Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Cheats

1 way to beat Primal Dialga
1.Be sure to be lvl.45+.
2.Make sure you have powerful moves.
3.Go back to town and stock up on Reviver seeds, Vile seeds, Special Bands, Max Elixers, and Sleep seeds.
4.Figt your way through to get halfway up Temporal Tower.
5.Get to summit.
6.Move 1 space horizantaly hoping Dialga will not use Roar of Time and instead move diagonally down towards you.
7.Throw a Sleep seed @ Dialga. If it misses keep throwing.
8.Throw a Vile seed @ Dialga.
9.Use your strongest SPECIAL attacks, Make sure you already equiped your special bands to you and your partner.
10.If Dialga wakes up let him attack you till you have a ! on your head.
11.Throw another Sleep seed @ Dialga.
12.If you and your partner are Starters use your strongest special attacks. It shoud do 100+ damage.
13.Repeat steps 11 and 12 till you beat Dialga.
14.Enjoy the ending!!