Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

More unlockable dungeons
Fiery Field- beat the game then a spinda will come into pokemon square. it will give you the clear wing and you can go to the fiery field.

Lightning Field- beat entei and get the red wing. you will have unlocked lightning field.

Northwind Field- beat raikou and get the sunset wing. you will have unlocked the northwind field.

Mt. Faraway- beat suicune and get the rainbow wing. you will have unlocked Mt. Faraway where the mirage pokemon is.

Murky Cave- Take gengar to ninetales. you will gain access to murky cave where you will break a curse.

Silver Trench- Beat buried relic and have all three legendary birds on your team. then talk to alakazam. he will tell you to go check on the three birds. talk to the birds and you will gain access to the silver trench.

Meteor Cave- Beat silver trench to get meteor cave where deoxys is.

Howling forest- Smeargle will post a rescue mission on the bulletin board sometime after you beat the game.

Northern Range- one morning you will wake up early and see a blue blur pass by. Kecleon(purple) will then say he lost his tm's. you will gain access to the northern range.

Pitfall valley- beat latios at the northern range and he will tell you that his sister needs help. you will gain access to pitfall valley.

Desert Region- buy the friend area furnace desert.

Solar Cave- Beat the game.

Darknight Relic- beat the game and buy friend area secretive forest(i think.)

Unown Relic- Beat the game and buy friend areas Aged chamber AN and aged chamber O?.

Grand sea and Far-off sea- beat the game and buy all the friend areas with sea at the end.

Western cave- Beat ho-oh, lugia, deoxys, latios, latias, Buried relic, Wish cave (medicham), and murky cave. Then there will be a scene before you wake up with blastoise and charizard. Congratulations! This is the last dungeon you can gain access to if you have beaten the other dungeons.