Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity review
A good game, nonetheless, lazily made when compared to Explorers of the Sky.

The good:

- Amazing graphics
- Quality of life changes to the dungeon crawling are a certain improvement
- Mini-games are a relatively fun addition
- Storyline is interesting whilst it lasts

The bad:

- Pokemon count is way too restrictive
- Paradise is too resource intensive for what it is
- The addition of DLC is just scummy
- Very, very easy to complete the main story and lacking in post game story


The opening scenes are...a work of art, and no less really. The detail put into the graphics is very evident. A nice part to the beginning of the story is that you ACTUALLY get to choose your own character, rather than having it determined by the game (or having to lie and use guides on how to get the desired Pokemon). On the other hand, you only have five choices, and guess what? Four out of five are from the fifth generation, which is only the beginning of the restrictive Pokemon count. Only 144 of 649 possible Pokemon appear in this game, which is an appalling selection, especially considering the fact that most of them are from the fifth generation, which again, limits the player in terms of team selection.

When you make your way through the first load of dungeons, it is clear that the system has been overhauled. Hunger no longer exists, moves gain experience/levels, IQ no longer exists, everyone gains experience points whether on the field or in Paradise, and overall, these changes are nice (RIP IQ). On the topic of Paradise, it's a fun little side-story. You build farms, mini-games, shops, dojos etc. that all help you throughout the story. However, this is extremely resource intensive, and gathering these resources is little more than a pain in the backside. The player must engage in single missions, mini-games, and gambling to obtain these resources, with the first being the most common way. The removal of the ability to do multiple missions at a time was a big disappointment, because single missions are both time consuming, and boring to complete.

The addition of mini-games is great. Treasure Hunt is a fun game where you guide Starmie through an underwater obstacle course to gather Treasure Boxes. Beartic Slide is a frustrating yet highly addictive cross between curling and golf, you slide pucks into a circular goal until the time ends. It would've been great to be able to upgrade these games, they soaked up quite a large amount of my playing time, but are extremely well made.

Rather early in the story, you will end up talking to Foongus, and be surprised to see a "DLC Corner". This is just scummy, pure and simple. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky has more dungeons and content than a fully "DLC Upgraded" Gates to Infinity, which is pathetic to be honest.

Turning back to the story, it's amazing and relatively interesting, albeit, a little too predictable and...sappy. By that, I mean it's targeted audience feels like it has been reduced by two or three years, and quite likely has been. Also, not being able to turn up the text speed is quite possibly one of the most rage inducing things in the game. It's slow, and wall after wall of text NEEDS to allow for text to be sped up. Nonetheless, the story is well made, and on the whole, interesting. However, completing it is way too easy. It's a big step down from the main storyline of previous games, which had many, many challenging bosses. This game has six, easily beaten bosses that aren't a whole lot stronger than normal Pokemon.

Not only is the main story lacklustre in length, but the post-game non-existent. It's a massive shame, and always been amazingly done in previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. After completing the game, you to upgrade Paradise (yay?), take on rather challenging dungeons (that still aren't as hard as previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games) and...that's about it.

It's a good game. But when compared to the previous five Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, it doesn't touch the sides (with each of those games scoring from 9-10 for me). However, if you're looking for a game that can easily topple the gameplay and replay value of this game, and have not played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky, I'd recommend playing that game instead, because this game does not deliver.

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MarchtheBurg Nov 24, 13
I can vouch for nearly every aspect of this.

The tiny (if you count 140+ as tiny) roster was painful. I'm not a genwunner or anything, but there aren't really that many gen5 Pokemon that I like. The one I really wanted, Lilligant, was only available post-game. My favorite Pokemon, Vaporeon, was absent.

I feel like the 3D graphics such the life out of the gameplay. This might just be an opinion of mine, but the old pixel style was just lovely.
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