Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

Beating Primal Dialga
Okay, here's what I did:
2.Sleep seeds and stun seeds help, but are not necessary.
3.Have at least two reviver seeds (It's optional, but it helps!!!)
4.When you get to him, switch your friends tactics to go after foes.
5.Go forward one space diagonally to your right (pray he doesn't use roar o' time)
6.Pummel him with attacks. (dig works especially well! Each hit did at least 250 HP damage)
7.Expect him to use roar of time a few times, but when you're down to 1/3 HP, overgrow, torrent, and blaze kick in and add onto the damage. I used 3 razor leaves, each doing about 115 HP damage.
8.You can also pick which moves your partner can use, so you can make them use dig, or whatever move you want.

This is just for the starters, but I know most of the other pokemon can learn dig, or fighting moves which do a TON of damage.
P.S. Dialga has the intimidate skill, so attacks may not work, but moves from two squares away won't be effected.