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I choose you! Another Amazing PMD Game!


If this game was a film it would be a Blockbuster. Nintendo really went all out with this game and improved it from it's predecessor ten fold. All the new features, the story line, new playable characters and missions all made this game what I can see as the best PMD game so far, as even in the top 5 of my favourite games. Ever. So it's worth a buy.

Just like in the first game you are wake up after answering a few question as a Pokémon, but were once a human. A fellow Pokemon just so happens to find you unconscious on a beach and wakes you up. This Pokémon trusts you enough and you start t...



The good:

Well, there are many things to build on with the good section. Almost 2 years after Red&Blue rescue team, the graphics are better and the story line much longer. Here are a few reasons why you should buy this game.
*Great Graphics
*Long storyline
*More partners to choose
*New moves
*More recruitables
*No friend areas

The bad:

Well, there aren't many reason as to not get the game but there are a few that stand out. There are only a few bullet points in the section, but they are the main reasons why you shouldn't get this game.
*Wi-Fi is limited
*Gets boring after a while
*Seemingly predictable storyline
*Recruiting Pokemon seems to be tougher
Only a few reasons but those are the main ones why to not get this game.


Now these two games in the series are really unique as to the main games (such as Pokemon Diamond), which really makes them popular. The whole rescuing Pokemon and becoming Pokemon are the main reasons why they sold millions. There are specific aspects of the game that I will point out to you in categories, each shall get points out of 10.

Story: 7/10
Reason: Well, lets see here. Its about the same as the other game. You wake up somewhere not knowing where you are and a Pokemon that you choose finds you randomly. Choosing your partner will make all the difference in the game so it is imperati...

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