Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Passwords

Item Pasword
Just Somthing I Found and thought you might wanna use

PasswordWhat it does
6K62 J2#X K3S= 07W1 ###6 9+WKUnlocks A Misson For A Yellow Jewel
XTQ2 3T9C QNW4 Q51F J=M+ C8+1Unlocks A Misson For A Ember Jewel
5FP9 4X0& 63PN +3H3 FWCR 761QUnlocks A Misson For A Emit Ring
%N8@ H+TK 5#S# 3 6&36 7F1&Unlocks A Misson For A Endure
&0RK 3KT= TQ9S 9%8+ =NSX +NSPUnlocks Easy Mission to Recruit Eevee