Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

Really Easy Bosses
at the beginning of the game, pick cyndaquil as yourself or your partner. if you cant, try again. when it learns lava plume, use that in all the boss battles and monster houses to do a lot of damage and hit a lot of opponents. ive beaten every boss on the first try up to dialga (he needed two tries) with my partner cyndaquil. obviously you might not want to start over, so here are some good boss moves:
bulbasaur: leech seed, sleep powder
charmander: scary face, fire fang
squirtle: water pulse, bite
chikorita: magical leaf, body slam
cyndaquil: lava plume, flame wheel
totodile: ice fang, scary face
treecko: agility, slam
torchic: mirror move, focus energy
mudkip: water gun, mud-slap
turtwig: bite, leech seed
chimchar: flame wheel, torment
piplup: bubblebeam, brine
meowth: screech, slash
skitty: sing, charm
munchy: screech, body slam