Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

same to beat dialga like in 6 move (apromitly)
First save once your half way through the temporal tower.

Do this if u do not care about items and recomended that your pokemon is mudkip and partners is trecko.this is tips to beat dialga. don't mind anything in bag. just go through the floors and lvl up. if you get to dialga just try beat him. If u die between the floors and at dialga u will lose stuff in your bag but it doesn't matter. just continue to lvl until around lvl 45+ and when mudkip gets endeavor.

When you get at higher then this lvl its ok.Now this is the moves that you and your partner have to learn to beat dialga. You'll get these moves when u lvl up so don't wry. Mudkip= protect and endeavor. Trecko = detect. its also recomended that you have the iq move to step back if u miss.Now when you get to dialga. set the only move your partner can do is detect. and you only use protect and endeavor. also a bit of hydro pump after endevor. but be sure to put protect back on when it wares off. Use endeavor and it will do around 500dmg and do hydro pump 2 time (each around 75 dmg). Remember only set your partner to use detect.only 1-2 reviver seed also can win with none. Protect and detect blocks roar of time and u also get an extra attack so that makes up for the protect without being dmg. BEWARE:If you miss the protect you might get dmged but will take 2 moves to take you out by his moves.That why u need the iq step back when u miss.and then just use endeavor.

I know this helps ^^