Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Cheats

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time cheat codes.


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Boss Passwords
Unlock Bosses, Super Rare items and new Dungeons. (Note: Items are obtained after defeating bosses)
PasswordWhat it does
FN01 HWN- 00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3Boss: Kyogre. Dungeon: Bottemless Sea. Item: Water Harmonica.
FH0T HYNH R0QF 86N8 +SY@ &%YNBoss: Heatran. Dungeon: Giant Volcano. Item: Fiery Drum.
78SR -H2M P0+4 Y6FY 1&Y+ #R9SBoss: Gabite. Dungeon: Maze Cave. Item: Gabite's Scale.
4MP= K98# CT%Y R@-- &P7% %K86Boss: Articuno. Dungeon: Mt. Avalanche Cave. Item: Ice Flute.
X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8KBoss: Mew. Dungeon: Mysterious Jungle. Item: Grass Trumpet.
#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7YBoss: Groudon. Dungeon: Shimmering Desert. Item: Earth Cymbal.
HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-Boss: Rayquaza. Dungeon: Sky Stairs. Item: Flying Pianaca.
WNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&CBoss: Giratina. Dungeon: World Abyss. Item: Rock Megaphone.
Item Passwords
Go to Wondermail at the main menu, then insert the passwords.
PasswordWhat it does
XMCR &=M@ 3MS3 W1HC QQMX P=W1Get a Golden Mask (helps you recruit pokemon)
J&NY %69W 46#0 MMR% 6KN& FW@FGet an Energy Ball TM
NSNT R=68 Y6== J-@H WQNF &83CDeepSeaScale (Evolves Clamperl into Gorrebyss)
75CX -RSX 1+YR TK@6 05S0 T1%YDeepSeaTooth (Evolves Clamperl into Huntail)
FK5Y @C=F 6RPY #J%S XQ10 9X-+Fire Stone (Evolves Certain Pokemon)
9#90 J8+& 7QR2 K0WY 99NX =QHTGold Ribbon
=+2W 989Y 2+-N 5J79 CX#N 8P34Golden Seed
=3TC XJPY SQ-+ %C%6 MR0Q %0P4Moon Stone (Evolves Certain Pokemon)
7=6M 72TX 87C9 @QF% XYQ4 F3=HMystery Part
PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=Mystery Part (Enigma Part)
T+89 ST%H #04& C967 9C#S FQ4JChimchar Egg
CK=F &7MS KJY7 HJ69 @%P@ N5#%Reviver Seed
C45M 99HN @@QJ N++6 TTK1 PYFHSun Ribbon and Unlock Lake Afar on the map
TX47 39Q@ TTWC W#3Q 6MTS 6H8TSecret Slab
S=W7 3&8S 2CSQ 0-7Y HP3+ H260Secret Slab (Secret Stoneplate)
2#30 0%&F 4K3P KP6H 8K74 Q#WMSun Stone (Evolves Certain Pokemon)
2#&@ H4TY 57=J 1FRT MW36 9=TKThunder Stone (Evolves Certain Pokemon)
XMCR &=M@ 3MS3 W1HC QQMX P=W1Golden Mask
Item Pasword
Just Somthing I Found and thought you might wanna use

PasswordWhat it does
6K62 J2#X K3S= 07W1 ###6 9+WKUnlocks A Misson For A Yellow Jewel
XTQ2 3T9C QNW4 Q51F J=M+ C8+1Unlocks A Misson For A Ember Jewel
5FP9 4X0& 63PN +3H3 FWCR 761QUnlocks A Misson For A Emit Ring
%N8@ H+TK 5#S# 3 6&36 7F1&Unlocks A Misson For A Endure
&0RK 3KT= TQ9S 9%8+ =NSX +NSPUnlocks Easy Mission to Recruit Eevee
Pokemon Recruitment Codes
Unlocks Jobs in which Pokemon, as a reward, will ask you to join your exploration team.
PasswordWhat it does
J445 H1NT 051@ J++3 30#7 8Q&PGranbull
J7J& F@TF 7MH7 52+3 =P@7 +66YBeedrill
T7&W 0YKQ 0J&0 @F@0 9KP& PP9-Blastoise
5CJ8 5YWM 60=5 =P4Y =S9M +R73Charizard
8PTK T6&& JYKR S4K1 3Q#@ 4-3MCrobat
YS+- HW6W HHNT 7&1T KC1Q 1N#MDragonite
+HNP 81C# 8SYM W2@+ XPC6 %2+PElectivire
Y1TX 7T+% T97% 9#5# %002 3JPSElectrike
C4RF CMYS 5NN6 4RTJ 8Y#- 1SXCFarfetch'd
#SMP WWQX #&7N Y0P4 SX4Y SRYQGarchomp
#Q05 C&NM Q-HR 622Y QCJJ R-N+Magby
7R+M -&R7 Y2Y# RW5M CQS4 NSSSPichu
XR2Y #==@ JYX% 3@2F Q8FQ R@M#Darkness Exclusive Burmy
H+5M 8JPY SKY+ %43M SJ&Q Y#+2Darkness Exclusive Buneary
8HTR MY9+ K6+@ NT=M 9Q6R 38@5Darkness Exclusive Rotom
MYX& FJY- WRQ2 TNP# CSXW @&-#Rayquaza
PasswordWhat it does
RC3@ -F8S 3CJP -FR3 42S1 2RCJRecruits spiritomb
Unlock New Dungeon Codes
Unlock New Dungeons to explore.
PasswordWhat it does
C45M 99HN @@QJ N++6 TTK1 PYFHUnlocks Lake Afar and gives you a Sun Ribbon
CX-- +YSJ M59X 5T9M 5@&K &5=7Unlocks Shimmer Hill
@0Y4 SXHQ 9QC7 35@H 3Q=M MHP0Unlocks Oran Forest
CC#N KYFX W0Y0 9&Y2 =YYR @H92Unlocks Lush Prairie
KNC& PXX2 W59% F=X6 @-6R 2RS7Unlocks Serenity River
SNYK F+3- ##R& &X5T RM6J 9-RFUnlocks Tiny Meadow


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Brown Bow
You are lucky I posted this for you.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Brown BowFinish Final Maze and Marowak will reward you Brown Bow


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Absorb, Giga Drain Mega drain
If you keep dying then be a grass type and learn Absorb giga drain and mega drain
Aegis Cave
Aegis cave is easy once you no what to do.
you need the correct stones to the markings on the tablets
the 3 regis are easy(ice, rock then steel)
regigas is hard because he has loads of hitmonlie and bronzong
team charm help you but they die easily and they dont use your revevior seeds
you can use the move overheat for any fire
blizzard for any water
lava pump for cynaquial learns it
vacuum cut for anyone
they are the best moves.
try to kill them first before regigas because he is easy.
beware because cresillia and darkri is next
Aegis Cave- Beating Regigas
Once you have saved manaphy, and before you meet team charm. Go to the beach and meet lapras. brave the many dungeons and defeat dialga.

Before going to aegis cave make dialga the leader. Then when you get to regigigas, use roar of time 4 times, get close to him and use dragon claw as many times as needed.

Beat Bosses Easy
How to beat bosses
1. Get lots of reviver seeds(brine cave), oran berries(oran forest, Mt bristle), heal seeds(missions, random places) and sleep seeds(early dungeons).
2. If you can learn mirror move LEARN IT!!!!! If the boss uses a move(not regular attack) it will bounce back and won't hurt you.
3. use the sleep seed
4. have someone use mirror move
5. If you're vs dialga use dig
6. If you didn't already do it, link moves
7. If it wakes up keep using sleep seeds

P.S You should also use the items when needed.
beating bosses
all u need is a sleep seed ive done it with all bosses except luxray and wigglypuff then u just keep att it with your best move untill its fainted it also helps it u have a quick seed
Beating Dialga in 2 minutes
Have a half bag of Reviver Seeds (Brine Cave, common). Have quarter full of Sleep Seeds. Then Max Elixers filling up the last spots.

Treecko- Use Agility for more turns
Bulbsaur- Use Sleep Powder or Stun Spore
Others- Use items and Orans. You'll need them and also watch out for his 'Roar of Time'. It inflicts the whole but leaves Dialga giving a free hit.

Good Luck!
Beating Primal Dialga
Okay, here's what I did:
2.Sleep seeds and stun seeds help, but are not necessary.
3.Have at least two reviver seeds (It's optional, but it helps!!!)
4.When you get to him, switch your friends tactics to go after foes.
5.Go forward one space diagonally to your right (pray he doesn't use roar o' time)
6.Pummel him with attacks. (dig works especially well! Each hit did at least 250 HP damage)
7.Expect him to use roar of time a few times, but when you're down to 1/3 HP, overgrow, torrent, and blaze kick in and add onto the damage. I used 3 razor leaves, each doing about 115 HP damage.
8.You can also pick which moves your partner can use, so you can make them use dig, or whatever move you want.

This is just for the starters, but I know most of the other pokemon can learn dig, or fighting moves which do a TON of damage.
P.S. Dialga has the intimidate skill, so attacks may not work, but moves from two squares away won't be effected.
Beating Primal Dialga WITHOUT Reviver Seeds
Requirements: Sleep seed(s) or any other status seeds,Vile Seed, and Violent Seed.

You will encounter Dialga at the top of Temporal Tower and without bringing any reviver seeds would take such a long time to finish (chance of dungeon stuck unless you give up). If you have any other moves like smokescreen or double team that will increase your chance of survival and evasion then these steps should be really easy for you (except when Dialga's IQ Intimidator sometimes doesn't affect smokescreen into it).
First step is to buff up first before battling Dialga this will make your move very handy while Dialga was still away from you. When in range you can possibly throw away status seeds and take over advantage with it. While Dialga suffer from status problem you can use the Vile Seed and Violent Seed in order to maximize your potential attack. Attack with the best damage and if possible 2x effective against Dialga. When you do this Dialga would only last up to 2-3 turns for you(depending on the move type you used).
Blizzard Island - Post Ending
To get Blizzard Island you must first graduate from the guild, beat Mystifying Forest, then do a job, and go to sleep (at least twice). Then, talk to Mr. Mime (near the Kecleon Market).
Poke'mon at Blizzard Island:
Golduck, Marill, Azumarill, Sneasal, Piloswine, Delibird, Smoochum, Vigoroth, Azurill, Nosepass, Swablu, Snowrunt, Piplup, and Castform.
There is mostly water and poke'mon here of low levels, bring a trusty fire type to knockem' out easily.

Once you reach the 20th floor of Blizzard Island you'll go strait to Crevice Cave.
Crevice Cave-
Golduck, Jynx, Marill, Azumarill, Sneasal, Swinub, Piloswine, Delibird, Smoochum, Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Azurill, Nosepass, Swablu, Alataria, Zangoose, Snowrunt, Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, Snover, Weavile, Glaceon, and Mamoswine.

Froslass, an ice and ghost poke'mon, lv. 41, ability: Snow Coat.
Note- watch out, Normal attacks only due half of the damage they would usualy do!
Boss Help
If you ever get the chance to learn endeavor LEARN IT. This only works on pokemon who have a lot more HP than you(a.k.a. bosses).
Use this as your first attack once you are right in front of the boss. Only use it once.
For example, when I tried it against Dialga it did more than 500 damage.
How this works:
Endeavor's damage is the opponents HP minus your HP. Let's say your a lv.40 mudkip. You probably have about 110 HP. Dialga has about 650.
650-110=540. That's a ton of damage!

Changing your team name
Ever wanted to change your team name without starting over? Well, it's possible! I'll tell you how.
  1. go to the main menu
  2. go to Exploration Record
  3. go to Rename team
  4. Rename your team
after that I went from team Underdogs to team Triumphice
Crazy richness
A good way to make money for bosses and hard jobs is to use the lost loot code ever day ( in the game ) and sell the loot each day. It will get you 20,000 before you know it! i got filthy stinkin rich from it. 250,000 when i was level 11.
Dark Dialga
Go near him or put him to sleep on the first turn - Or he will use roar of time. Just a tip for those who like using Dig and then the enemy comes closer strat.
Darkrai help
Here are a few things you should know about darkrai:

1: Darkrai is level 53.

2: he is a dark type pokemon,so add someone on your team that is super effective on dark.

3:train as much as you can to defeat him, even though he is level 47.

4: bring many stun and sleep seeds to increase your chances of getting a hit.

Follow these tips and I know you can defeat him easily <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />
Defeating Dialga
Dialga too hard for you? Well, it's actually really easy when you know how.

All you need is to make it to Dialga with a few reviver seeds, make sure your moves are linked & you have a good supply of Oran Berries & sleep seeds.

Now, wait for Dialga to get into your line of sight, then throw a sleep seed at him, he should fall asleep, now's your chance to beat him up a bit, when he wakes up, throw another seed at him, keep doing this until he is defeated. Oh, & don't forget to heal yourself when necassary.
Easy level up!!
1.You need stamina band and many apples
2.Go to any dungeon that have strong pokemon
3.Give the stamina band to your leader
4.Go beside the stairway
5.Hold A and B til "Something's Stirring" and hold it when many pokemon comes
6.Do this in every floor and you will be level up in no time!!!!
Easy levels
Easy Levels
1. Make yourself or your partner pickachu.
2. Teach pichachu discharge. It helps to use ginseg on it
3. Go to temporal tower and find (yes i meam find) monster houses
4. Use discharge. It will kill or greatly damage every enemy in the room.
5. You get tons of exp points and you level up way faster. It went from 40 when I in to 53.
Taa-Daah! Easy Levels.
Easy Recruiting: Darkrai
Items you need:

1. Golden Mask or Amber Tear. (give it to your leader)
2. Mystery part or secret slab (keep it in the tool box)
3. Reviver seeds (2,3 or more!!!)


1. Pokemon thats 60 above
2. Strong pokemon

P.S. Bring legends if you want. I brought my starter for me.


1. Go to Crevice cave (the deeper part of crevice cave / lower crevice cave B2F)
2. If you see the Kangshkanan rock, save because it is kind off hard to get Darkrai.
3. If you see Darkrai, use a long distance attack or either make him go close to you.
4. If you succeed, Darkrai will be lv 50+

P.S. If you don't succed in recruiting Darkrai, turn off the DS and repeat go to lower Crevice cave B2F again. Do steps 2-3 if you still don't recruit Darkrai.

Good Luck in recruiting Darkrai <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
I recruited Darkrai in just 4 turns!!!
easy reviver seeds for boss battles
if you are struggling with a boss battle(darkrai, for example), you can go to the hidden laberynth(use the wonder mail codes in this section), and stock up on apples. then explor the entire floor each time. theres a whole bunch of reviver seeds. go through a bunch of times and violla! revived alot!
If you're having trouble with sentry duty,then every time they ask you to tell you "who's footprint is it" then wait a while look at the bottom and it gives you a hint about the pokemon.Well, nice huh.Do this on every one of the footprints!!!!
Easy Stealing from Kecleon Shops!
Trust me, stealing from any dungeon's Kecleon shops is incredibly easy. Just bring a pure seed, stash your partner near the stairs using the tactic wait there (you don't want them getting in the way), pick up the stuff u wanna steal, and WITHOUT LEAVING THE RED RUG eat the pure seed to warp to the stairs. I've done it thousands of times. Also to get free money, you can sell Kecleon any ribbons, boxes, or Tm's and then steal them back. Kecleon shops are mostly found in Waterfall Cave, Mystifying Forest, and Apple Woods. Good luck!!!

Hope this helps <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy way to beat ALL the legends
If you have trouble defeating a legend use this:

1: Have A LOT of reviver seeds (the half bag or more)
2: Have 6-8 sleep seeds
3: Be sure to have a long distance attack

Then go to the Boss and when the boss is in a line in front of you do this:

1: Use you long distance attack
2: When it is in front of you throw a sleep seed
3: Then use you strongest attack
4: When it wake up throw another sleep seed

It worked for me.
easy way to beat darkrai
First you will need allaot of gummies. You will need to keep eating the gummies until your pokemon learns body guard. Next you will either need an AR or allot of reviver seeds. What body guard will do is your pokemon takes the damge if Darkrai attacks Cresselia. And that is where the reviver seeds come in handy.
Those who have the game may have noticed by now that certain special missions will reward you with an egg!

To hatch it simply take it to Chansey's Hut. After waiting a few in-game days go back and you will find that the egg has hatched into the base form of one of the Pokemon found in that Dungeon!
Extra Money at Beginning of Game
As you know, you will be rather low on money once you begin the game. After you sign-up for the guild, and you gain access to Treasure Town, I recommend selling the two items that Wigglytuff gave you: a Bow (color is the one you can change on your DS), and a Band of type. If you get a Zinc Band at the beginning of the game, you're in for very easy money.
Find the Stairs Easily!
Once you get a certain level of IQ, you'll learn a skill called STAIR SENSOR. On a floor of the next dungeon, you'll see an arrow pointing in the direction of the stairs. Follow the arrow and you'll be out of the dungeon or 2 your destination in no time! This totally works 4 hard dungeons!! ;.}}
Golden Seeds and Joy seeds
Golden seeds raise your level by 5 and Joy seeds raise your level by 1. There are some passwords on this site to get many of them and the quests are only on Mt. Bristle, so almost anyone can do them!!!
P.S. I just went into the future after catching grovyle and im already lv. 100!!!!
Guild Diary's
Go back to the sleeping area afte you graduate from the guild. Go into the two rooms off the main hallway and there should be a peice of paper. Depending on what room you went to it should be Sunflora's Diary or Bidoof's Diary. It's their thoughts on things that happened in the story line. Not really a cheat or tip...I just thought it was interesting to read.
Help with Monster House
You need Foe-Hold orbs obtainable only in Time version and when there is a monster house use the Foe-Hold orb which paralyzes all of the enemieas on the floor and the paralysis wears off only when you attack them.

Note: Your partner/s won't attack anyone until you do.
Help with Monster Houses
Okay so I bet you've died at least once when you walked into a room and were bombarded by wild Pokemon. Here is a tip to help you live through monster houses.

When you walk into a monster house tell all your partners to run away then when there out of the way walk into a hallway and then tell your partners to come back and so when your in the hallway you only have to fight one Pokemon at a time so you won't get ganged up on.

Hope this helps
how i got my leader and my partner to level 100 easily
first, i keep raising them until they came to lvl. 50+. then i used joy seeds equally among the two. then, i went on missions which rewards me golden seeds then i shared them among the two. in case i ran out of them, i beat bosses in the story (dusknoir, dialga) and the post-endings.(palkia, dusknoir, regis) this is easy. i just showed the tip in case u dont know how to make pokemon lvl. up easily.
How To Beat Bosses With Ease!
I started a new game, and a Girafirag wanted to join me...
I just said ok, so it joined, but this monster has directly an awesome move!
Named: Agility!

Get a monster with Agility (e.g. Girafirag)
Then link some moves with it( Set Agility as first 1)
Then when she uses it, your movement should be doubled...
You can do it over and over, i came to quadruple.
If u have triple, u can attack 3 times before it the boss may attack you.

I defeated EVERY boss thanks to that... I made myself Lvl32 when I was out of Chasm cave.

Make Girafirag a level so she isn't easy to kill
Don't Plvl Girafirag with the Golden Seeds, Just go to the gym. And use linked moves.
Remember Girafirag is only a buffer (booster) So don't try to learn her new moves so she forgets Agility (Unless the pikachu is somewhere between lvl 20~40... It should learn Agility then.

Please make this TIP, Verified.
How to beat Dialga and wich items you should use
Alot of people find it impossible to defeat Dialga be it there first time or there second time beating the game and alot of you blame it on the pokemon or what level they are but if you follow these tips and carry these items then you will find him quite easy.

First of all have as many reviver seeds as possible,and alot of sleep seeds.

If you can, teach one of your pokemon "dig" because it is effective against Dialga

Make sure your partner is using his best move and only that move

Keep throwing sleep seeds at Dialga and then use "dig", he only sleeps for around 2 moves so make sure you have got alot of sleep seeds

It would be best to stay close to him because if you go far away and cant do any short range attacks then he will use roar of time even more than he does

Just keep repeating the process and try not to waste your reviver seeds because if your partner dies you go too

If you do happen to die before the game has a chance to save the fact you just died, turn off your console and you will be where you last saved because if you dont do this your items will go and it will be really hard

I do this so i know it is effective ive completed the game with every pokemon and i use this alot, you could do this with every boss that you find hard so it helps you in the whole game.

hope this helps

HOw to beat dialga in 1 minutes- works for all bosses
1. make sure you have a ground or fire type pokemon or a vile seed
2. Get a bag full of reviver seeds( just in case)
3. get 4-6 sleep seeds and a stun seed
4. confront dialga
5. let dialga move first and when he is in front of you, throw a stun seed and run away
6. Throw a vile seed until it hits him, and when he gets near you, throw a sleep seed and attack him.
7.repeat the procees and you destroy your enemy!

ps. Come back after you beat him and best him again and he joins your team!
this works for all legendary pokemon!
how to beat GROUDON(for begginers only)
if you picked pikachu as your hero/leader make sure you get a grass type for a partner(i picked chikorita),anyway,so here's how to beat groudon:
1.make sure you are level 15+(i was at level 18 so it was just a piece of cake)
2.have at lest TWO reviver seeds(no need for vile seeds)
3(optional).Teach dig and iron tail to pickachu(link if possible)
4.link tackle,reflect and razor leaf
5.destrroy that stupid groudon
how to beat mew
go to mystery jungle go up 30 floors have a pokemon on your team that has a long range attack (flamethrower,razor leaf) wiat till mew comes to you use strong 1space attack i used fire blast use long range attack a few more times and walla mew is beat he will give you a grass cornet if you beat him 2 time he might join your team
How to get past monster houses easily.
To get past monster houses you need a pokemon like pikachu so he can learn discharge. Pikachu learns discharge at lvl 37 and it damages all the eild pokemon in the room. when i use it it hits them with a 90- 150 so its pretty affectful. Hope that helps
how to get reviver seeds easily.
one way to get reviver seeds is to get every footprint right in sentry duty. I got 3 reviver seeds after completing it 3 times.
How to get to the Final Maze
After you do the Diagla mission, after the credits, there is more. play the game again and they'll give you another mission. Finish THAT Mission than Go into the Marowok Dojo. Right before you go in, they're might be a tremor. Your partner will ask Marowok something. The Hole you will see, Marowok will tell you a little story about that hole. He said that his grandfather once burried that hole because it was so dangoreos. Marowok asks you not to go in there. Well go in the hole. YOu might see a light. Touch the light. and it says:
Final Maze
So that's how you get to the final maze :-D (CAUTION You can not bring items in the dungoen. You'll lose it if you bring it with you. put all of your items in the Kangaskhan Storage. before going in there.)
How to organize your items
to organize your items, go to your treasure bag and press [SELECT]
How to steal a bunch of items from Kecleon
1. Find a floor in a dungeon that has Kecleon.
2. Find the stairs on that floor.
3. Use a Trawl Orb (brings in all items on floor
4. "Someone stole from us!!!"
5. Quickly pick up all the items you saw at Kecleons
6. Go up/down the stairs.
If you do not get the items fast enough very very strong Kecleons will come and attack you! You only can hit 1 HP on them at a time and they are very strong !!!
How to steal all items from a Kecleon mart in a dungeon
You first find a dungeon with a kecleon Mart.
You then get right next to the stairs in the dungeon with a trawl orb in your bag
Use this orb and kecleon will soon come after you
collect all these items and run up the stairs
Hope this helps you with the items you want!
How to Survive with Chimchar & Turtwig as your Choice.
If you have a chimchar or a turtwig teach them one of these moves

Chimchar: Dig, or heat wave (dig effective against dialga) (heatwave damages many pokemon for example in a monster house)

Turtwig: Solarbeam or Razor Leaf (Solarbeam is very effictive it helped me defeat groudon) (Razorleaf can damage water pokemon.It is super effective. Also You can use the move from far away!
Putting on a status effect like hail works well, as the Keckleons will all get hurt even before you steal from it. Also, if you use a fixed-damage attack, it works better because normal strong attacks are like 2HP.

The best combo is Mindreader+sheer cold though, but never use a one-room orb if you do that. Surrouding Kecleon start surrounding you = Dead Pokémon!
list of legendaries and their dungeons...
Articuno: mt. Avalanche, The Summit (event)
Zapdos: Amp Plains 7f
Moltres: Final Maze B40F
Mewtwo: Dark Crater B6F or Aegis Cave Pit B5F (Darkness only)
Mew: Mysterious Jungle, Interior (event)
Raikou: Conceal Ruins B20F or B29F
Entei: Deep Dark Crater B10F
Suicune: Final Maze B29F
Lugia: Enclosed Sea B18F
Ho-oh: Mt.Mistrall 19F
Celebi: Mystifying Forest 10F (Time only)
Regirock: Aegis Cave, Rock chamber
Regice: Aegis Cave, Ice chamber
Registeel: Aegis Cave, Steel chamber
Latias: Sky Fissure 10F or Joy Cape B10F
Latios: Sky Fissure Deepest Part B5F or Dark Night Forest B24F
Kyogre: Bottomless Sea, Bottom (event)
Groudon: Shimmering Desert, Interior (event)
Rayquaza: Sky Stairs, Summit (event)
Jirachi: Final Maze B23F
Deoxys: Shimmering Hill 17F
Uxie: Steam Cave Summit
Mesprit: Quicksand Cave, Underground Lake
Azelf: Great Crystal Passage, Crystal Lake
Dialga: Temporal Pinnacle
Palkia: Spacial Rift Bottom
Heatran: Giant Volcano, Summit (event)
Regigigas: Aegis, Regigigas's chamber
Giratina: The Great hole 30F (event)
Cresselia: Sharpedo Rock
Phione: Miracle Sea, Bottom
Manaphy: Sharpedo Rock
Darkrai: Mystic Forest 13F, Crevice Cave Deepest Part B2F, Miracle Sea B3F, Mt. Practice B17F and Sky Fissure B14F
Shaymin: (still unknown)
Arceus: (still unknown)
little water shortcuts
When in any dungeon that has water cut the corners of the water (only if your a water or flying pokemon!!!!!) this saves valuble time and turns.
careful when your in the water, if you try swap places with your partner it will ask you if u want to swap places say no just go diagnally. hope it helps <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Lost Loot
MX02 8-NS K1T5
XW9Y #39P P#78

Rescue Azumarril and Reward is Lost Loot.
Not really a hint or tip.
Lots of Money at Beginning of Game
At the beginning of the game, you will have little money. After you complete the Spoink mission, Spoink will give you 3 stat boosting items. Sell these at the Kecleon Market for 1,200 Poke. This will help you buy Reviver Seeds from the very start.
Luxaray Clan
Having trouble against Luxary and his clan to get Azuril's and Marill's Water Float? And your a water Pokemon like me? Then heres a tip.
In the Cave your in try to find 'Vaccum Cut'(it can hurt anybody in the room) ad teach it to your Leader. Then when you get to the middle(were the kangaskan save part is)SAVE so you havethe move. Then go 10 more floors up(not 3)and go against Luxaray and his Luxio's.Train to 18-20 and use vaccum cut 3 times will atleast do 15-18 damage.(15x3=45 they dont have alot of hp) and while you do that your partner will mostly attack Luxray and beat him.And walah in 3-5 more times your done! And to the next Chapter is Something about Grovyle. -HOPES THIS WORKS!
To get MEGA MONEY you need tons of one room orbs or a mobile scarf.
1.enter a higher level dungeon(waterfall cave for example)
2.put on mobile scarf or use one room orb
3(1). if you use mobile scarf run around but don't go into wall.If you stop,go into surrounding wall.(Note. it could be anything!)
3(2).If you use one room orb,DON'T steal from Kekleon(YOU WILL DIE!!!)
4.Collect your loot
Miracle Sea
this is a tip for the miracle sea. if you wan to finish it, recruit a Lumineon. lumineons ability, Storm Drain, absorbs all water type attacks so you dont take any damage. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
monser house
have if u have something that can petrify everything in the room or make everything teleport in the room. if u have nether just warp somewhere and hope for te best
Monster House
Hey you guys! If you're still at a low level and you end up in a monster house! Just use a spurn orb to warp all the pokemon to a different place!
Hope it helps! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Monster house smash
use Totter Orbs and other orbs while your partner smashes them up
Monster House Tip
When you enter a room (or are placed there via Warp Trap or Stairway, etc..) and it says: 'It's a Monster House!', and you are Typhlosion/Cyndaquil/Quilava, then use Lava Plume when you are surrounded. Also, Dark Pulse, or any of the other moves that hit all 4 tiles around the user are the best way to kill all of your opponents. Also, try a Spurn Orb or a Petrify Orb or a Shocker Orb.

Hope this helps you. Good Luck.
Monster Houses
If you have trouble in Monster Houses, just bring a few Petrify Orbs or Spurn Orbs. The pokemon will be petrified (unable to do anything) until you attack them. Luckily, nobody in your team will attack a petrified pokemon.

Beware of some weather (like Hail), current status effects (like Poison), and other pokemon just walking into the Monster House (like Loudred with Uproar). All can unpetrify the pokemon.
Monster Houses.
Have you gotten really far in a dungeon, and then its thrown away by just walking into the wrong room? Well here is a way to fix that!

1. bring Spurn/Petrify orbs on big adventures, especially Temporal Tower/ Hidden Land.

2. When you run into a monster house, use the orb and all enemies are paralyzed until attacked.

3 a. set your partner and/or team members to the "het away from here" tactic.

3 b. if the room had an itme you really want or the stairs, fight your way through alone. If you have a partner help, it will attack enemies not needed to fight and overwhelm your team. fight 1 by 1 through the pokemon to get ot where you need to.

Hope this helps~
Multiple Use of Gummies
1. Get something that will give you Pierce status (Pierce Orb, Pierce Band, the Pierce Thrower IQ skill, etc.) but only have one item for Pierce.
2. Have a Pokemon you don't need to raise the IQ of have the Pierce item.
3. Fill the rest of your inventory with Gummies (works best with 6-page inventory).
4. Go to Beach Cave.
5. Have the 3 Pokemon who you want to raise the IQ of in a straight line behind you and give yourself Pierce status.
6. Finally throw the Gummies through your 3 allies to increase their IQ all at once, if it doesn't miss one of them.
Pokemon Exclusive Items
Items can add a lot to a Pokemon, whether it helps to last longer or to do more damage or something else. There are some items that only work on certain Pokemon, and are great for those Pokemon. You can get many of these via Treasue Chest, eg. Charmander's Claw, Squirtle's Bubble, Pikachu's Fur..
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2: How To Beat Primal Dialga
Once you get to Primal Dialga, it may be hard if you don't have any Reviver Seeds or Oran Berries, but it is not impossible!

*You should be level 43+ if you want a chance.
*Try to find Quick Seeds, they can be very helpful for beating Primal Dialga!
*When meeting Dialga, use a Quick Seed, or it will be very hard to defeat him if you don't have Reviver Seeds or Oran Berries
*Try to use long-distance attacks while the Quick Seed is still working
*Primal Dialga will usually always use the "Roar of Time" - It usually won't KO yourself, but sometimes your partner
*Use Sleep Seeds whenever possible
PP slow reacharge
Breath taker makes so when you go to the next floor you have more PP for all of your moves. it is usually only 1 PP
Quick level ups
OK this is a little insne but in the begining when you first meet your partner insted of just skiping through and going fast. battle as many pokemon as you can then just before you go to the final floor and just die. then you get to go through all over again but you get to be a higher level each time you go. in order to to get a really high level at places like where drowse and luxray are you just keep going through and doing what I said above. Trust me my pokemon Where like Level 75 when I fought Dialga for the first time.
Really Easy Bosses
at the beginning of the game, pick cyndaquil as yourself or your partner. if you cant, try again. when it learns lava plume, use that in all the boss battles and monster houses to do a lot of damage and hit a lot of opponents. ive beaten every boss on the first try up to dialga (he needed two tries) with my partner cyndaquil. obviously you might not want to start over, so here are some good boss moves:
bulbasaur: leech seed, sleep powder
charmander: scary face, fire fang
squirtle: water pulse, bite
chikorita: magical leaf, body slam
cyndaquil: lava plume, flame wheel
totodile: ice fang, scary face
treecko: agility, slam
torchic: mirror move, focus energy
mudkip: water gun, mud-slap
turtwig: bite, leech seed
chimchar: flame wheel, torment
piplup: bubblebeam, brine
meowth: screech, slash
skitty: sing, charm
munchy: screech, body slam
If you're in a dungeon, and you've taken a lot of damage, to recover all your HP, just stop and press A repeatedly. It will take a few turns to recover, but it will work.
reviver seed help
Do you get annoyed when pokemon pick up reviver seeds and you cant't get them cause if they die the use it? Problem solved! Get a Gligar, Skorupi, ect, and teach it Knock off. Then when a pokemon picks up a reviver seed, just use Knock Off! Hope this helped!<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
same to beat dialga like in 6 move (apromitly)
First save once your half way through the temporal tower.

Do this if u do not care about items and recomended that your pokemon is mudkip and partners is trecko.this is tips to beat dialga. don't mind anything in bag. just go through the floors and lvl up. if you get to dialga just try beat him. If u die between the floors and at dialga u will lose stuff in your bag but it doesn't matter. just continue to lvl until around lvl 45+ and when mudkip gets endeavor.

When you get at higher then this lvl its ok.Now this is the moves that you and your partner have to learn to beat dialga. You'll get these moves when u lvl up so don't wry. Mudkip= protect and endeavor. Trecko = detect. its also recomended that you have the iq move to step back if u miss.Now when you get to dialga. set the only move your partner can do is detect. and you only use protect and endeavor. also a bit of hydro pump after endevor. but be sure to put protect back on when it wares off. Use endeavor and it will do around 500dmg and do hydro pump 2 time (each around 75 dmg). Remember only set your partner to use detect.only 1-2 reviver seed also can win with none. Protect and detect blocks roar of time and u also get an extra attack so that makes up for the protect without being dmg. BEWARE:If you miss the protect you might get dmged but will take 2 moves to take you out by his moves.That why u need the iq step back when u miss.and then just use endeavor.

I know this helps ^^
Saving up items
(I do this myself)
When you start the game you really cant do much but after a while after you have done a few missions you will have enough money to buy good items like reviver seeds so buy them and store them and dont touch them for the hidden land wich is very hard.If you are in a tight spot in the game you can take something out but not much. Just keep doing this and saving up your items and you will have loads of things for your journey in the hidden land

This helped me alot so i know it works
Hope i helped
Sentry Duty
This cheat is for those who finished the game. Ok some days you don't have anything to do but you have to do something in order to progress through the game. So what do you do? You talk to Loudred ( the one who wakes you up ) and you may do sentry duty (a mini game where you guess the pokemon's footprint).

<span class="wikilists">
  • the best part about this game is if you guess all the footprints you'll get reviver seed and other neat stuff!!</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
Showing a few more pokemon as your pokemon
When your choosing a partner in the beginning of the game click one of the pokemon shown on the touch screen and click "no" if you do that there is a few more pokemon that you can choose on the touch screen.
Stair Sensor IQ
You are lucky I posted this:The Stair Sensor IQ can be get by Piplup.(Im not sure if only Piplup has it).You can get it by giving Piplup five-star Iq(Im not sure either).
Starters Nature
These are the required natures to get the starter Pokemon:


Jolly = Totodile
Hardy = Torchic
Relaxed = Muchlax
Rash = Mudkip
Impish = Piplup
Calm = Chikorita
Sassy = Meowth
Naive = Chimchar
Lonely = Bulbasaur
Brave = Pikachu
Quirky = Squirtle
Timid = Cyndaquil
Quiet = Treeko
Docile = Charmander
Bold = Turtwig
Hasty = Skitty


Jolly = Munchlax
Hardy = Treeko
Impish = Chimchar
Brave = Charmander
Quiet = Chikorita
Calm = Cyndaquil
Docile = Bulbasaur
Quirky = Piplup
Sassy = Totodile
Lonely = Mudkip
Naive = Skitty
Relaxed = Meowth
Timid = Turtwig
Rash = Torchic
Bold = Squirtle
Hasty = Pikachu
Stats Glitch
This glitch allows you to boost the stats of anyone on your team! All you need is a partner you can faint in a dungeon and a stat-boosting item like a Zinc or Special Band.

First, accept a mission (bounties work best) and go into the dungeon with a faintable partner. Equip the stat-boosting item to the partner and get to the objective floor on the mission. Then, right before completing the mission, have your partner faint while holding the stat-boosting item. Now complete the mission. When you wake up the next day check your partners stats. It should still be red (which means the item is still equipped). Even though the stats say an item is equipped, you can still equip other items and the stats will stay boosted!
Steal items from kecleon markets (dungeons)
Saw something at the kecleon market but can't afford it? Or did you just put all of your money in the bank? If you brought a trawl orb, then you might be able to get those items you always wanted! Just go near the stairs, then use the trawl orb, collect everything, and then flee! Don't worry, that kecleon won't chase you on the next floor! If the kecleon market is somewhere near the stairs, just throw a warp seed at it or use a warp orb at it.
Sticky Trap Fix
No problem; just go to a kecleon mat in the dungeon and place the sticky item on the mat. Kecleon will pay you for the unusable item like it was new!
The Final Maze legendaries
Ever wondered who the 3 legendaries in the Final Maze are? Read this to find out.

23f - Jirachi
28f - Suicune
40f - Moltres

The Final Maze is 48 floors long and you cannot take any items or money along with you.

The dungeon can be found in the Marowak Training Dojo, It cannot be unlocked in the main part of the storyline
The positives to poison
Hello, all and welcome all! I was playing my game and I started over because I wasn't Piplup! Any ways seeings I got Piplup I hadn't noticed what Wigglytuff gives you at the start of the game so I was wearing it and went on my mission and I noticed it would give you 5 exp with each time you were poisoned so I finished it and got tons of apples and poison+healing berries and when back in and got poisoned and ran around and killed pokemons and such but made sure to keep my health up and if things look grim heal the poison and your health so all in all!!! Get poisoned run around kill things with that exp band you get for every time your injured and you gain quick lvls i gained like 4 lvls in one mission!
Trading Items
Items cannot be directly traded one for another but there is other ways.

1. Send items as part of a Thank You note

2. Trade with a friend in the same room over local wireless
Training easily in the beggining
Train at Marowak Dojo when you reach level 20
Then link all moves together. You should get around 3 levels in 10 minutes


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Enemies attacking while on stairs
This Glitch might not be one, but I'll tell you anyway. I found out that if you don't save at a Khanskan rock, enemies attack you on while you're on the stairs and sometimes you faint while you're on the stairs.
exclusive pokemon
Some cheats say that there are Pokemon that you can get on darkness/time e.g. rotom,burmy,lopbunny. But actually when you type in a code to recruit a Pokemon ,who u apparently can't get on your version, it actually works and u can actually recruit the Pokemon. This doesn't work with mewtwo or celbi. I have explorers of time and have recruited Rotom.
Next time you are in treasure town, take a look at this oddity!
Go between the electivire link shop and the duskskull bank. Then go up as high as you can. You should see a little tipi thing. Look carefully to the right. You should see half a pot!
Kecleon Joins You For One Floor
You can make a kecleon be on ur team for 1 floor without properly recruiting one. Here's how:

Go to a dungeon that has exploding pokemon (the cave after agis cave is good) and get to the floor with the kecleons. Buy all the items there, then get you and your team right next to kecleon. Hold a and b until you lure pokemon that self destruct.

If the pokemon dont explode do step 4 again. If they do then make sure the explosion hit kecleon. It does like 80 damage. When the kecleon get hit with the explosion, he will become afraid and follow your team for 1 floor (his pokemon name wont show on your team list and he wont talk to anyone).
steal an item from a job!
dont understand the title? here's how you do the glitch.

1. get an outlaw job involving a stolen item
2.when you defeat the outlaw, get the item.
3. you will notice it is sticky. use a cleanse orb.
4.and now you have it for yourself!

I got a TM doing this!

Easter eggs

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hilarious lvl up(s) + items
Alright so go to a dungeon with a team of pokemon ,with a recommended lvl of atleast 40, that can go on the special area in that dungeon including: sky spaces(air types), water spaces(water types), lava(fire types), or walls(ghost types).

Make sure all team mebers know ranged moves and go around the floors until you find a kelceon mat nearby some special spaces, so steal the items run with your partners possibly getting killed but keep your leader alive and stay atleats 2 tiles into the special spaces and kill the angry mob of kelceon that appear with ranged attacks then when you get bored use petrify orbs to get to the stairs and VIOLA, lots of lvl ups AND a bunch of items FREE!!!


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1 way to beat Primal Dialga
1.Be sure to be lvl.45+.
2.Make sure you have powerful moves.
3.Go back to town and stock up on Reviver seeds, Vile seeds, Special Bands, Max Elixers, and Sleep seeds.
4.Figt your way through to get halfway up Temporal Tower.
5.Get to summit.
6.Move 1 space horizantaly hoping Dialga will not use Roar of Time and instead move diagonally down towards you.
7.Throw a Sleep seed @ Dialga. If it misses keep throwing.
8.Throw a Vile seed @ Dialga.
9.Use your strongest SPECIAL attacks, Make sure you already equiped your special bands to you and your partner.
10.If Dialga wakes up let him attack you till you have a ! on your head.
11.Throw another Sleep seed @ Dialga.
12.If you and your partner are Starters use your strongest special attacks. It shoud do 100+ damage.
13.Repeat steps 11 and 12 till you beat Dialga.
14.Enjoy the ending!!
exclusive pokemon
Combee - Wonder Mail Password:
=X2& 5X+H HM@7
Pachirisu - Wonder Mail Password:
XWPP WR%+ 8-C3
#-N7 62Q@ QK+9
Riolu - Wonder Mail Password:
6@YW ST%H +TN&
C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7
Burmy - Wonder Mail Password:
XR2Y #==@ JYX%
3@2F Q8FQ R@M#
Buneary - Wonder Mail Password:
%43M SJ&Q Y#+2
Rotom - Wonder Mail Password:
8HTR MY9+ K6+@
NT=M 9Q6R 38@5
Golden Seeds ...
This may work over and over because I don't know what the memory of this game is.

Here is the wonder mail. It is for mt. bristle. It will get you at least 24 golden seeds. Type in 8 wonder mail codes at a time.

I just defeated Froslass and I was level 84.

Set 1

H75T X3CQ Q4C-

42N8 @FC# 8+2M
W1W= XQJ6 91+8

1C%J YRHC 4+T8

@%@S XX## @18Y

R5JY P@HS %S7@

68F# KRQ0 =TX6
Q8CN #63J 9#29

RRT0 X46X 4KX9
MXRP 4%HQ 3@Y&

#R81 QY9# MWH@
NSRF +002 FR8P

Set 2

83+J T9#K X8=2
F7=5 7#-% C4F@

KJ=S 6#P1 XJ6P
H%5H X+CQ Q4J+

R-P& @F4P XC+6
%F@S 23YM M1Q2

KM=7 6#P1 XJ%P
H%5H X@CQ Q42Q

M#%2 6K4T 6PF5

#F0S +12T T&6Q
9FJ- 3%3W N13Q

JS@K HQC- 321T
M5%X SH6# @CX7

+F66 13-1 MK0R


Set 3
11QH 563K 5JY1
1-T9 5=90 0HKX

5-JK 9M64 419Q
8M@6 5H+C 7SR6

52JN +YKJ 993W
&@== %K&5 462J

FCK5 0YJ4 6HM+
N8@@ --2# 6H@&

&N2% K4N1 &Q9T

6@Q0 0RQ6 8M+Q
6R6N TYRR T%80

%0NF @69W 4540
M=R6 73Q& FW==

29+= 8R&J NT42
FX0C +Q2& +=#W

These codes also give you a bit of money.
groudon(hot water cave)
to beat groudon easy get a grass type (i had turtwig as my partner at about lvl 20) and teach him solar beam i won in 4 turns
hidden money
Ok you need Darkrai.
Go into the wall. Radar orb will not help. It takes luck. Happy hunting.
how to get at least 300 or 400 poke, a reviver seed and other items each day (of the game by day)
go to the sentry duty loudred pnce you've beaten dialga or finished the game and do sentry duty. Get them all right abd youll get a reviver seed an item and 300 or 400 poke.
How to steal items from jobs
with the....

Someone stole my Item____________ jobs. When you receive the item bring a cleanse orb as well and dont leave the dungeon (bring escape orb) and clean the item eat it or use it and youll not have to give it back (you dont get the reward from the job) and you wont have the job. then use the escape orb.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Explorers of Time Cheat for Golden Seed
Golden Seed: raises livel by 5
I Want to see Aggron
Dark Crater B14F *5
Client: Metagross
Objective: Escort to Aggron
Place: Dark Crater B14F
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *5 (500)
Reward: Golden Seed + ?
Wonder Mail:879J H&97 MC-J KPQ# 9&7% &W7Q
recruit good dudes
this mission beach cave floor 1 so its easy. code:
-M-Y 0PST F9@X
F6QT S0F2 #0&%
it works, but he is level 1, so just use golden seeds.
Wonder mail code
want a Blastoise to join your team? Enter this code:
t7&w 0ykq 0j&0
@f@0 9kp& pp9-
Wonder-Mail Exclusive Pokmon
These are the wonder-mail codes needed to unlock certain dungeons, which are the only place to get some pokemon.

Kyogre (FN01 HWN- 00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3)
Groudon (Real) (#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7Y)
Articuno (4MP= K98# CT%Y R@-- &P7% %K86)
Heatran (FH0T HYNH R0QF 86N8 +SY@ &%YN)
Giratina (WNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&C)
Rayquaza (HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-)
Mew (X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K)
Gabite (78SR -H2M PO+4 Y6FY 1&Y+ #R9S)