Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

How to beat Dialga and wich items you should use
Alot of people find it impossible to defeat Dialga be it there first time or there second time beating the game and alot of you blame it on the pokemon or what level they are but if you follow these tips and carry these items then you will find him quite easy.

First of all have as many reviver seeds as possible,and alot of sleep seeds.

If you can, teach one of your pokemon "dig" because it is effective against Dialga

Make sure your partner is using his best move and only that move

Keep throwing sleep seeds at Dialga and then use "dig", he only sleeps for around 2 moves so make sure you have got alot of sleep seeds

It would be best to stay close to him because if you go far away and cant do any short range attacks then he will use roar of time even more than he does

Just keep repeating the process and try not to waste your reviver seeds because if your partner dies you go too

If you do happen to die before the game has a chance to save the fact you just died, turn off your console and you will be where you last saved because if you dont do this your items will go and it will be really hard

I do this so i know it is effective ive completed the game with every pokemon and i use this alot, you could do this with every boss that you find hard so it helps you in the whole game.

hope this helps