Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

Unlock Dungeons
After you beat Rayquaza, you can unlock the following dungeons (if you have the friend area)

Wyvern Hill- Unlock friend area dragon cave

Southern Cavern- Unlock friend area boulder cave

Joyous Tower and Purity Forest- Have Latios and Latias and unlock friend area sky blue plains

Waterfall Pond- Beat the game

Stormy Sea- Beat the game then talk to medicham after you do a couple of rescue missions(she should be near your base) then talk to lombre and he will unlock it for you.

Buried Relic- beat stormy sea and you will get a news letter in your mailbox about it. then talk to shiftry and he will unlock it for you.

Wish Cave- Beat Buried relic and talk to medicham and ekans at wishcash pond. talk to them again the next day and then after that only ekans will be there. go to the bulletin board the next day and ekans will be jumping behind blastoise. look at the bulletin board and medicham's post will be there Wish Cave B20F.

Western Cavern- i forgot

I will be back with other dungeons too.