Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

Luxaray Clan
Having trouble against Luxary and his clan to get Azuril's and Marill's Water Float? And your a water Pokemon like me? Then heres a tip.
In the Cave your in try to find 'Vaccum Cut'(it can hurt anybody in the room) ad teach it to your Leader. Then when you get to the middle(were the kangaskan save part is)SAVE so you havethe move. Then go 10 more floors up(not 3)and go against Luxaray and his Luxio's.Train to 18-20 and use vaccum cut 3 times will atleast do 15-18 damage.(15x3=45 they dont have alot of hp) and while you do that your partner will mostly attack Luxray and beat him.And walah in 3-5 more times your done! And to the next Chapter is Something about Grovyle. -HOPES THIS WORKS!