Pokémon Pearl review
Hey Palkia, why not weaken yourself for ME this time around?

The good:

Tons of new Pokemon to catch, improved battle mechanics, online play

The bad:

Repititive sequences i.e. battle animations, a lot more text-based story-telling than usual


Yes, it's Pokemon alright. Its the same as the others. Catch pokemon, get a much larger collection, then show them off. The newest and most note-worthy feature added is the wi-fi connectivity. With this, you can easily connect with a friend and battle or trade them.

Graphics/Presentation - 4.1/5.0 - It's a DS game, so you expect the graphics to be cartoony bit-sized nuggets (as that is what I initially thought the DS was capable of), but when you start playing, you'll realize that the graphics are breathtaking in comparison to any other DS game out there to date.

Gameplay - 3.7/5.0 - Pokemon is a rather repititive game. Battling other trainers, getting enough exp. for your pokemon to level up, travel to far away lands reaching far a way from home, generic huge mountain, la-la-la. Anyways, the controls are rather simple, and, oh no, as expected, you don't use the touch screen to move. You use the touch screen for the 'poketch' which acts as your character's watch of sorts. It has a lot of different applications that are added to it as you progress, like an in-game clock or a handy Pokemon tracker. You use the D-Pad to move, which is nothing new in comparison to the other games, the A button to talk and select, and B to run while walking. The battles are simple. There are 4 options for it, Fight, Run, Bag, and Pokemon. Once again, nothing new.

Story - 3.6/5.0 - Much like previous installments, you're a 10 year-old kid in the beginning stages of their Pokemon journey. Yeah, you get the drill.

Music - 4.5/5.0 - The music is amazing, it is like an orchestra built into a small game cartridge. The music fits every place, like contests, the music is all upbeat. Surfing is relaxing, like the gentle sounds of the waves. However, the scene at spear pillar is what got me. It had ominous music to show what kind of fear that all the people had down the mountain. The battle with legendaries are haunting and unforgettable.

This game deserves a 3.8/5.0.

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