Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Tips

The Guardian of the Sea
After recruiting Articunos, Zapdos, and Moltres on your rescue team, you should speak to Alacazam who will tell you to go visit their friend area, Legendary Island. Head over to the island and witness the creation of the Vortex Stone, the combination of their three powers and the only way to summon Lugia. Silver Trench will open for exploration so have HM Dive ready to go. Other essential items, including orbs like Petrify Orbs, not because you won't be able to enter without them, but you probably wouldn't be able to survive otherwise. The 15th, 35th, 55th, and 75th floors on the Silver Trench are all big monster houses, and items and attacks that can affect the whole room will make your trip a lot easier. After all this trouble, you'll come face to face with Lugia on the 99th floor, a psychic and flying type that doesn't take electric and ice attacks too well. Defeat it to add it to your rescue team.