Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Tips

list of legendaries and their dungeons...
Articuno: mt. Avalanche, The Summit (event)
Zapdos: Amp Plains 7f
Moltres: Final Maze B40F
Mewtwo: Dark Crater B6F or Aegis Cave Pit B5F (Darkness only)
Mew: Mysterious Jungle, Interior (event)
Raikou: Conceal Ruins B20F or B29F
Entei: Deep Dark Crater B10F
Suicune: Final Maze B29F
Lugia: Enclosed Sea B18F
Ho-oh: Mt.Mistrall 19F
Celebi: Mystifying Forest 10F (Time only)
Regirock: Aegis Cave, Rock chamber
Regice: Aegis Cave, Ice chamber
Registeel: Aegis Cave, Steel chamber
Latias: Sky Fissure 10F or Joy Cape B10F
Latios: Sky Fissure Deepest Part B5F or Dark Night Forest B24F
Kyogre: Bottomless Sea, Bottom (event)
Groudon: Shimmering Desert, Interior (event)
Rayquaza: Sky Stairs, Summit (event)
Jirachi: Final Maze B23F
Deoxys: Shimmering Hill 17F
Uxie: Steam Cave Summit
Mesprit: Quicksand Cave, Underground Lake
Azelf: Great Crystal Passage, Crystal Lake
Dialga: Temporal Pinnacle
Palkia: Spacial Rift Bottom
Heatran: Giant Volcano, Summit (event)
Regigigas: Aegis, Regigigas's chamber
Giratina: The Great hole 30F (event)
Cresselia: Sharpedo Rock
Phione: Miracle Sea, Bottom
Manaphy: Sharpedo Rock
Darkrai: Mystic Forest 13F, Crevice Cave Deepest Part B2F, Miracle Sea B3F, Mt. Practice B17F and Sky Fissure B14F
Shaymin: (still unknown)
Arceus: (still unknown)