Pokémon Pearl Tips

easy way to get shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!
what you need is the naional pokedex,lots of max repels and a pokeradar.

ok first off you need to go to dawn or lucas's sister in sandgem town and she will tell you a mass out break of pokemon. (lets use spoink for an example)
ok know you go to the route where spoink is and go to a grass area where the grass is basicly covering the whole screen and know go to your bag and use a max repeland then put the pokeradar on register and use it and dont go to the grass patches with yellow sparks coming out and dont go to the ones in corners because you will break your chain of pokemon and every time you use a max repel restart your pokeradar and every 20 pokemon of the same chain restart you pokeradar and to restart your pokerader walk 50 steps and press Y if you registerd it and that concludes my tip oh and one more thing people give a lot for shint pokemon