Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

How to get to the Final Maze
After you do the Diagla mission, after the credits, there is more. play the game again and they'll give you another mission. Finish THAT Mission than Go into the Marowok Dojo. Right before you go in, they're might be a tremor. Your partner will ask Marowok something. The Hole you will see, Marowok will tell you a little story about that hole. He said that his grandfather once burried that hole because it was so dangoreos. Marowok asks you not to go in there. Well go in the hole. YOu might see a light. Touch the light. and it says:
Final Maze
So that's how you get to the final maze :-D (CAUTION You can not bring items in the dungoen. You'll lose it if you bring it with you. put all of your items in the Kangaskhan Storage. before going in there.)