom will come out and battle you.Rotom will be at level 20.Happy cheating!
Make Rare Candies!
Running low on Rare Candies and need more? There's a simple way to MAKE them!

Give Shuckle a Oran Berry, and let it turn into Berry Juice. If you wait even longer, the juice with solidify into a Rare Candy!
You know on the route to Sunnyshore City, there is a house with several Pikachus in (The Pikachu fanclub), well one of the Pikachus is actilly a trainer with... you guessed it! Pikachus!
Pokemon cries on the calculator
You can hear the cries of Pokemon that are in your Pokedex by using the calculator on your Poketch.
Type in a number from 1-493 that you have seen and tap the '=' button and you'll hear its cry.
e.g. To hear Bidoof's cry type in 399 then the '=' button, and it'll play back its cry.
Only works for Pokemon that are in your Pokedex.
Premier Balls
When you buy 10 or more pokeballs,you will get a premier ball.
Snow in Snowpoint city
If you go to Snowpoint City on the 12th January, you will notice that the snow has changed. This is to celebrate the birthday of the director of Game Freak, Junichi Masuda.