Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

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A good game, nonetheless, lazily made when compared to Explorers of the Sky.

The good:

- Amazing graphics
- Quality of life changes to the dungeon crawling are a certain improvement
- Mini-games are a relatively fun addition
- Storyline is interesting whilst it lasts

The bad:

- Pokemon count is way too restrictive
- Paradise is too resource intensive for what it is
- The addition of DLC is just scummy
- Very, very easy to complete the main story and lacking in post game story


The opening scenes are...a work of art, and no less really. The detail put into the graphics is very evident. A nice part to the beginning of the story is that you ACTUALLY get to choose your own character, rather than having it determined by the game (or having to lie and use guides on how to get the desired Pokemon). On the other hand, you only have five choices, and guess what? Four out of five are from the fifth generation, which is only the beginning of the restrictive Pokemon count. Only 144 of 649 possible Pokemon appear in this game, which is an appalling selection, especially consi...


Just as good as the previous Mystery Dungeons!

The good:

The game starts out by making some slightly different gameplay choices from previous games by handing out small "in between" floor with puzzles to solve. Though directed at small children and being very easy, it's still nice to have a break from the regular floors. Unlike the previous games, you actually have some high quality cinematics now, but I guess that came with the 3DS technology and gives a nice edge to the game, especially during the Hydreigon scenes. You think the storyline is predictable at times but suddenly it turns out another way, actually giving a good plot.

The bad:

The concept of Pokemon Paradise is quite good and fun and all, but it's generally annoying to complete. And next to all that you have the materials needed to build stuff listed on the Bulletin Board requests leaving out the main rewards of the missions. Basically it takes away the hunt for regular items but does add a little mystery into what you are getting for completing the request. The worst thing you can find in the entire game are the paid dungeons. There are quite alot of dungeons exclusive to the people willing to pay for them, it's just a bad trick to make money. These dungeons are released at times by GameFreak and can be purchased and downloaded afterwards.


The game starts like every Mystery dungeon before it, a voice calling out to you to help the Pokemon world. Unlike the previous games you don't go through a quiz to determine what Pokemon you'll be, and for the best, the only down-side to it is that the list of Pokemon you can become is a lot smaller. The game starts with cinematics unlike you have ever seen in a Pokemon game (on an even higher level then Pokemon Black & White 2). You actually get movies where the characters are interacting, fighting, flying etc. making it fun to play through the storyline. The concept of the gameplay is mu...

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