Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

Wondermail codes
For wish cave type in these helpful wondermail codes:
Wish cave B1F
Escort Sceptile to Blissey
??-. .30? 48?S
43?7 6C60 P??W
Wish cave B2F
Rescue Typhlosion
F?-. X3S? 4R65
4+?9 6N66 PQ?W
Wish cave B98F
Find blast seed
?6-. 6-F? 4?5P
-1?? 0N6T P??W

After you rescue typhlosion, leave wish cave with your blast seed and you have completed 3 missions and you get 3 ginsengs!

Also, bring an apple and escape orb to buried relic for this!
Buried Relic B99F
Find apple
?68Y WMX? 4F5F
W1?Y +CNT J??W

Happy rescuing!