Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Tips

Quick Cash
To do this you must have unlocked Buried Relic.

1. Go to Kangaskhan storage and store all your items exept for 1 Escape Orb.

2. Go to to Buried Relic

3. Find items on the ground and swap less valuble items for more pricey ones on the ground. (Pokemon in your team can also hold items to be sold)

4. Go as high up and when you're about to faint use your escape orb.

5. Sell the items to the Purple Kelceon ( the green one killed me in a dungeon and now i hate him )

6. Put your money in the bank and repeat untill you're rich.

P.S. I bought all the friend areas and still have 500,000 poke left by doing this about 15 times ( lengthly, but worth it ).