Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

The positives to poison
Hello, all and welcome all! I was playing my game and I started over because I wasn't Piplup! Any ways seeings I got Piplup I hadn't noticed what Wigglytuff gives you at the start of the game so I was wearing it and went on my mission and I noticed it would give you 5 exp with each time you were poisoned so I finished it and got tons of apples and poison+healing berries and when back in and got poisoned and ran around and killed pokemons and such but made sure to keep my health up and if things look grim heal the poison and your health so all in all!!! Get poisoned run around kill things with that exp band you get for every time your injured and you gain quick lvls i gained like 4 lvls in one mission!