Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Tips

My Cozy House
One Day.....
you will hire a trio of mankey and your house will be a big you only for 3 chestnuts!

But here is a background run down

Grass Type: A VERY green and grassy house but its very nice inside!And a nice and green mail box if you like green go for a grass type character. Fire Type: Alot like a tribe house with fire places and some fire wood so if you like tribe of firey stuff go for a fire character.

Water Type: WOW! its like an island in a town!It has walking planks to your flag and to behind your house if you like water the go for a water character. That was the basics of grass,fire and water



but heres the hard part! here goes something...

Cubone:Some Words: AHHHHH GRAVEYARD WITH BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....mommy!!!

Eevee:Its cute and warm with a little blue pond!

Meowth:Looks can be deciving so more or less a team rocket base!

Machop:Lets go work out at the dojo!

Pikachu:Its like Eevee's exept ita mostly yellow!

SkittyMEW~:Its...... PINK and.... FRILLY!!!

okay! so house are made to your main pokemon so choose wisely!~!~!